Team Collaboration

The Best Way To Collborate With Your Team

VoIP based Virtual Phone Systems
  • Get virtual local phone numbers
  • Forward calls to your smartphone
  • Call Recording, voicemail & custom Music
  • Make calls from browser
  • Call Analytics to make data driven strategies
  • No credit card required.

There are often communication lapse and lack of efficient monitoring and management in between team members, affecting the productivity of an entire organization. Team Collaboration is one of those services that keep even massive work-force businesses running smooth.

  • Teams are no longer chained to the desk! Keep team members in sync 24x7 on their own devices using Cloud- based technology
  • Prevent workers going rogue! Centralized-communication with team members enables fluid work-flow and efficient collaboration. Initiate voice chat anytime with tiny short- codes.
  • Forget the tormenting conference call setups. Easy voice/video conference calls and file-sharing over the web.
  • Keep a track on the team, get call records and system reports and integrate with Business Management Software or CRM Software to optimize the productivity real-time.
  • Efficient task management. Setup automated messages to keep you and your team updated on status of the project to maximize the resource utilization.
  • Hit those targets early! Notify team with status and reminders of the projects with texts, emails and computer generated calls to avoid lapses.
  • Friends make a great team. Allow your team to engage in conversation via texts, voice calls or video calls to maximize the team effort.

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