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CallHippo - Virtual Phone System

What is Multilingual IVR System?

Like we use IVR which allows you to pre-record menu options that a caller can select using the keypad of their phone, Multilingual IVR is a new feather in this cap. It is an additional feature added to customize your IVR service to make it more user-friendly.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is a telephony menu system that enables the callers to select the desired service they are looking for on the menu.The callers are firstly identified, segmented and after that routed to the most appropriate agent within your team.

Multilingual IVR System

Multilingual IVR helps you provide services on a global platform in different languages.To compete in an increasingly globalized economy, companies need new ways to communicate with partners, customers, and employees quickly and effectively. Multilingual IVR is used to help organizations cope up with these challenges.

How Multilingual IVR System Benefits the Businesses?

  • When marketplaces are expanding beyond domestic borders, there is an ever-increasing need to make the services accessible to multilingual audiences. Multilingual IVR helps you penetrate in the global market and compete the local service providers by connecting to your customers in their native languages, which can be a unique selling proposition (USP) for your business.
  • Resolution of customer’s requests in their respective languages can be done. Since language barrier gets eliminated.
  • You can select the voice response from the language options available in accordance with the countries your callers belong to for a more personalized experience for them.


Frequently Asked Questions About Multilingual IVR System


You need to choose a multilingual IVR system to communicate and reach to your global customers in their native language. This will give a lot of advantage to your business.

It is a paid service. Currently available only in Bronze, Silver and Platinum plans.

The language options available to choose from are- Danish, Dutch, English- Australian, English- British, English- USA, French, French- Canadian, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese- Brazilian, Russian, Spanish, Spanish- USA, Swedish.

First Log In to your CallHippo account.
1. Select Numbers options from Dashboard.
2. Go to Number Settings.
3. Select IVR option.
4. Choose the required language from the available options.

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