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About Observe.AI

Observe.AI is an AI-powered platform for voice customer service. It integrates the latest speech and natural language processing innovations, allowing organizations to evaluate 100% of the calls efficiently.

With Observe.AI, team members enhance call quality, monitor compliance, and Speech Analytics agents into best players. It is an ideal solution for BPOs, Financial, Travel, Insurance, Hospitality, Retail, and Consumer Healthcare.


  • Speech Analytics: With the most detailed speech analytics for Contact Centers, Observe.AI enables end-to-end quality control.
  • Assists support teams: It helps teams review 100 percent of voice calls for accuracy and compliance, automate agent reviews, and optimize coaching using their Voice AI Platform.
  • Automated Agent Evaluation: It tests agents with automatic assessments and develops trust with detailed data while repairing broken processes.


  • Improves Performance: By supporting big brands to evaluate 100% of calls and optimize quality assurance frameworks, Observe.AI enhances consumer interactions and increases performance.
  • Accuracy: Companies translate every call with high precision and train agents with Observe.AI, thus gaining maximum customer exposure.


  • Not many downloadable reports: There are not many downloadable reports; thus, it does not allow the team to conduct performance assessments.
  • Manual and Exhausting Process: Although Observe.Ai has information and gives the insights needed, moving the data out is a very manual and tedious process.
  • Inaccurate: The biggest downside of Observe.AI is inaccuracies in the call transcripts because it results in the ‘moments’ not always showing exact figures, and a great deal of time is wasted on making corrections.

About CallHippo Speech Analytics

CallHippo Speech Analytics is an intelligent conversion platform powered by ML and AI that enables companies to record their customer experiences over the telephone to evaluate, audit, and develop better strategies.

CallHippo Speech Analytics ensures quicker call QA, better assessment of agents, and productive coaching, eventually improving your squad’s efficiency. The most important experiences that require coaching attention, such as customer objections, competitor comparisons, enforcement differences, script anomalies, and so on, are surfaced by 100% call coverage from CallHippo Speech Analytics.

It automatically filters out the calls that should be listened to by your coaching staff, resulting in quicker feedback. To ensure your agents are on the road to progress, you may also run the comparative analysis. Using CallHippo Speech Analytics to make your new agents benefit from the best of your calls. They should even listen to their calls to consider their disagreements without the direct intervention of a trainer.

It is a secure solution for B2B businesses, small-, medium-sized, and customer contact center companies.


  • Call transcription:It almost immediately gets all calls transcribed automatically and responds to call dialogs for quicker QA checks.
  • Moment-analysis:It describes vital call moments that immediately miss/attain these moments to surface calls.
  • Exhaustive-data-filtering:Using comprehensive filters covering various call parameters, it produces a QA theory and filters calls.
  • Feedback Manager:Rate calls, offer feedback & share points with agents right while you are listening to the calls.
  • Customizable: CallHippo Speech Analytics is a highly customizable solution for particular use cases like sales, customer success, support & calling scripts.
  • Fully self-managed: With no need to include someone else, leaders and organizational managers themselves will handle the network.

Pros of CallHippo

  • High-risk Management:Red areas may be defined where the success rate of the call decreases, such as a deviation from the script, consumer objections, simple enforcement holes, and others.
  • Accuracy: The solution offers immediate and accurate call transcription.
  • Automatic Complete Transcription: It covers the entire interaction and transcripts every sentence of the conversation on its own.
  • Speedy And Easy Process:It analyzes the entire conversation within minutes, and it is possible to scan to get the gist of the interaction quickly.

Cons of CallHippo

  • Single Language:The solution does not support multiple languages other than English.
  • Call-only Analysis:CallHippo Speech Analytics cannot analyze client experiences via email, chatbot, company website, and other channels.

Why Is CallHippo Speech Analytics Better Than

CallHippo Speech Analytics is a system similar to Observe.AI, as they both review calls, track compliance, and streamline workflows for quality assurance. CallHippo Speech Analytics is seen as a better option as it provides a flexible approach covering broad areas such as sales, marketing, customer service, and more.
If you are looking for an alternative to to enhance your customer service department in customer-customer conduct, call volumes, call length, plan assessment, and compliant management, CallHippo Speech Analytics has better resources.
CallHippo Speech Analytics is a better replacement as it has more tools and facilities for preparation than any of the best alternatives you can find on the market.

Pricing Comparison

While does not provide much information on its pricing policy, a competitor to, CallHippo Speech Analytics, is available at $20 per month for one user.

Frequently Asked Question

Which is a better alternative to is a call monitoring solution designed to help call centers improve performance and improve call quality. However, it does not provide sufficient downloadable reports, and users have to extract and transport them manually. CallHippo is a better alternative to since it uses advanced AI and machine learning to help you receive valuable insights and improve your team’s performance without much hassle.
Why should you opt for CallHippo instead of
While makes you do much of the work yourself, CallHippo Speech Analytics unburdens you from it. For instance, CallHippo automatically filters out the calls you must listen to, paving the way for faster feedback. It also offers advanced features like call transcription, exhaustive data-filtering, and moment analysis. Moreover, lacks a transparent pricing model, whereas CallHippo Speech Analytics is available to users at $20 per month.
Which is the best investment, Callhippo or
The powerful features, high accuracy, and flexibility that CallHippo offers make it a much better investment than CallHippo also has better resources for analysis and understanding of calls and is highly customizable as per the industry type, making it a better investment than