The E-commerce industry is witnessing a global boom, and its revenues are expected to grow to a whopping 4.88 trillion US dollars by 2021. Competition is very stiff, and if you want your online venture to stand out amongst the rest, be sure to invest in the latest technological tools such as a virtual phone number for E-commerce business at the earliest.

You may be pondering on the necessity of a phone number for E-commerce business – is an enterprise phone system really required? Well, in all honesty, there is nothing better than you can do than getting a phone number for E-commerce business. Not only will your E-commerce phone system save big bucks in the long run, but there will also be a tremendous increase in your operational efficiency and corporate productivity.

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Why Your E-commerce Online Store Needs A Business Phone Number

You may want to invest in a credible vendor and purchase corporate phone solutions by CallHippo. A phone number for an E-commerce business will bring about a dramatic improvement in customer engagement, team collaboration and keep your loyal clients retained for a long time.

Enterprise phone systems are powered by VoIP technology. If you decide to go in for a business calling system you can rest assured of high HD voice quality for all phone calls with no disruptions or delay.

E-commerce phone systems are sophisticated platforms that can change the way your online website works. Corporate phone solutions by CallHippo are packed with innovative features that can increase all key performance parameters. Here are some amazing features that can be integrated into your phone number for E-commerce business:

  • Call Recording-

Providing good support to customers through a call center is absolutely vital for E-commerce organizations. Investing in a phone number for E-commerce business ventures enables managers to record phone calls with customers – they are able to monitor call conversations through an E-commerce phone system. One of the best advantages of corporate phone solutions by CallHippo is that it has the ability to store recorded phone calls so that they can be accessed a later stage. This feature of Online phone numbers for E-commerce business organizations is very useful as it assists in proper staff training and ensures that clients receive superior quality service.

  • Automated Greetings-

E-commerce firms need to strike a positive rapport with customers to increase sales and attract loyalty. If you opt for corporate phone solutions by CallHippo, you will be able to set specific pre-recorded messages for customers. They will receive personalized service, and business calling systems also allow you to play music for clients while they are waiting to be attended by team members. Getting a phone number for E-commerce business models works wonders as all communication can be customized to attract loyal clients and give them quality attention.

  • Salesforce CRM-

Sales are the lifeblood of any successful E-commerce business. A virtual phone number for E-commerce business firms is the best way to manage customer relations effectively. Without CRM strategies, 79% of leads fail to convert, hence it is necessary to have an enterprise phone system that can help in retaining clients through focused target CRM programs. Most modern business calling systems have dedicated CRM modules or are compatible with existing organization CRM systems. Corporate phone solutions by CallHippo can cater for tailor-made solutions to market your products to clients, and make sure that they choose your E-commerce store over any other.

How to use Virtual Phone Number

  • Automated Attendant-

    E-commerce organizations do not have fixed working and non-working business hours. Hence, there are many times when clients may want to get in touch, but there may be no staff member or support representative available on the phone line. Enterprise phone systems have the facility of interactive voice response – there are automated menus from which customers can choose to be directed to a department or support center for assistance. Business phone numbers are indeed radical tools that reduce dependency on manual staff as they automate many routine business communication processes.

  • Call Forwarding-

    There is a lot of competition in the E-commerce industry. If your online store is not accessible to customers at any time of the day, they will switch to business rivals. Corporate phone solutions by CallHippo are the best solution to handle your E-commerce organization’s communication- they have a number of essential corporate facilities such as Call Planner, Queuing, Barging, Recording and Voicemail. One of the most useful features is call forwarding as it keeps the lines of two-way communication open for customers. Enterprise phone systems are a great platform for big large-scale E-commerce vehicles, as they can forward customer calls to available lines or even personal numbers for speedy responsiveness.

The face of retail has changed massively over the years. There has been a dramatic revolution towards digital mediums, and E-commerce ventures have taken off in a big way. The transition from brick and mortar organizations to online shopping stores has been transformational, to say the least. Harnessing potent tools such as business phone numbers is the need of the hour – it will keep customers satisfied and feeling valued. Your E-commerce store will also save huge amounts of money as it will benefit from cheap calling plans.

Corporate phone solutions by CallHippo would accrue many advantages to your E-commerce website as it has a range of pricing plans that can be customized for any type of organization and can also be scaled to suit your business requirements. CallHippo is the world leader in virtual telephony, and it is your go-to resource if you are planning to invest in a phone number for E-commerce business. So, do not waste time thinking and take the plunge. An E-commerce phone system is the future of telecommunications and will lead to a gigantic escalation in all your bottom line parameters and ultimate profitability.

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