A Legitimated Conversation is a fundamental requirement for nurturing any relationship. Business relations are no debarment to this. An entrepreneur needs to develop a super-eminent relation with his/her co-worker and customer base through unmatched communication. Various means of communication come forward as a helping hand for the businessman to do so. The telephone is one amidst them. With the passage of time, the traditional telephone system has become outdated.

Today’s hyper-competitive market always calls for an entrepreneur to reckon up to date technologies. Virtual phone systems have come forward as a win full alternative of telephones, providing the second to none tactic of communication for the integration of work. They facilitate you to stay relevant with an optimized operation to enhance communication.

Few simple modus operandi amalgamated with a virtual phone system can benefit your business leverage endless opportunities.


The virtual phone system allows you to access phone calls from anywhere, anytime. Giving you a chance to attend to phone calls even if you are not at office premises. You just require an internet connection and you are all set to receive/ make calls. This ensures that the company is not confined to a single location. You can go around out on field being assured that any call coming on your phone will be directed to you.


The virtual phone system is much less expensive than traditional phone systems as they do not call for buying various telephonic infrastructure, plans, etc. Traditional phones are far costlier as they call for lengthy setup, maintenance, and up-gradation. In virtual systems only accessing a phone service and internet connection is all you need and you are ready to leverage all the advantages of this system.

Furthermore making long-distance calls using this technology is low-priced than the traditional calling methodology.

Laptop connectivity

The laptop has become your companion wherever you travel. Keeping this in contour the virtual phone system telephony software allows you to send/ receive calls using your headphones or microphones on your laptops. So you can work on a laptop simultaneously while answering a call through the virtual phone number.

Manifold connectivity

It does happen that your customer gets irritated if they call you and it gets forwarded to voicemail. A virtual business phone system helps you to get a ring on many devices(such as cellphones, landlines) before your call is to send to voicemail. This gets you in a better chance to answer your customers thus racking up goodwill among them.

Counterfeiting  existence

You are in South America and want to grab a customer from North America, won’t it be more convincing if you can make a phone call from a local number of North America. A virtual phone system provides you with the opportunity to do so. Using this your phone number can have an area code of any part of the globe you desire.

Opens doors for video conferencing

A virtual phone system gives you the privilege to do video conferencing with your coworkers, clients, and so on. This will open up the possibility of virtually being available in front of them even if you are not physically present with them. Many times video conferencing done with clients helps to gain their confidence and crack more deals it becomes easier to convince them.

Unlimited call handling

It is unpleasant for anyone caller to get an earful to a busy tone. No matter how many ever a number of customers call you they will never ever get a busy tone, at the most they will get a hold message till you or your reps are available to answer their calls. This helps to reckon up goodwill among your callers, whether it is your business associates or customers or anybody else trying to call you.

Call processing

It helps to process multiple calls simultaneously every day. It facilitates the sorting of calls on a priority basis. If several callers are calling at a particular time it has the ability to segregate the more important ones from the others which can be answered afterward. It also makes way for automatic messages to be delivered regarding various company policies and services/discounts to the customers.

Call recording feature

The call recording feature provided by it helps you record your calls for future reference. This will help take your customer care to the next level. It stores all the data in a single cloud computing network this makes retrieving and processing of data easier.

Call tracking

The virtual phone system ensures that none of the callers go unattended. If a caller calls you and by chance, none of the reps are available to attend the call, the caller’s data is stored and it is assigned to the reps afterward. This ensures the callers that their calls will be attended later even if they are missed at that particular time.

Tracking of any missed/ unanswered call can be done using this technology. Such calls can be further looked into, this facilitates to overcome the hindrance of missing out on important calls.

Payments through a virtual phone system

One of the fascinating benefits that come as the package of a virtual phone system is its ability to seamlessly integrate with your bank account. This helps you and your customers make payments through it. So no more standing in a queue of banks as long as this system is there to assist you.

Department/ product wise calling directory

A virtual phone number can be utilized to differently distinguish the departments of your business as and when customers call. For instance, many of us have experienced while calling service centers there exists a predefined number for each and every action. (for speaking in English press”1”, for talking to the executive press “2”, and so on). You can apply the same for your business dividing call to connect to the specified departments. The customers can call you to inquire about sales opportunities, billing, shipping, online orders. As and when they call you can enquire about the reason to call and ask them to press the specified number catering to that particular department.

The same can be carried out with different products you are dealing with. Each product can be specified in a different extension number. This will help overcome hassle on your part and provide a better experience to your customers.

Lead generation machine

A virtual phone system can be utilized for generating the lead for the business organization. One needs to record a voice message on the virtual phone number. Following it by distributing a message’s phone number to the prospects. And capture leads information from the calling prospects even before they listen to the recorded message.

Brings to light marketing ROI

The virtual phone number serves a stupendous kit and kaboodle to determine the marketing ROI(Return On Investment) of the business. You just ought to add multiple phone numbers to various campaigns, various visitors visiting on a distinct campaign will be recorded by your virtual phone system. This will help you keep a track on more beneficial ones and you can further invest in those campaigns.

For instance, your website should be aided with a specific phone number and your television advertisement should be aided with others. The number of calls received on these variant phone numbers can be utilized to accurately count your marketing efforts.

Calls redirected without a hitch

A virtual call system provides you with the option to screen your calls and act in a manner you like to handle it. You always have the option of simply answering the call or sending it to voicemail or hear the caller’s phone. Without your caller even knowing that you are available on the other end you can choose one of these screening prompts if you do not wish to answer the call right away.

Call-conferencing handiness

The call-conferencing feature provided by the virtual phone system assists you to connect to one/more of your business executives and customers with just a single touch. With the globalization of business, this has become the need of the hour. You do not have to travel to talk to a person at the different locations across the globe, just utilize the call-conferencing feature and you can take collective decisions talking collectively with different people at a particular point in time.

Transcription of voicemails into notes

Imagine you are out of your workplace for some time and meanwhile an idea to take your business to different heights strikes you. You deprived of having a pen and paper cannot jot down the idea. But you want to store it somewhere so that you can go through it once you are back. Virtual phone system comes to your rescue. The built-in voice transcription can be utilized for the same. You just need to call your business number and leave a voicemail. These voicemails will automatically turn to notes with phone numbers, to-dos, etc.  Even more convenient is its ability to translate these voicemails to emails. So you need not worry about losing any important data.

Betterment since evolution

Technology is prone to advances for melioration. The virtual system is no exception to this, there have been various augmentations in it. In the early days, the sound quality was poor and it was not very clearly audible. But in the current scenario, the quality of calls has been immensely improved, moreover, its integration on feature-rich IP phones has added to its worthiness.

You might be thinking as its utilities are numerous the installation will include a wearisome course of actions. But to your surprise, you will find that it comes with an installation process as easy as ABC. There are many enterprises that offer virtual phone solutions for all sectors of business. You just have to make a wise choice between them and they will be there to assist you with the trouble-free installation process.

Virtual phone systems are powered with the ability to treat your phone call as more than just a phone call. A virtual phone system opens up a new horizon for your business giving it the opportunity to ensure productivity on the move backed up with scalability. It adds creativity, professionalism, and convenience to your business. It is instrumented to keep pace with the big-time success of your business. What are you waiting for just integrate virtual phone number and you can be assured it will take your communication arrangement to a new horizon!!

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