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About is a sales forecasting and management software solution that helps you identify and improve your sales and customer support mistakes. It enables you to analyze calls, meetings, and demos, enabling you to level up your agents’ performance. also helps you unleash strategic business intelligence to enhance agent performance and productivity.


  • Triggered Learning:With, you can send videos, files, and learning materials instantly by analyzing conversation content.
  • AI-Driven provides in-depth, AI-driven insights into successful calling moments, the best-performing agents, common customer rebuttals, and more.
  • Call Explorer:The solution allows you to search and examine every call based on a wide range of insights, metrics, and parameters.
  • Call Recording:Record calls automatically regardless of the device your reps are using. allows you to delve deeper into your agents’ conversations.


  • Support:’s excellent support team makes sure you have a seamless sales forecasting and management experience.
  • Rich Data: The Ai-driven platform provides exhaustive data about every customer interaction, ensuring that you get in-depth insights into your agents’ performance.


  • Inaccurate Transcriptions:The automatically generated transcriptions aren’t accurate.
  • CRM doesn’t support calling directly out of the CRMs.

About CallHippo Speech Analytics

CallHippo Speech Analytics is an AI-enabled call monitoring and sales rep productivity solution that allows you to capitalize upon your sales opportunities. Powered by strong evaluation, tracking, and training features, CH Speech Analytics is the must-have companion for every sales manager and leader. Besides, its powerful speech analysis and data filtering make it an excellent alternative to


  • Call Recording and Transcription:Call recording is a common feature offered by almost all phone management systems. CallHippo takes this a step forward with automatic transcription processes. The system automatically records and transcripts the call, thereby helping you better analyze employee performance and customer satisfaction levels.
  • In-Depth Analytics:CH Speech Analytics provides a comprehensive range of data and performance analysis features. It offers moment analysis capabilities that enable you to identify calls and representatives who achieve key moments. It also comes with detailed reporting features that help you examine and evaluate agent performance. Besides, the exhaustive data filtering feature allows you to separate calls based on different metrics and criteria.
  • Customization: CallHippo Speech Analytics offers an extensive range of customization features. You can fully customize your dashboard based on your tasks and requirements. CH Hippo also allows you to integrate with various third-party applications like CRM, PMS, etc.
  • Self-Management:Whether you’re a sales manager or a sales leader, CH Speech Analytics can help you become more efficient. It is an easy-to-use yet robust platform that enables you to manage your sales reps and entire sales cycles from a single dashboard.


  • Virtual Numbers: CallHippo offers several virtual numbers from 50+ countries to support your global recruitment and staffing efforts.
  • Integrations: It offers seamless integration features, thereby ensuring enhanced functionality.
  • Call Management: CallHippo provides one of the best call-routing and call-forwarding features.


  • Pricing:The software might seem a bit expensive to some small business owners.
  • Voicemail Setup: The voicemail setup requires you to create recordings externally and then upload it to CallHiippo.

Why Is CallHippo Speech Analytics Better Than

CalHippo Speech Analytics and both help you manage and forecast your sales activity. They enable you to get detailed insights into how your sales reps and support agents interact with your customers. You can use these in-depth insights to improve their performance and enhance your sales efficiency.

However, lacks advanced call management features. It doesn’t offer the customization and self-management functionalities that CH Speech Analytics offers. Besides, it has inaccurate transcription capabilities, which can be a deal-breaker for many organizations.

In all, may be good for small businesses and startups, but if you’re planning to grow, opt for CallHippo Speech Analytics.

Pricing Comparison has only one plan beginning at $45 per month per user. CallHippo offers $20 per month per user. CH Speech Analytics also allows you to create a custom plan depending on your requirements.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a better alternative to
CallHippo is widely regarded as the best substitute for since it offers much more accurate transcriptions. However, also does not provide direct calling out of CRMs like CallHippo and is much costlier than CallHippo.
What are the differences in features between and CallHippo?
While uses artificial intelligence to provide users insights regarding agent performance, CallHippo uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify key call moments, call metrics, and performance. CallHippo also has robust speech analysis and data filtering capabilities apart from a high degree of customizability.
Why should you choose CallHippo instead of
CallHippo offers better features and has a more affordable pricing plan and additional integrations compared to Additionally, auto-generated transcriptions are much more accurate on CallHippo, making it a much better choice.

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