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About CallHippo Speech Analytics

CallHippo Speech Analytics is an intelligent conversion software with AI and ML modules that allow users to transcribe a customer phone call and analyze it for better strategy formulation. The software does not just convert the conversation into words but understands the keywords, performance, etc. If you are looking for CallJourney alternatives, CallHippo Speech Analytics could be the best solution for your enterprise.


  • Conversation Transcription: The customer call gets automatically transcribed
  • Key Moment Management: The solution analyzes the call to identify the key moments of the interaction’s success or failure.
  • Archiving: The calls get archived and bookmarked for identifying key interactions to be useful in training, appraisal, induction, or escalation.
  • Detailed Filtering: The solution can filter the calls based on different filters (call parameters).
  • Feedback Management:The agent or the manager can understand the call rating, feedback, and critical points for better future interaction.
  • Personalized Solution: CallHippo Speech Analytics is one of the best CallJourney alternatives if you are looking for a customized solution for sales, customer support, script-based calling, and other departments.
  • Simple Solution:It is easier to utilize all the tools and features of the solution. Thus, it is easier for managers and leaders to perform without additional help.


  • Complete Transcription: The entire call, with no regard to the length, gets transcribed, and thus, no customer requirements or complaints go unnoticed.
  • Identifying Risks: The CallHippo Speech Analytics can identify moments of high-risk like the deviation from the scripts, compliance problems, customer objection, etc.
  • No Delay: The user need not wait long for the transcript as a thirty-minute conversation needs just a couple of minutes for processing. Moreover, it becomes easier to scan the call to identify critical areas for feedback and strategy formulation
  • Effective Induction And Appraisal: The logs from CallHippo Speech Analytics are sufficient for easy and efficient training and induction. It is also helpful for appraisal and comparative analysis of the agents.


  • Registration Process:The registration process could be a little confusing, but the support team would help you.
  • Call-based Analysis: It is a conversion intelligence system for the calls. However, customer interaction could happen through chatbots, emails, and other platforms.

About CallJourney

CallJourney is a conversation intelligence software that can understand every conversation and interpret the true intention behind it to create actionable solutions and reports. It is a brainchild of artificial intelligence and natural language procession, allowing you to create a customer-oriented ecosystem with better lead generation.


  • Call Analysis With Sentiment Interpretation: Beyond fundamental call analysis, transcription, and reporting, it also understands the sentiment of the speaker to identify red areas.
  • Customer Satisfaction Score: It validates your conversation through a scoring system, which helps to quality check the scripts or marketing techniques.


  • Customer Insight: It allows the user to get better customer insight and identify code red moments during the call
  • Captures Emotion: The NLP captures word-by-word utterance for transcription and also analyzes the sentiment and emotion.


  • Audio-based Solution: CallJourney does not offer text, SMS, email, chatbot, or social media forms of customer interaction analysis.
  • Inadequate onboarding features: Although it does offer onboarding features, best CallJourney alternatives like CallHippo Speech Analytics provides better tutorials, training resources, and support solution.

Why Is CallHippo Speech Analytics Better Than CallJourney?

CallJourney and CallHippo Speech Analytics are similar conversation intelligence solutions. While the primary features of both the solutions are the same, CallHippo Speech Analytics is one of the reliable CallJourney alternatives, as it is customizable to fit any department. Since the CallJourney solution conducts dual processing, it is impossible to get instant output like CallHippo Speech Analytics.

Pricing Comparison

CallJourney does not explicitly provide a pricing chart. It is a quote-based solution, whereas the CallHippo Speech Analytics is a subscription plan based solution starting at just $20 per user for a month. It is easy to scale up or down based on your requirements without going through long red-tape conversations.

Frequently Asked Question

Which is the best alternative to callJourney?
CallHippo is one of the best alternatives to CallJourney since it offers instant call outputs and more affordable pricing. Moreover, CallJourney also lacks onboarding features such as tutorials, online support, and training resources, which CallHippo provides.
How does CallHippo offer better value for money than callJourney?
CallJourney does not have a transparent pricing plan. You have to request a quote based on your business needs and be complacent with the pricing they offer for a handful of features. CallHippo provides a more robust and advanced set of features at just $20 per user, providing better value for money.
Among CallHippo and callJourney, which has more features?
CallHippo has several additional advanced features such as archiving, feedback management, key moment management, and auto-transcription, lacking in CallJourney. It also has better support and onboarding machinery as compared to CallJourney.