Owners of startup businesses cannot afford to hire the wrong person, and at the same time, they may not have the need to hire highly experienced professionals for permanent jobs. Companies may need administrative staff, legal experts, accounting and finance specialists, Human Resources, IT professionals, Customer Service staff, engineers, or people with other skills depending on the niche. It can take time, bring additional cost to first interview people, and then proceed with training and hiring someone. This is why most companies prefer to hire customer service staffing agencies

Depending on the time of year, companies may even consider hiring temporary customer service staff to fill in the shifts when regular employees take a long vacation. The use of temporary staff proves to help companies grow. While there are pros of hiring customer service staffing agencies, at the same time, there may be some cons.

Benefits of Hiring Customer Service Staffing Agencies

You may want to try temporary hiring to see if it suits your company structure. If it does, you may consider it as something that you can use in the future frequently. 

Enables Adjusting to Workload Fluctuations

Customer service staffing agencies provide qualified staff when a company has an unexpected shift in workload, and when some permanent staff needs an unexpected leave from work. The most common times are when employees are absent due to an illness, maternity leave, and vacation or have to depart suddenly. 

There is a time when there is a temporary and unexpected demand for extra hands. For example, to manage special projects, manage work during peak and seasonal periods, etc. 

Maintain Staffing Flexibility

Flexible work arrangements are powerful and popular features employers often seek. This allows businesses the flexibility to hire additional people at the time they prefer to work. Once the work is over, the temporary employees can move on to a different company. The added benefit of this is that it increases productivity in employees and offers them job security.

Allows Worker Evaluation without Commitments

If a temporary staff seems like he or she could be a good addition to the team on a permanent basis, you can do that. Sometimes, after hiring someone and making commitments, companies regret the decision. Not every employee proves as dependable as he or she may seem at the time of an interview. Temporarily hiring a staff sent by customer service staffing agencies allows you to make a better decision after evaluating the temporary employee’s performance.

Allows Saving Cost of Hiring

Arranging a job listing, spending hours interviewing numerous applicants for a job, and then the documentation can be an additional cost. When company owners contact customer service staffing agencies and share details of what they need, half the work is complete, and the temporary employee arrives to join the office and pick up where the previous person left. This way, there is no loss or risk. Besides, when companies lay unproductive employees, there is the question of employee benefits, withholding taxes, unemployment compensation, insurance compensation, etc. 

Long-Lasting Relationships with the Agency

Hiring a customer service staffing agency can result in a long-lasting positive relationship. Traditionally, companies hire temporary high skilled workers for both low skilled job positions. In the field of customer services, companies need skilled people.

Cons of Hiring Customer Service Staffing Agency

Training required: No matter how skilled a temporary employee may be, there is a need for some training. The person has to get a grip on the processes and understand the tasks he or she has to do. 

Morale Issues: When permanent and temporary staff work side-by-side, there will be clashes in the morale and methods of handling various aspects of the business.

Safety Issues: Studies prove that temporary workers have a significantly higher rate of incurring on-workplace injuries. Never assume a temporary worker has training or skills enough to perform their tasks unsupervised.

Legal Issues: In the US, there are new laws highlighting the need for businesses to be careful about hiring temporary staff. Therefore, companies hiring temporary staff have to be extra cautious. 

Reliability is questionable: Some surveys suggest that companies employ temporary staff that the customer service staffing agency sends on assumptions that the individual’s screening was thorough. However, some temporary customer service staffing agency is not thorough. However, good companies always offer a quick replacement and do not charge for the hours the staff spent with the company. 

Therefore, before a company hires customer service staffing agencies, check their background and website. Read their terms and conditions, and make sure they offer the guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

Customer Service Staffing Agency and Best Practices

When you hire someone for customer service via a staffing agency, the agency makes sure that the person they send is aware of the best practices. Some essential best practices that they enlighten the person they are sending.

  1. Be a brand diplomat – Customer service providers must promote the brand with enthusiasm. Good customer service staffing agencies screen the people they hire to make sure they can entrust any company with temporary staff that is good enough. The customer service agent must be able to find the fun in doing things. 
  2. Manage the customer’s expectations – A good customer service person would understand that customers have high expectations. They want the person attending to them to promise things and make sure they keep them. Making unrealistic promises can land customer service in a difficult situation. 
  3. First impressions are important – The staffing agency sends must understand that first impressions are important. How they handle the customer must make a positive and lasting first impression.
  4. Collect data constantly – Using CRM tools, the best customer service agent can offer informed support. This helps establish productivity and makes the customer experience better. Moreover, using CRM makes it a personalized experience. Agents can track the client’s history and preferences.

Customer service staffing agencies would send a person aware of all these best practices.

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