It is estimated that 85% of the customers whose calls are not answered will not call back again. This means each missed call can cost you, one potential customer. The best way to deal with it to forward the waiting calls to some different phone numbers.

Toll-Free Call Forwarding Services is that amazing service that will keep your business connected even if you are not available.

You will never ever miss a call again, whether you are working from home, office, airport or a hotel room. You will decide exactly how and where your calls are directed.

Select a range of different numbers, locations, single or multiple each and every call will receive the attention they deserve with the Call Forwarding feature.

But how and where to get these services, how to set them up? We are here to end all your queries.

What is Call Forwarding and how does it work?

Call Forwarding is when a call placed to one number rings through a different number. These calls can be routed anywhere- it can be to your landline, cell phone, business phone number, or even someone else’s phone.

Toll-free Call forwarding works exactly like the traditional Call Forwarding. The one and the only difference is that with Toll-free forwarding the phone call is forwarded to a Toll-free number

The toll-free forwarding rules and configuration per number are determined together by businesses and toll-free service provider.  

What are the typical call Forwarding Rules?

Basically, there are Rules

Rule no 1: Forward when Busy

Rule No 2: Forward when there is no answer

Rule No 3: Pre-set forwarding events

You can Forward Calls To

Single number’

Multiple Numbers

Ring Phone in sequence

Or Ring them all at once

Schedule call Forwarding

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Why should you get a Call Forwarding feature?

  • To answer every call by forwarding to it multiple Phone numbers at the different time of the day by setting up customizable schedules
  • To appear local by creating numbers for different area code and have them all forwarded to your cell phone number.
  • Redirect the calls to a recorded greeting, here you get a chance to pitch your potential Customers while they wait!

Let’s Jump to the most important part “ How to set up Toll-Free Call forwarding”?

Step 1: Login to the service Provider Dashboard

Once you have successfully logged, search for the call forwarding feature. Once you found it the next thing you should do is to verify whether you have access to the call forwarding feature or not. If you have the access make sure it is activated and ready to use. Once the verification process is over select the phone number that you want to forward the calls too.

Suppose you want to forward your calls to a personal US virtual Phone number, all you need to do is enter 1+ Area Code + Phone number.

The Phone number from which you are forwarding calls from can be your Toll-free business phone number or any other primary contact number that your customer uses to get in touch with you.

Now you are all set to send your incoming calls to the new receiving phone number or device. The number you are forwarding your calls can be your cell phone, landline, mobile, etc.

Step 2: Apply Forwarding Rules to route your calls

Select the appropriate options and create a rule that forwards your calls.

One such rule can be forward incoming calls from the toll-free business Phone system to the cell phone number lookup only when no one picks up the office phone number after 5 or more than 5 rings.

There are a lot of call forwarding feature and options that you choose and apply to customize your business operations. Some of the popular call forwarding rules include time of day routing, holiday routing, etc. These options carve out a path to deliver the phone calls to the right place and at the right time.  

Step 3: Check whether the calls are getting forwarded or not

The last and final step is to make sure the call forwarding feature is working as it is expected to. So it is highly advisable to test your changes by calling the forwarded phone number. If the phone is not picked up in 5 rings it should get forwarded according to the rule discussed above.

If all goes well, you are good to go..!!!

Congratulations you have set up a toll-free forwarding service on your business line. Toll -free Call Forwarding service is extremely easy to configure and update.

Benefits of Toll-free Call Forwarding

  • Never miss a call again, all thanks to flexible call Routing rules you can set.
  • Provide 24*7 technical Support to your customers all around the globe
  • Your customers will automatically get connected to the best agents for the first time through automatic or interactive call routing.
  • You can keep in touch with your customers while you are traveling by forwarding the business call to your mobile phone number
  • It will make you look big, professional and will put a full stop to all the calls going to your competitors.


As I always say they’re a lot of service providers in the market, some provide it for free, some as the main feature with their phone service package, while some charge an additional fee.

Price of the call forwarding feature varies based on phone service provider, the origin of the incoming calls, the rate per minute etc. So look out for all these factors before you start using these feature.

Last but not the least once again call forwarding is that amazing feature that will give your business objectives a big leap.

Happy Forwarding..!!

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