In the wake of the digital world, businesses are not holding themselves back. You shouldn’t do that too. To take your business on a global level, never underestimate the significance of a virtual phone system. It may help you save 40% on local calls, increase the productivity of employees and increases sales.

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Why Online Businesses Need Virtual Phone Number(s)?

Online business stores have become a new fad in the industry that allows buyers to shop from the comfort of the home. Though, the trend has gained notable popularity, providing a par excellence service experience to your online customers is an uphill struggle. Online Phone Number help you with this.

If you have recently marked your presence in online business, you have to be well-prepared to face up the challenge. The very first struggle that you are going to face is to build a constant and responsive communication point. As you are going to deal with your customers physically, a Business phone number is the only way via which you two can connect. Services and virtual numbers offered by CallHippo is your best help in this.

Benefits of Having a Virtual Phone System in Place

With an affordable cost, multi-facet functionality, and easy usability, a virtual business phone number makes you self-efficient in many ways. Here is the list of things that it does it for your online business:

Virtual Phone Number - CallHippo

It makes your trustworthy

Well, trust in the main factor over which a business lays its foundation. Its value increases by manifolds when you are dealing with your customers online. As there is no direct physical dealing, online buyers prefer to choose only those businesses that are trustworthy.

Now, the burning question here is;

How to build trust?

Well, you can easily earn it by owning an online phone number.

If you want to get clicks on your products and services online then you need to emit out professionalism by all means and a virtual phone number is the very step in this direction.

When you have toll-free or local business phone number people will have a positive image of you in their mind. They feel that you are easily approachable and are all ears to listen to their queries and concern. It, ultimately, helps you to gain customers’ trust.

CallHippo offers a range of business numbers at an affordable cost that helps you to portray yourself as a professional market player. In addition to its, its virtual phone systems make you get involved with the customers at all levels. Be it answering the calls or receiving the voicemail, it does it all effortlessly and ensures your clients that they will be getting heard.

Dole out easy and great service experience.

Apart from the trust, another major factor that determines the success of an online business is the quality of service experience they are offering. Though the struggle to deliver par excellence service experience in present in physical dealing as well, its significance gets increases enormously in case of an online business.

Unlike the physical store that operates within a fix time frame, online businesses are open always. Your customers can place an order at any point in time. Thus, you have to be available at their service around the clock.  It is only possible with an online phone number offered by CallHippo. With its help, you can be easily available at your customers’ service regardless of the time and location.

You can easily set shift-based call forwarding facility and reduce the call waiting time by quick answering. When you have a virtual phone number by your side, you can easily pass on your customer call to the next available agent to reduce the waiting time. The intelligent call distribution by CallHippo ensures that no customer should wait for more than two minutes.

In addition to this, features like on-hold music and welcome messages are like the cherry on the cake. All these add up to increase your service experience and make your Virtual Phone System better.

Know your customer better

When you are into an online business, you have to make extra efforts to understand your customers. You need to know what are their concerns, what is the average time duration of their calls, what are the demographic details of your customers and various similar information to deliver on-spot services.

A virtual phone system is your best bet to achieve all this at an affordable cost. By using CallHippo, you can easily get the detailed call analytics report that will provide you an insight into your customers’ needs and wants.

Bottom line

Running an online business demands a different set of business strategies. When you are going online, having a robust telecommunication system is the first compliance that should meet at any cost. CallHippo is a great choice over others with its advanced and cost-effective Virtual Phone Numbers that helps you attend your call traffic diligently.

To support business affected by COVID-19, we are extending the user limit of our Basic plan from 2 to 50 users for all new customers until March 31st.

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