The year 2020 might not have started on a good note as the coronavirus outbreak affected everyone’s life in some way. While social distancing is the need of an hour for public health, it is adversely affecting the businesses of many. Everyone in the business industry is worried about what the future has in store and how it will affect customer retention rates and customer relationships. 

While we may not see it, the effect of COVID-19 on businesses is going to be much more profound and long-lasting than anticipated. 

Amid coronavirus lockdown, if you are willing to go the extra mile for your customers, then there is something for you in this article. 

We will inform you about a handful of methods, from personalized communication to educating your customers, to help you retain your customers this year.

Personalize your communication

All good relations rely on excellent communication, whether it is with distributors, retailers, or customers. However, communicating with your customers must not always be through email or text-based. Instead of bombarding customers with countless emails and texts that are not relevant, strive to give them a more personalized experience. 

When we talk about personalized communication, your customers must know that they are free to contact you with any questions at any time of the hour. This will reassure them that they are associated with the right company.

Moreover, personalized communication in dire time like this will help to eliminate any confusion or conflict with customers regarding your brand.

Try to connect more with your customers by phone, email, or text messages while under lockdown to build a strong customer relationship. If you are not in the same geographic area as your customer, video meetings will prove to be helpful to help solve their issues.  

Follow Transparent Business Tactics

If you are focusing on building a strong customer relationship, it is essential to be transparent with your customers. Think of customers as your fixed asset. To appreciate the value of your fixed asset, make sure your product description is accurate. Moreover, you will need to make sure that you are not taking any extra charges from your customers. 

Following a transparent business method might seem basic, but it is a huge step that will go a long way in customer retention.

Add Membership Feature to Support the Experience

Every customer, new or not, enjoys receiving access to exclusive merchandise and promotions. VIP access will make your customers feel special, and wouldn’t let go of it if your services are exceptionally seamless and customized. 

Moreover, you will also need to build interest in your membership or subscription offer. You must continue with your customer’s purchase journey to create the best subscription marketing strategies. If you have some incentives to give away, you must use them to reward your customers for increasing their loyalty further. Trusting this strategy is bound to pay off.

Customer Loyalty Program

A loyal customer will always stick side with your brand, no matter whatever happens at the micro-news level. However, loyal customers are not bought but are made. And a customer loyalty program is a great way to show how important they are to you. These programs reward your customers for staying with you and thus make an excellent way to increase customer retention.

Introduce them with your exclusive line of products and services once they step into your loyalty program. Royal treatment is the crux of the customer retention approach. 


Educate Your Customers

The relation between you and your customer is not limited to sell and buy. It has always been to the infinity and beyond kind of commitment. Even if your customer has purchased from you, you must not stop looking after them. Education is one of the most important things that will help you retain your client. You must share your knowledge about your products and services with them, if not at once, then in smaller portions.

Social media platforms are a great medium to educate your customers by releasing small videos on brand awareness, product tutorials, hacks, tips, etc.

By educating them, you are not only creating brand awareness or showcasing your unique style but also building a great customer relationship.

Customer Feedback

It is nearly impossible to improve your business if you don’t know how your customers feel about your business. Collecting customer feedback is necessary to satisfy the needs of all customers. 

There are numerous ways to collect customer feedback. However, the most common way is a quick chatbot message, which will help you learn customers’ opinions in less than probably ten seconds. Another way to collect customer feedback is to ask them to fill out your survey forms. You will be able to receive ample customer feedback regularly if you use these methods.  

Since we are already on the topic of customer feedback, you must also focus on collecting and handling negative feedback with grace. Negative feedback gives valuable insights into the company’s management, as they are straightforward and unflattering.

Give the customers a pleasant experience

Lastly, think of what your customer needs in their routine activities. What do they expect from you? Always remember, customers have the power to make you and break you. It is important to ensure a pleasant customer experience to build customer affinity and loyalty. Place your customer at the heart of your company, and you will find those good relationships start to come naturally. Help them navigate through the issues to create an enduring partnership with them.


Building a customer relationship is about how your company benefits the way of living for the customers. Maintaining loyal customer relationships will take you a long way in the business. Consider your clients as a part of your brand story, and see how simple it can be to create good relationships.

Moreover, your current customers provide you with a tremendous opportunity to boost your profits, because they are more willing to buy from you instead of looking for alternative options.

Do you find this article useful? Do you have any customer retention strategies that you can share with us? 

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