Having a universal business and a foreign client base comes with its perks. It allows you to associate with multilingual customers, gives you an opportunity to learn about the latest trends, technology, and whatnot. It also raises the chances of an organization having a long-lasting successful business. However, with great power comes great responsibility.

Handling an international clientele is divine till you have to deal with the baggage it comes along with. And, that baggage in most of the cases, is working in two different time zones. If your headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan, and your client is from Australia, then there is 7 hours difference. When it’s 10:00 AM Tuesday in Tokyo, Japan, it is about past dinner time in Washington, DC, USA, that is 9:00 PM.

Generating leads is considered one of the most challenging tasks in the sales field. But, what if your calling pattern makes your organization lose all those connections altogether? Imagine calling at 11:00 AM from Philippine to your tentative customer in New York where the time is 11:00 PM. How fumed out will the client be at the time? He will straight away think that you are unprofessional and unable to take care of an essential thing like this.
To understand how a company should deal with such scenarios, let us explore a bit about Time Zone.

What is the time zone?

If there were a difference of one hour in each time zone, there would be 24 in total. But, due to the presence of the International Date Line (IDL), there are three more. Aside from that, there are several time zones which are only 30 or 45 minutes apart. It, in turn, increases the whole number of standard time zones even more. Also, time zone should not be confused with local time which equals 37 in the world.
You must be thinking how can such a trivial thing like time zone affect client handling or customer support. It may come across as a shocker, but according to a survey, 39% of companies that do not have a serious approach towards the working hours of their clients tend to lose contracts daily.

How to manage time zone differences?

Now that you are aware of the seriousness let us discuss how to deal with the time zone differences.
Having a substantial international client base means that one will have to make multiple calls a day. Usually, calling an international number includes plenty of work like to look out for the country, country code, or to search whether the number is valid or not. This is a sheer wastage of time, workforce, and money at one go.

Making these calls is essential but investing so much is unnecessary. To overcome this hurdle, CallHippo has created an exceptional extension called Global Connect. It is extensively compatible with a chrome extension. When you hover the mouse cursor on the number, it displays a particular client’s details. These details include location, time, date, day, and whether the number is valid or not.

Have you ever thought how a simple thing like organized calling and excellent customer support will make your client happy?

Availability is the most quintessential thing that can make any investor or client happy. Make sure you have created work surroundings where your customers across the globe can reach you easily.
Organizing meetings now and then to brainstorm, solve issues, or discuss new notions is excellent on the whole. Human interaction plays a vital role in customer handling. But according to a recent survey, 79% of company executives favor on-call customer handling over personal meetings due to time availability.
Availability does not always have to be meeting personally by visiting them or inviting them over. You can be available for them even via regular video calling or online meetings. This will make them feel that you are professional and considerate towards them.

Manage international clients

Hear your customers feedback to make your relationship stronger

You think that you proactively handle the issues of your customers. Still, there will be some items that either you forget to solve, or the customer forgets to mention. You must learn about the good, better, best, and the bad, the worse, and worst experience of your customers. Create an Interactive Voice Response where they can easily give their feedback which will be constructive in future learning.
Phone survey after the service or a simple email survey from your CRM tool will do wonders. You can also request them to fill in a “Contact Us” form where customers can give feedback and give suggestions on how to improve the process. You will not only learn how to take care of the issues they have been facing; there are more chances that customer will not even voice their displeasure.
It also helps keep unhappy customers from voicing their displeasure on highly visible places like your social media pages.

The prime rule of successful client handling rule book is discussed multiple times already. It is calling the customer in a suitable time.
Untimely calling a customer is considered rude in corporate companies. And, offending the client by calling them at the wrong time is not something that should be a habit in the corporate world as it will result in loss of sales. That is why it is better to know when to call the client according to their local time.
Manually deciding to pop up a call to your tentative customer during any time of the day before considering what their work timing is deemed to be unprofessional. Usually, such things happen as the executives making the calls are either bound to call at a specific schedule, or they tend to forget essential aspects of professional calling like which country they are calling, what time zone that country falls in, or what their work timings are.

Using CallHippo makes your calls more professional as you will be calling your clients seamlessly. You do not have to worry about all the actions that must be followed.

Keeping track of the time zone manually is quite a tedious task to perform.
This may attract errors, the more chances of dialling a wrong number and whatnot. But the great news is that the Global Connect tool by CallHippo will manage everything for you. You can choose to schedule your correspondence with the international clients in proper time.

When you set up a start-up organization, you dream big about reaching customers globally. Do not let a mere thing like time zone difference curb you from achieving what you had planned for years. That’s why we say that with correct tools and good communication, time zone difference is an issue which can be handled pretty quickly.

The arch rivalry is not a new subject and to beat the top guns; one must stay a step ahead in the business and the way customers are handled. In the end, it all melts down to appropriate services that provide the required features to make everything line up in place. That’s why using Global Connect by CallHippo will promote your sales as well as keeping the customer intact and happy.

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