Time after starting up your business can be overwhelming and exhilarating, but most importantly, it is the time to take risks while being careful.

Quite an oxymoron but true, nonetheless.

While juggling between the few people of your team and a mountain of responsibilities, you are determined to keep your costs at ground level.

In the early days of business, you necessarily require the support of technology for not just surviving but thriving in it.

However, the sky-rocketing costs of the “sophisticated” tools might pose a hindrance for you to enjoy their advantages.

But, before you lose hope, we have brought you some essential tools at a bargain!

Read on.

1. The learning tools

Every single day in a startup can be a new challenge, most likely because you learn something vital every day. While most of the times, it’s a positive thing, but those in the business can vouch for the value of knowing something before you learn it through a bad experience. You can even “DIY” your own learning course as well, for your partners and colleagues.

And homework is the best way to compensate for the inexperienced when it comes to client or investor meetings. With these platforms, you can effectively do your homework.

Startup Launch List: This online platform presents a comprehensive list of common topics that are important to know before and while starting your business. It also allows you to customize the topics according to the relevance and shows you valuable articles based on your selection.

This is nothing less than a customized business eLearning course which helps you acquire knowledge about everything from excellent customer service skills to marketing essentials.

Google Primer: For more accessibility, Google’s Primer is a free mobile application that offers smart, interactive lessons on topics like business, digital marketing, and Sales & Services Training.

Based on the concept of microlearning, every lesson is a 5-minute piece of knowledge that can be accessed from anywhere. So, even your schedule doesn’t allow you to breathe; you can still learn the important things.

2. The Infrastructure Tools

In today’s era, no business can survive without technology by their side. There are specific fundamental infrastructural needs of every business which consist of the necessary facilities required for internal communication, document sharing, data recording, etc.

While the advanced software for these needs can cost a bomb, at the beginning of business when the data is not complicated, these platforms can be of great help.

Slack: It is one of the most reliable communication platforms that SMEs swear by. This instant messaging application can help the user to organize their chats according to topics, make audio and video calls, and helps remote workers to interact with their peers in real-time.

Not only this, but Slack also maintains a single archive of all the communications which is easily searchable and highly organized.

With its provision of an unlimited free trial, it is perfect for new businesses.

Gusto: The HR department is one of the indispensable departments of any business. However, at the beginning of your business, no matter how much you need it, it might not be your priority to set up.

Gusto is a platform which fulfills all your HR requirements digitally. It takes care of things like payroll, maintaining employee records, including healthcare, and many other benefits on one platform.

3. Marketing and branding tools

After stabilizing sustainably, the next immediate requirement of a startup is growing and marketing their business.

Building a brand image of your company can be the most exciting aspect of your business. It is full of ideas, planning, and creativity. With the right technology on your side, this process can be even better.

Google Alerts: This free service by Google helps you in creating custom alerts for any topic of your choice. If there happens to be an activity about that topic, you will get notified.

This can be a competitor’s activity or of the ones involving your content pieces. You can take advantage of these alerts to build links and make better marketing and branding strategies.

crowdSPRING: If you are worried about the front image of your business, including its name, logos, taglines and any other element that builds brand identity, crowdSPRING is your place.

It is a cost-effective solution for giving your company a head start.


The magical place of the internet is swarmed with reasonable solutions that are easy on your shoestring; all you need is research and adapt.

All the best!

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