Your local business is all set and doing quite well in your host location. Now you are planning to take it one step further by expanding it beyond boundaries? Confused where to start from.Relax…!! .The first and the foremost thing you should do is get yourself an international Toll free Number. It not only helps you gain brand recognition and credibility but also helps you increase your ROI.

When your call to action is a Toll-free number your business in a flash seems greater than it is. Furthermore, including an ITFS (International Toll-Free Service) number helps your business grow beyond its limited present area, state and, eventually, nation.

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You will be amazed to know that a study by Mckinsey states 80% of your customers use phone calls to connect your business while 70% of buying experiences depends on how the customer feels they are being taken care of.A customer that rings you up can be a potential client to increase your business lead.

What is best form of an International Toll-free number?

Cloud telephony is one of the greatest innovations in the telecommunications world. The things that makes this more interesting is you need only one phone system and you are serving multiple locations at one time. It is quite simple to use than it sounds. If you plan to expand your business to a new location, you can simply extend your Cloud system to that area by just adding a virtual number. Call them DID (direct inward dialing) or “follow-me numbers” or “personal numbers”, all of these terms point to one thing: Virtual numbers.

Now you might wonder what is with this virtual thing, the one line answer for this could be unlike ordinary telephone numbers, they aren’t connected to a physical communication line. They offer a wide range of advantages some of them are listed below:

They are cheap than you might have imagined

International phone numbers eliminate all your hassles of setting up an entirely new staff and infrastructure to expand your business overseas. In addition to this, International Call tariffs are comparatively cheaper than our traditional telephone systems with fixed communication lines.

Region Tracking

Helps you know where the calls are actually coming from.

Helps you look more professional

You look more professional on using a business number, which ultimately helps you build your Brand better.

A bunch of extra features

You get Some extra features like call forwarding, call recording, voicemail, call analytics, voicemail greeting, on hold music and number portability.

Local Customer Engagement

Customer develops a sense of trust when they get call from a local number. This is where virtual number helps; you can get virtual numbers for any location even if you don’t have a local presence there.

How it works for you?

It’s a softphone solution. There will be a service provider which will run the server that hosts and maintain calls. All you need is a proper internet connection in place.

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You can get a pre-recorded automatic audio which will have all basic information about your Business like working hours, prices, services available, alternate contact numbers etc. Even if the call goes unanswered at least your potential customer will have enough information about your business. The most important advantage of doing this is they don’t feel ignored, they get a sense of relief that you exist and you will definitely call back.

The most attracting feature about using a virtual phone number is that it goes with you wherever you travel when compared to traditional mobile or landlines. In case you want to change your service provider there always an option open for number portability.

A virtual number subscriber gets an extra advantage of additional incoming lines and a call queue. Until you are free to attend the caller you can keep him on hold or can pass to someone else who can attend it. You can use music during the waiting time or a better option is to use pre-recorded messages describing special discounts, promos, etc.This way you are doing two things saving your customer from boredom and marketing your products. Research suggests music on hold doubles the acceptable waiting time, while recorded messages triple the rate.

Get your business an ideal virtual number

Size or type of your business doesn’t matter, you need virtual numbers to find and reach your prospective customers. The first thing that you need to do is determine what type of toll-free number you want? Are you buying it for your personal use or to expand your business over new geographics? Do you have a team ready to answer the calls?

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Next thing is to decide on a service provider who will provide you that virtual number? The plans it has?
Does that company provide numbers for the country you are planning to cover? Do they have any government restrictions there? What extra features can you get with this number? What will the total cost, will it fit your budget.

There are number of service providers in the market with some interesting plans in hand. Usually, there is a monthly charge for the number and then per minute charges according to the usage. The monthly fee is nothing but the subscription fee for that month. Usage charges are different based on the rate per minute for the actual call. Besides this, if you want any other extra services like call forwarding, call recording, voicemail, call analytics, voicemail greeting, on hold music and number portability you need to pay for it separately. Some plans are even bundled with services and the predefined number of minutes for free.

Last but not the least

In this era where new technology is booming each day Virtuality is the Actual Reality , so if you are planning to expand your business with less cost and more services don’t resist yourself to get a virtual number now Always remember the secret ingredient for success is serve your customers in the best and the most flexible way you can and see yourself reaching great heights.

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