You may not realize it now but having an office phone system will drastically change your business game. According to Invoca’s 2016 call intelligence index, 65% of the customers’ stills prefer to contact a business by phone. The customers have to say the same- in a survey by NewVoiceMedia 75% of the customers still believe that calling is the most effective way to get a quick response from a business.

Buying home and business phones can be an important decision, as these in an integral part of your business -helping you to grow and develop a closer link to your business. If you even by mistake chose a wrong phone system it will not only be expensive but in the worst case can cripple your business and alienate your clients.

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But many businesses are still confused by all the jargon and techy terms revolving around the phone systems. So are you also on the same boat? Wandering what are the different types of office phone systems? Which one is right for me? What do I need to know before investing in a new home and business phones?

The article has answers to all these questions. So let’s start with a quick overview of the different type of small business phone systems.

There are four different types of the phone system that is best suitable for an office or business use: Multi-Line, VOIP, PBX and cloud Phone system.  These small Business Phone System can be differentiated on the basis of technology used, cost and of the service provider.

    1)Multi-Line Phone System

Multiple lines run through the same unit, allowing each operator to answer the phone individually or send the calls to voicemail. These phone systems are extremely basic and a great fit for home and business phones. A 2-line small business phone system has two separate telephone units. These allow multiple people to be on the phone say for example a receptionist and a manager both at the same time. With these phone system, you can easily handle both local as well as the toll-free number and stay in touch with your customers.

It is a steady and a reliable phone system that you can find in any every professional office.

    2) VOIP phone systems

VOIP phone system uses internet connection, unlike traditional phone system. Doing this has a lot of advantages over a standard Business phone number. This includes ease of installation, affordable pricing, scalability, and advanced features such as setting up a virtual Receptionist to handle calls and forward it to employees cell phones.

While shopping for a VOIP phone system makes sure that it integrates with other systems that your business is actually using. One of the best advantages of a VOIP solution is that it easily integrates with CRM software.

However the potential downside of a VOIP system is its reliability, you need a high-speed internet connection for this phone system to work properly.

A more recent innovation of the VOIP technology is the Virtual Phone Number. It can give a strong local presence and creates a strong impression on your customers.  To use a virtual Phone system you don’t need any special phones or wiring or any kind of special equipment. It comes with a very high-tech call forwarding feature that will provide your employees to work from any location anytime.

   3) PBX phone system

In a PBX phone system call switching and call routing do not occur through the phone unit rather it is centralized. This automatically makes PBX more scalable and more cost-effective than a traditional Phone system.

    4) Cloud Phone System

A cloud Phone system will take care of your infrastructure, handle call routing and signal processing for a very low monthly fee, saving you time and money.

There are a lot of advantages of using this technology for office Phone system

  • It is hosted on the server of the third party so you don’t have to worry about maintenance- the hosting company will look into it.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is easily scalable, your virtual office will grow as needed.

Office Phone System - CallHipp

Some of the basic features you should look for when getting an Office Phone System

Each service provider is different so ask your salesperson for a complete list of options.

Conferencing: This allows two or more persons to share a conversation. Usually, the default number is two. Some providers only provide services for internal conferences, if you need external conference calls to ask about them too.

Automated Directory: This allows to find an employees extension by using his name.

Voicemail: If the employees for whom the call is made is not available the message will go to his voice mail. Some systems also forward voicemail to an employees email id.

Call Forwarding: these will forward the call to other extension or to a voicemail temporarily.

Speed dial: the frequently used phone numbers will allow the user to dial a number on a single push. A great time saver for frequently dialed numbers.

Music on  Hold: This functionality will give your users to listen to something when they are on hold. It can be some music or a pre-recorded message to advertise your company.

How Big your Office Phone system should be?

Below is the list where you can place the phone extensions:


Fax Machine

Credit card Terminals

Conference Rooms


Public areas such as waiting rooms, hallways, entrance etc

The next thing you need to do is figure out how many simultaneous phones will be coming in and going out of your office. The sum will be the total number of calls at any given point in time.

Some Additional Tips

When you are evaluating service providers there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Service availability comes first. Naturally, the price is the second most important thing.  And the third very important thing is the length of the contract. Is a year contract? Or two year? You should know what you are committing too.

All these criteria for setting up home and business phones is fulfilled by CallHippo-one of the leading virtual service provider. So get in touch with us today and take your business to great heights. The sooner the better..!!

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