Building a startup from the ground up or keeping a small business afloat in an extremely competitive market can be an exhilarating challenge. Keeping your operations fluid to be able to adapt quickly to embrace new opportunities and take on new directions in the bottom line for growth. The key to maintaining that fluidity lies in building infrastructure that is easily scalable with minimal capital investment. That’s where a hosted office phone system can offer great leverage in comparison to a traditional setup. A small business phone number that is hosted on the cloud allows you to add that professional touch to your business dealings without investing in elaborate hardware set up. Besides, it is also quicker, cost-effective method of setting up communication channels that can be set up, upgraded or altered as per your requirement in less than a day.

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Understanding Virtual Phone Systems for Small Businesses

A virtual office phone system works a lot like a hosted website. Since the service is hosted by a third party, setting it up and operating it is a lot easier. Calls from your virtual phone number can be forwarded straight to a line you choose, allowing you to use your cell phone or existing landline phone as your office phone.

This helps you to create a virtual office-like environment without actually having traditional office space. The virtual office phone system is a combination of remote servers that handle all your business-related incoming calls. The caller dials a toll-free number, and the call is routed through a phone tree to a chosen cell phone or landline connection.

From here, you have the option to divert calls to different extensions set up for different departments or employees. One of the biggest drawcards of this service is that you can set up a small business phone number at the elementary level and upgrade or expand services as your business grows.

Advantages of Using Virtual Phones Systems for Small Businesses

You may be a startup with a five-member team working from a home-based office or a co-working space, but you still need to put up a professional front for potential customers and clients. Having an address on your website or a phone number in your business listings, it is the little things that help clients and customers take you seriously and repose their trust in what you have to offer. A virtual phone number is a simple yet sophisticated way to lend that touch of professionalism to your business operations even in the nascent stages.

A small business phone number hosted in the cloud instead of being hooked on to a desk also brings in a great deal of flexibility to your day-to-day functioning. Some of the top benefits of a virtual phone number for small businesses and startups include:

Freedom from Location Dependence

As a small and upcoming business, your business set up is likely to undergo a lot of rapid changes. You may have started from a spare room in your house, moved to a co-working space and eventually shifted to an office floor of your own. With hosted phone services, you do not have to worry about uprooting and setting up your communication paraphernalia every time you move. You can transfer the calls to a new location.


One of the biggest advantages of hosted telephone services is their ease of use. Not only can your virtual phone number be set up in just a few minutes through an online control panel but can also upgrade the services to add on or drop number just as quickly. All the changes are instantaneous and are implemented without any downtime or impact on the quality of services.


Hosted phone systems are also an extremely cost-effective solution for managing calls. There is no investment or upfront cost, and you sign up for a plan or service that fits your needs and pay as you use. Since there is no actual communication network setup, you also save up on maintenance, repairs or expensive equipment upgrades. You can further cut back on costs extensively by using a Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP service for outbound calls. Business grade VoIP services are not only becoming increasingly common but also highly reliable in their call quality.

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What CallHippo Virtual Phone System Brings to the Table

CallHippo, a leading intelligent virtual phone system provider for small businesses and enterprises, can be an ideal partner in supporting the communication requirements of any small business or startup, thanks to its excellent services, which include:

Call Forwarding

All your calls are forwarded to your phone. This can be a handy feature for small businesses, as calls forwarded on a cell phone allow business owners to conduct business on the go.

Call Scheduling

With this feature, you can either program the call forwarding option to route calls to different numbers at different times or allow a call to be forwarded to a series of numbers until it is answered.

Caller Menus

The illusion of an advanced phone tree helps build up your image as a thriving, established organization and lend a professional footing to your business operations.

Custom Greetings

Greeting callers with a customized message and then giving them options to choose from, depending on their specific needs, is another great feature that taps into the versatility of an online phone number to create a professional impression. Even if all options ultimately lead to one number, it sends out the right message.

Call Transfer

Redirect connected calls to another member of the team in a different location or place. This feature facilitates greater customer satisfaction by allowing you to have the concerned representative handle a query.

Final Thoughts

A seemingly seeming aspect of business operations such as telephone connectivity and networking can play a vital role in propelling a small business on to sustainable growth path. The cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and scalability of an online phone number can increase efficiency and lend a professional touch to your business operations right from the beginning. In the long haul, all these small factors can add up to be game changers.

That’s why anyone running a small business or taking the plunge into the startup milieu must explore the advantages of an online phone number.

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