The best way to introduce Facebook Messenger is its name itself. 

What originated as Facebook Chat in 2008, soon turned into a full-fledged independent app. Users can either use the web interface or download the standalone app. With Messenger, you can send instant messages, chat on groups, share photos, videos, audios, react to messages, play games, and even interact with bots. The app also supports voice and video calls. 

But the story doesn’t end there. It offers various other features that make it stand out. 

Let’s begin to explore!

What makes Facebook Messenger stand out?

No account? No problem! – The best part about Facebook Messenger is that it doesn’t force you to join Facebook to access it. You can sign up to the Messenger without a Facebook account, with just your name and phone number. 

Direct Messaging –  You do not have to be friends on Facebook to exchange direct messages on Messenger. You can even send messages to those who are added to your phone contact list.

Send Messages- The aforementioned is applicable if you do not have a problem in sharing your phone number. But what if you do not want to do it? In that case, you can chat on Messenger with your Facebook friends without exchanging numbers. 

These chats do not have to be plain texts; they can include photos and videos as well. Also, you can now add augmented reality effects or doodles to the photos and videos you send to your contacts. This makes them appear more real and expressive.

Group Chats- Messenger is much more than a two-way chatting app. Here, you do not need to send the same message multiple times to different contacts. You can form groups to make plans, discuss work, split bills (in the U.S.), and do so much more. 

Reactions and Mentions – Messenger allows you to be elaborately expressive on the app. You can react to the messages of your friends using an emoticon of your choice. Also, you can mention any user on the group chat to give them a direct notification. 

Chat Heads- With Messenger, you’ll no longer suffer from the blame of ignoring messages. How? The app offers a chat heads feature that displays a round icon with the contact’s profile picture. This chat head appears as soon as someone messages you regardless of the app you’re browsing at that time. 

Messenger Voice and Video Calls – We’ve all faced the burn of expensive calls. Messenger is there to save you from that. It offers free voice and video calls wherein you can add up to 50 participants. The app spices up your video chats by allowing you to add animated Facebook reactions to the top of your face.

Secret Conversation – Messenger serves you with an option to start a secret conversation. Through this, you can send self-destructing messages that will be deleted permanently after a specific time period of your choice.


SMS on Messenger- Messenger brings all your messages at the same place. With it, you won’t have to browse multiple locations of your phone to send or go through messages. You’ll have both your SMS and Messenger messages on Facebook Messenger. 

Transfer Money – Messenger eases multiple facets of our lives. With it, you can send money to friends and make group payments. This feature is currently available only in the U.S.

Location Sharing – Messenger allows you to share location even when you’re not present at that place. As you open the location option, you’ll have a map on your screen wherein you can pinpoint any location. There’s also a live location sharing option through which you can share your live location (for an hour) with your friends or a group.

Connect with businesses – You can connect with your favorite businesses on Facebook Messenger. It allows you to track purchases, make reservations, get customer support, receive notifications, and interact in many more ways through the app.  

Access third-party apps – There are various third-party apps compatible with the Messenger. You can open these apps (Pinterest, for example) and share the details you want to on individual or group chat. 

Transportation Requests – Now, you can book an Uber- directly from Messenger. 

Wait, what? Yes! The app also allows you to book on Lyft. This feature is currently available exclusively to U.S. users. 

Multiple Accounts – Messenger allows you to access it through multiple accounts. With the switch accounts option, you can swiftly switch to your other Messenger account and access the app. It is helpful when you have multiple accounts (personal and professional accounts, for example). Also, you won’t have to log out each time when someone else wants to check their Messenger from your phone quickly.

 Messenger games – Along with unlimited calling, texting, and so many other services, Messenger also entertains you with quick games. You can play these games – individually or via Messenger with your contacts. And scores are sent to your contact if you score higher and end the game first.

Messenger Day – The recent Messenger Day launch allows you to share glimpses of your day through photos and videos. These stories are available publically or to all your friends on the app (as per your privacy settings) for 24 hours. 

Dark mode – The app is not just interactive in nature but also extremely comfortable to use. It offers a dark mode feature through which you can turn your app’s background from white to black. This is especially useful at night as the black background is easy on the eyes. 

Wrapping up – All the aforementioned features pull Facebook Messenger out of the crowd of free messaging and calling apps. Because now you know – it is so much more than that. 

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Hear it from the editors why they love the app –

  • There are high chances that all your friends already use Messenger, so you won’t have to ask them to join a new app. 
  • In a video call, you can stream yourself to a group of up to 50 participants. 
  • There’s an option of video chat heads that allow you to keep chatting with a minimized call screen while using other apps.

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