Social media marketing is the reality of modern business organizations. If you want your brand to survive, it’s time to get on various social media sites. With an active user base of more than 1 billion, Instagram is one of the most popular networks to interact with your valued customer base.

Interesting, visual, and user-centric – Instagram has caught everyone’s attention in the last decade. This makes it important for businesses to get on the platform at the earliest. However, just opening a business page on Instagram is not going to be enough.

There is a sea of competition in the social media ecosystem. Instagram has over 25 million business profiles worldwide. This means you need to work on your Instagram strategy to make your organization stand out from the rest. Your content has to be visible so that clients get to interact with your page actively.

Now, that’s not rocket science – you just need to take time to understand the Instagram algorithm. We know that an algorithm is a list of rules or steps to follow in order to solve a particular problem. Instagram too, follows a simple algorithm. Decoding the pattern can help marketers use Instagram to create a social buzz and gain an active fan following.

To leverage the full power of Instagram, let’s go through how the pattern works. When you post a picture or video, only as little as 10% of your followers will see it in their newsfeed. The algorithm with then quickly track how many people engage with the picture – likes, comments, and reposts all mean high engagement. Instagram calculates the success rate based on the speed and level of follower interaction. If your posts are performing well, the algorithm rates your content high on its list. This means that your photos or videos will appear on everyone’s newsfeed, and may even feature on the ‘Explore’ page.

The algorithm is not complex and works well if you try to follow its basic principle – put up something that interests and captivates your audience base. Understanding the Instagram algorithm can help brands escalate their social media numbers and gain a cult following. While there is no one-size-fits-all model to make your Instagram page a hit, there are specific steps that can increase brand visibility. Here are five informative hacks that will enhance your Instagram strategy in 2019:

Post At The Right Moment:

To get high engagement on your Instagram content, you need to post it at the right time. You do not want your customers to be sleeping or right amid a relaxed weekend when you put up a critical business post. There is plenty of research that has been conducted on the best day of the week and time to post content. Instagram Insights can help you know when the majority of your followers are active and online. Setting up a daily chart can enable your brand to remain aware of peak hours and set up a schedule to post actively during that period. Avoid putting up content when your users would be predominantly inactive, as it will surely get lost and not reach the intended audience.

Build Powerful Instagram Stories:

500 million people use the Stories feature of Instagram daily. This highlights the popularity of this novel feature, and it can easily be used by businesses to connect with clients too. It allows users to put up photos or videos that disappear after 24 hours. Your business can use the Stories features to give information on company events, discounts, product launches, and promotional activities. Followers can comment on your Stories, and it is an excellent way to start two-way conversations. Brands can add a catch mention sticker or add a location to generate interest in their story. Users will be enticed to view your story, and your brand will gain word of mouth publicity!

Instagram Boost Engagement Levels

Interact With Followers:

Engagement is the name of the game on Instagram. If your organization does not interact with followers, you will be left behind in the social media race. Instagram is not a one-way street; it is a common platform. Your team members should openly discuss customer feedback, provide responses, and be active on your home page. Interact with your audience by responding to their comments on brand posts personally. If clients are sending any messages with queries, do get back to them quickly and help them sort out their issues. Your customers want to be heard and feel as if their voice matters. Utilize Instagram to form long term relationships and retain customers by providing them an exciting virtual experience.

Keep An Eye On Current Trends:

Instagram is all about what is trending online! No one wants to read dull news posts that are not relevant to the current era. Your brand needs to keep a fresh, young, and vibrant image. The Instagram algorithm is always keeping tabs on how long people are viewing your content – you need to hold their attention with eye-catching visuals and text. Short and riveting captions that describe images are a smart way to keep followers hooked on to your posts. Using customized hashtags for your products or marketing campaigns is also a great way to create a stir around your brand. Keep your content informative, fascinating, and relevant to user interest to maximize your engagement metrics on Instagram!

Partner With Social Influencers:

Organizations need to partner with micro-influencers to gain a massive audience base on Instagram. If you collaborate with the right brand ambassador, it is sure to increase your outreach and help your brand become famous in the digital world. Micro-influencers are subject experts and can offer diverse perspectives on your marketing strategy. They can give positive publicity to your product/service and engage with the audience to create a buzz around your brand. Micro-influencers earn high client engagement rates by posting regularly and providing content that is tailor-made for business requirements.

Your brand’s Instagram profile is an invaluable asset. But it will be able to capture your target customers only if you optimize its usage. Ultimately, unique and innovative content is what will drive your engagement numbers. You need to get viewers to like, comment, share, view, and repost your pictures or videos for a more comprehensive web presence. Don’t put up dull and boring posts that will not find a place in your followers’ news feed.

The Instagram algorithm is smart, so you need to get smarter. Understand how the numbers work, calculate what content is driving engagement, and work hard to optimize your long term social media marketing strategy. If you are clear on how the Instagram algorithm works and the science behind it, you can make it work to your advantage.

So, don’t worry about Instagram marketing – if done right, it is sure to increase your client base. Implementing some essential tips and tactics will keep your audience happy and attract more people towards your business page. Get started right now. Monitor your metrics, post relevant content, and partner with the right social influencers. Instagram can be your big success story and enhance all-important bottom line results instantly!

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