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About Pickle

Pickle is a conversational AI that transcribes and analyzes audio files, podcasts, calls, zoom meetings, and more. It is a sales-dedicated platform that allows customers to improve the closure rate and ROI.


  • Sales Management:The software records the winnings sales pitches, finds intelligent data from the transcript, and offers usable reports to improve the sales team.
  • Visibility:Pickle provides an overview for the managers about the team’s performance, individual agent’s stance, effective strategies, and also generates reports related to leading metrics.


  • Podcast, Calls, And Meetings:Pickle is one of the few solutions that can transcribe podcasts, along with calls, meetings, and others.
  • Scalability:It is a scalable tool suitable for start-ups and large enterprises


  • Sales-focused:Pickle is not a customizable solution for departments other than sales
  • No-Risk Management:Pickle does not indicate high-risk calls or red areas where the call’s success rates drop.

About CallHippo Speech Analytics

CallHippo Speech Analytics is an ML and AI-powered intelligent conversion platform that helps businesses record their customer interactions via phone to analyze, audit, and create better strategies. It is a reliable solution for B2B companies, small-sized, medium, and customer contact center enterprises. CallHippo Speech Analytics is one of the market’s top options if you are looking for reliable and branded Pickle alternatives.


  • Conversation Transcription:The automated solution provides a transcription of the customer conversation throughout the call’s length.
  • Call In-depth Analysis:The software analyses the entire call for understanding the call’s success rate, agents’ performance and identifies the key moments that led to the success or the failure of the interaction.
  • Intelligent Filtering:A company would have thousands of customer interactions every hour. The intelligent filtering system allows the user to filter the call logs based on parameters, performances, etc.
  • Feedback Management:The agent can see the call rating, intelligent feedback, along with pointers for improvements.
  • Library Management: The calls get logged into an archive with bookmarks for identifying essential conversations for training, induction, escalation, appraisal, and more.
  • Personalized Solution: One can customize CallHippo Speech Analytics for a specific use case like customer support, sales, marketing, customer success, or script-based calls.


  • 100% Transcription:The solution automatically transcribes the entire conversation, covering every single sentence.
  • High-risk Management: It is possible to identify red areas where the call’s success rate plummets, like a deviation from the script, customer objection, gaps in basic compliance, and others.
  • Speed And Accuracy: The solution offers immediate transcription of the call, and it is quite accurate.
  • Faster Onboarding, Auditing, And Appraisal:You can audit the transcribe and use it for employee training, appraisal, auditing, new employee training, or induction programs.


  • Single Language:It is not suitable for multi-language interactions other than English.
  • Call-only Analysis:Only customer calls can be analyzed in this solution. Emails, chatbots, and other forms of conversation are not compatible.

Why Is CallHippo Speech Analytics Better Than Pickle?

Pickle is a dedicated sales software that is customized for improving sales effort and revenue. However, if you are looking for Pickle alternatives for customer support, sales, contact center, and others, CallHippo Speech Analytics is a better option.

Pickle focuses more on analyzing the conversation for keywords like comparison, competitor mentioning, filler words, and customer objection. CallHippo Speech Analytics also provides similar insight but generates actionable feedback for improving future conversation.

Pricing Comparison

Pickle offers ten free audio uploads, which is not available with CallHippo Speech Analytics. However, the pricing for a single user starts at $80. The pricing of CallHippo Speech Analytics starts at just $20 per user per month. Thus, CallHippo Speech Analytics is a highly cost-effective Pickle alternative in the market.

Frequently Asked Question

Why should you opt for CallHippo instead of pickle?
Pickle only caters to the needs of sales teams and has no functionality to indicate high-risk calls. CallHippo can be used by all kinds of teams and has advanced options to detect high-risk conversations with great speed and accuracy, making it a better alternative to Pickle.
Which one has better pricing plans, CallHippo or pickle?
While the pricing for CallHippo Speech Analytics starts at $20 per user per month, Pickle charges each user $80, which is quite steep considering the limited features it offers. Hence CallHippo is undoubtedly a better choice in terms of pricing.
Among CallHippo and pickle, which has more features?
While Pickle can be used to transcribe podcasts, meetings, and calls, it does not offer critical features such as in-depth call analysis, intelligent filtering, and feedback management. Pickle also lacks the customization options and library management features that CallHippo offers its users. Thus, CallHippo has a lot more features as compared to Pickle.