Good communication policies are the cornerstone of business success. In fact, a study of 400 organizations with around 100,000 employees cited an average loss of $62.4 million per annual year for each company due to inadequate communication processes at the workplace.

Modern organizations are plagued by inefficiency in business communication. It is the prime cause of mounting costs and loss of revenue for firms. Poor communication also leads to a loss of precious clients and brand reputation.

Well, is there any solution for current corporate organizations that can help them streamline their communication procedures? Don’t worry – a super amazing tool that over 90% of the world’s fastest-growing companies use to cater to their communication needs is virtual telephony. Intelligent virtual phone systems are the new buzzing trend in the corporate arena, and they can bring about a world of positive difference to your organization.

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Virtual telephony is a sophisticated cloud-based technology that utilizes cloud-hosted phone numbers to connect your organization through multiple stakeholders such as clients, customers, and team members. It completely eliminates the need for any complicated physical and expensive infrastructure as a working internet connection is all that you require for business communication needs.

Whether your organization is a small start-up, mid-sized or a huge multi-national firm, virtual telephony can augment your bottom line results to great heights! In fact, by the year 2018, International Data Corporation (IDC) estimates that public cloud expenditure will be more than double – $127.5 billion, making it a holistic platform for all communication worldwide!

If you are wondering whether cloud telephony is the right choice for your business, think no more and invest in the best service provider right now. Here are some wonderful benefits that your company can accrue through intelligent virtual phone systems:

Cost-Effective Means of Communication

Virtual phone networks allow organizations to reduce their costs as they are a budget-friendly long term means of communication. Call rates are much cheaper on virtual phones and your organization does not need to struggle with massive monthly phone bills. There is no expensive setup or maintenance required for virtual phone numbers, they are very easy to install, troubleshoot and highly user-friendly. Virtual telephony is absolutely seamless and will lead to no disruptions or delays in communication that will cost your firm huge amounts of revenue. So if you want to manage all your communication requirements on a tight budget, make sure to invest in a top-class intelligent phone system for your company.

Superior Customer Communication and Engagement 

Customer is king and keeping your customer base happy should be a top priority for all business firms! Virtual telephony can prove to be a real boon and is a great way to improve customer relations as it enables your client base to get in touch with your representatives round the clock. Your customers do not need to wait in long telephonic queues as virtual numbers have amazing facilities such as call forwarding that can redirect customer calls to available support staff members. Opting for cloud technology will give your organization a unified communication platform which will definitely lead to superior client dialogue, keeping them happy and delighted!

Highly Scalable

Communication requirements are bound to grow as a company increases in size – investing in intelligent phone systems is a smart move as they are highly scalable and will adapt to the needs of your company. If your business is growing at a fast pace, virtual phone networks can easily be modified to add new features and extensions, at a very minimal extra cost. So you definitely need to go the cloud way for your communication needs, as all future growth can be easily scaled up to and new modules can be effortlessly added to augment your communication processes!

Productivity on The Move

The best part about virtual phone numbers is that your team members do not remain restricted to the office premises as they can access important calls/emails in transit. Intelligent phone systems can greatly boost mobility and your managers can work from anywhere in the world as long as they have a strong internet connection. It gives an unsurpassable amount of flexibility, productivity, and proficiency to business processes, thereby improving operational efficiency by huge margins. So your team members do not need to worry about attending vendor meetings, sales calls or client engagements – they can remain connected through their virtual phone at all times!

Enhance Profession Appearance

If you want to impress your customers and external clients by giving your business a highly professional appearance, getting a virtual mobile number is the smartest move. You can record greetings, personalize client communication, and automatically redirect customers to department extension number – providing them with supreme service at any hour of the day! Callers can also self-search the company-wide directory to connect themselves to a required extension number, making the entire call experience a pleasurable ride for your valued customer base!

Consistency and Integration 

Virtual phone numbers come with a host of convenient features and can be easily integrated into existing organizational systems such as ERP, CRM or accounting software for better efficiency. Call forwarding, email/SMS notifications, auto-attendant, and conferencing capabilities are some essential features that will surely enhance the business functionality of any organization. Virtual phones are compatible with your existing telephone networks and even your employee’s mobile phones, meaning that you do not need to invest in costly new communication networking systems. Virtual phones will easily integrate into your current business structure, so make you get an intelligent phone system for your organization to witness a dramatic turnaround in overall profitability.

It’s time to move towards the future of telecommunications and choose the best service provider for an intelligent phone system for your business. Your organization needs to get hooked on to cloud telephony in today’s hyper-competitive marketplace and it is the best way to forge a distinct identity for your firm. So get smart with your communication strategy and invest in a virtual phone number now!

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