When you are running a business in this age of the internet, you will hear a lot of people saying things like they don’t need a Business phone system anymore. And trust me these people are absolutely true  “ In this era of high-speed internet why on earth would anyone still use landlines or desk phones for business”?

Tied to landlines on a desk in your office, the traditional Phone system doesn’t fit the way businesses work these days.

Sometimes you are not in the office, or busy in a meeting or are working from home- how will you answer a desk phone in such situations?

If you know your work number can ring on your cell phone, then why have a desk phone?

If there are Business phone number apps for making and receiving calls, messaging, texting, call forwarding, call recording, why have a desk phone?

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If it is possible to integrate a call center software on your desktop ( softphones), why have a desk phone?

If I am away from my desk and can be still reached on my smartphone, I can be more productive. Why can’t I use the same technology while I am in the office?

If you want to do all this and a lot more besides this than the best option we can suggest are Virtual Phone numbers or call center software. They will get you all the functionalities of a telephone into your cell phones, desktop, tablets. You will not be tied up to the desk phone any longer.

So why a Virtual Phone Number?

Most of the small businesses at first start out by purchasing a single landline and a dedicated Business phone number. This line is shared by all the employees working for the firm and when it’s busy you have to wait for your turn. As soon as your company starts growing you may require one server, a desk phone for each employee, an answering machine to route calls and lots of cables. This may cost you around $1000 for cables and servers, $50 per phone, and $20/ month per line of service. And for your kind information, we have not added installation and maintenance costs yet.

A virtual Phone number will replace all this for you. Instead of dedicated servers and miles of cables, it will move all your calls to the cloud. And all this for a much lower setup cost and a monthly subscription fee. Plus you will have a Business Phone System that works anywhere your team is.

After why’s let us talk about what’s of a Virtual Phone system

A short and sweet explanation of this cloud-based telephony is Skype on Steroids. Instead of the Physical Phone server, there will be a single dashboard to manage your customer accounts, company’s number, and menu system that will route calls to the right person. Instead of purchasing a desk phone for each employee, you can use virtual Phone System apps to make and receive calls.

If any of your employees go on unplanned leave, his number can be forwarded to some other employee in the company. You can also record the calls and can listen to them later if there are some issues and the list goes on… This technology will give any company a full stack of voice communication and will make sure that the clients are never left with a dead number.

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Some reasons to justify why we recommend Virtual Phone System

  • Keeping in mind the pace with which technology is advancing, the major difference between the traditional landlines and the Virtual Phone system is their portability and mobility. Today’s VOIP phone system uses multiple channels of communication such as the internet. We all know that data is getting cheaper every day which makes the Virtual Phone system more affordable than any other means of communication.
  • In this ever-changing business world, the essence of a formidable brand can never be overemphasized. This is where a portable Business Phone system will help to get one step closer to achieving a brand identity.
  • It usually recommended making outgoing business calls from a universal Phone system. This not only adds credibility to the business but also brings a level of professionalism in your business operations. Besides this, they also help to make multiple calls to different clients from the same business phone number and at the same time.
  • The main reason why businesses are running away from the legacy systems is that of its rigidity. They can only be accessed at the office premises and in most cases at particular office locations. However, today’s phone is extremely flexible and can be accessed on the move. Developers have also come up with virtual phone number apps that will allow you to access your business account virtually from any part of the world. This ensures that you are connected to your clients even when you are on the move.

Bottom line

If you are looking for an office phone system that backs you up in every step of your way then nothing can be better than a virtual Phone system. It will provide you with an effortless means of communication and that too without causing any disruption to the business processes.

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