Small businesses will not remain confined within a nutshell anymore, they are all set to break the boundaries and go international.

A survey by USForex has found that 58% of the small business has already got international customers, while 72% will do it by 2017. About 96% of these businesses are extremely confident about conducting their business online.

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Going global has no longer remained an option for small and medium-sized business, in fact, it has become a strategic imperative.

The Internet has played a very important role and has opened up the door for companies to trade all over the world. Previously having an international presence was a way too expensive but now with the advancement in the telecommunication world, you can handle your entire business from the comfort of your home.

The super-powerful technique that has made things easier is the virtual phone number. So if some of the biggest economies are on your list, do not worry just visit CallHippo, we will take over from there and will help you go that extra mile and break those international barriers.

Let’s start by doing some marketing in Brazil.

Reaching out to 200 million population in the world’s fifth-largest country is not an easy feat. As a marketer reaching out to the right customer base is one of the important prerequisites. You are trying your hand in every possible promotional campaign to reach a wide range of audiences.

Obviously, you want to monitor how well these campaigns are performing and plan your next step further.

Analytical tools are helping you enough to teach what actions are performed on your ad campaign..!! But what about the calls you are getting????

Emails, social media or PPC- do you know which of your campaign led to those inbound inquiry calls?

We can help you get through this with the help of Virtual Phone number and Toll-Free Phone Numbers. Let us see how

You can assign a unique Brazil Virtual Phone number to each of your online and offline marketing platforms. This way you will be able to track the ultimate source of your business calls along with decrypting which campaign worked out the best for you.

 In addition to this, you can invest in the campaigns accordingly and save the unnecessary expenditure.  This way you will be able to mold your marketing.

Make the business accessible and Trustworthy for your customers in Australia.

As a new business in Australia, you will definitely want to earn a good reputation among your prospects. While marketing does most of the work, it will all go in vain if your customer is facing problems while contacting your company. Thus making your business accessible to your customers in a country like Australia should be your top-most priority.

Busy lines, unanswered calls makes your customer feel ignored. There is no choice left, and they naturally decide to do the business somewhere else.

An Australia Virtual Phone Number is something that can rescue you from here.

Using this technology you will able to connect multiple incoming lines to one number, if you are already on some other call, it will get transferred to some other connected device and TAdaaa..!! one of your employees will be speaking to the customer.

Another interesting thing you can do is identify the most frequently asked question and put them on the voice menu. This will save your customer support employees a lot of time and increase their productivity as they have don’t have to waste time answering the same questions.

France is costly..!!! Save some money using this cloud-based telephony.

Amongst the 10 most expensive countries in Europe setting a business in France will consume a lot of your capital. Plus a 20% sales tax on everything is like the crux of the matter.

While there is one investment where we can help you save some money. A France Virtual phone number is a very affordable solution, as you will no longer need any equipment, the service is entirely on the SAAS platform, so if any problem comes up it has to be taken care by the service provider. Once you have signed up and purchased a France Virtual Phone number all you need to do is define the forwarding rules and you are all set to make and receive calls.

As you have just started, you can start with a basic plan and as your business starts growing you can scale your plan to add new lines, users, phone and services. You pay only for the features you need and activate and deactivate them as per your requirement.

Don’t let the widespread business ruin your private life in Canada.

Make a clear line of distinction between your personal and private life using a Canada Virtual Phone number. A lot of business owners use their personal number for the business. As a result, they end up working for 24/7 disappointing their family and harming their own health. Also when they are dealing with clients or customer while working from home or traveling there can be a lot of additional disturbance and noise in the background which can affect the reputation of their business.

But when your personal phone is linked to a virtual phone system by a trustworthy service provider like CallHippo, It is you who will decide the time of the conversation based on the working hour of your business.

For example, if the working hours are nine to five, all the calls made during this timeframe is forwarded to your number and a phone after or before the time will be either directed to a voicemail or to an employee who is currently on duty.

The best part is that if there is no one to attend the call, the customers can get the useful information through the pre-recorded voice menu.

Bottom line

It is a simple yet very effective concept that will help your business go that extra mile in every corner of the world. For businesses with multiple locations, it is no less than a boon. It will add to your business a new level of flexibility, will eliminate all the extra overhead and will bring you a lot of additional benefits which is otherwise not possible with legacy solutions.

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