Slow and steady wins the race, and this is one thing that small businesses should abide by. A small business needs to push hard to thrive in the competitive world of business. Remember that hiring a competent team that is skilled and talented is not enough. In order to make a change in your sales graph and move past the competitors, you need much more than just a good team.  

Selling is a basic necessity of every business. Without having good sales, there will be no profits, and how a company can survive without any benefit? 

As the competition is high, there is a lot to do in so less time. There is no second thought in the fact that the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of the sales team will be directly proportional to the yearly revenue.

What is sales productivity?

When there is a peak of sales results while less utilization of resources like reduced costs, effort, and time. But if you are good at selling products but not in a defined and organized manner, then you will have to face the trouble sooner or later. And that’s why there are sales productivity tools.

It helps professionals to achieve effectiveness from the entire plan and staff. It is the need of the hour that every company is aware of the whereabouts and what’s happening in the market. Try to gain knowledge about as many latest sales tools or apps as possible so that you can get lucrative opportunities. There are various tools that have managed to bring magical changes in the efficiency of companies, and we have curated just the list for you. 

i) Slack – For Team Communication

Enhance your productivity and engage in seamless communications with your team using Slack, one of the most sought after tools in the field of sales. You can easily connect your remote teams with the top notch messaging app. You can share files, documents, projects, and manage transparency with your staff.  

You can even integrate your Customer Relationship Management for handling the sales opportunities more effortlessly.

  • Create channels for different subjects
  • Work with external communications by uniting them as guests
  • Your team and you can complete your tasks in time always with the help of setting reminder 
  • You can mark important messages “STAR” and find it quickly when required

ii) MailChimp – Marketing Automation

A right email makes an excellent impression for whatever reason it is used for. Whether it is for promotional activities or sales events now, you will not need any expensive tools for creating an impressive email. Using MailChimp is a cost-effective route for a successful future. This tool has a user base of over nine million and is considered the most popular app for email marketing. 

Now send emails in no time by using well-designed templates. Besides, it helps you measure the effectiveness of outbound emails with its state of the art analytics feature. With its plug and playability, you can integrate different types of third-party applications for syncing consumer data.

iii) CallHippo- Easy to Use Phone System

In such hard times of world lockdown, CallHippo has managed to serve the best virtual phone system services to the users. It provides a cloud-based phone system that enables the users to make and receive calls from the comfort of their home via laptop or any mobile device. By using this tool, you will be part of an organization that is mobile and flexible. You won’t need any fancy hardware as the service will be delivered via the internet at affordable prices. 

Here’s how a virtual phone system by CallHippo will benefit your team:

  • Callers can call your toll-free or local number anytime.
  • Callers are addressed and greeted with a custom main greeting.
  • Calls will go straight to your mobile device wherever you are



iv) Salesmate – Sales CRM

If you are looking for a tool that can seamlessly plan your sales and boost your conversions, start using Salesmate CRM. This is a new-age sales CRM which is designed to take care of the current age business and sales challenges. This tool allows you to have more control over the sales, which helps you in building a long-term relationship with the customer. This is best suitable for small business CRM and instantly improves the sales graph. 

What are the other intelligent features of this tool?

  • Keep a check on your sales exercises
  • Effortlessly control your sales process
  • Automate time-consuming chores
  • Program appointments and set reminders
  • Measure essential metrics with insightful reports
  • Predict future events
  • Orderly edifice consumer data
  • View past and present state of the pipeline deals
  • Sales email tracking made easy

v) – Lead Generation And Outreach

A modern toolset that is designed to help you find, gather, and contact your leads or candidates on the go. You can grow your sales by reaching out to the possible customer and share your innovative ideas into their inbox. You can get in touch with your potential leads via email addresses by domain, company, or by their professional social profiles. This tool will also allow you to gather emails in bulk. 

vi) Hunter – Email Hunter

Do you want to have email addresses of your tentative customers? Then start using Hunter tool that will help you get connected with professionals that matter to your company. The procedure is simple; all you need to do is type the company website, first name, or last name, and you will be able to find the email addresses of the company and their verified domain that is publicly available on the internet. This is a quick and straightforward tool to use. 

For a sales team, it is one of the best tools to have so that they can find business emails on the go. 

vii) Zoom – Video Conferencing?

If you haven’t heard of this tool, then you must be living under the rock. If any device has benefited from the work from home situation right now, then it has to be Zoom; hands down. Save your time by conducting meetings, conferences, and webinars online with Zoom. This tool is considered as modern enterprise video communications. Creating distance meeting was never this natural other than that you can share screens and give a path-breaking sales presentation. The best part is you can do all these without having to be physically present at one designated place. 

viii) Chorus – Conversation Intelligence Platform

Every sales call is very important due to many reasons, and one of the rights is it helps in closing a deal. With the help of this tool, you can keep information safe and sound so that you can refer to it whenever required. This smart tool lets you record and transcribe the content in no time. You can generate insights from any of your sales calls and thus, help you design communication strategies.  

Things that Chorus lets you do:

  • You can analyze sales calls and record meetings. 
  • Produce a playlist of best performing calls which can be later used to train new executives. 
  • By performing the analysis, you can find the best performer in the team with the blink of the eye. 
  • The recordings can be easily shared with teammates. 
  • Track and compare the performance with staff by viewing the leader board. 

ix) Google Calendar – Time Management

Keeping track of time is essential, but it is more critical when you have to organize meetings. Your go-to friend in such times is Google Calendar.  

Now you can easily invite and book appointments with your clients or team. Imagine having an organized calendar where you can see all your selections in one place and vacant slots to schedule meetings. You can straightaway skip the chances of missing an important meeting in the future.   

Final thoughts

If you are a small business owner who wants to trend, you always need to be aware of what’s happening in the hood so you can get on board too.

The sales tools mentioned above can be very beneficial for all types of businesses, especially small size. This is your opportunity, and you better get the best out of it. For further queries, please connect one of our executives for better guidance.

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