With globalization, it is rare for organizations to not have global operations. Multiple offices in different time zones. Even small and medium enterprises are branching out, partly because it has become easier, but to a greater extent because it’s more profitable for them to do so. Today, even smaller firms can take advantage of operating in multiple countries, thanks to developments in technology that make this possible. There is a growing list of incredible tools that help companies to manage their international teams in the best possible manner.

Cloud telephony or virtual telephony aka VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone system is one of them. A virtual phone system makes it incredibly easy for remote workers, customer support representatives, sales reps, and international teams to work more efficiently from anywhere in the world! Here’s how:

  • Provide better customer service
    A virtual phone system helps your international customer support team to collaborate better and in turn, provide better customer service. Many VoIP telephone providers will inevitably provide seamless integrations with different apps, including CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems.
    This gives customer support teams a goldmine of information regarding the customers whose issues they are trying to resolve. Due to these insights, they can address the queries better, leading to better customer service. It would help to enhance the customer experience, thus encouraging repeat business.
  • Better Training
    Training is a sensitive issue for many organizations and employees. Employees who are dissatisfied with the training and learning resources provided by an organization, may not want to continue working there. For sales reps especially, training is crucial and has to be inspected minutely. In such a case, a virtual phone system can really come in handy.
    Providers such as CallHippo provide features such as call recording and call analytics! You can record each and every one of your sales calls and analyze their effectiveness or success in relation to the calls made by your top salesman. With such training, it becomes easier for international sales teams to deliver consistent performance, no matter where they are in the world.
  • Enhanced Flexibility
    With a virtual phone number, your international team can enjoy flexibility and ease of operations. This is very important for teams with remote workers all working from different parts of the world. A virtual PBX system enables team members to work from anywhere without missing out on any updates or any calls.
    No fixed devices are required because you carry your phone system with all your business contacts and relevant information along with your virtual phone number itself. International team members working remotely can work on their own schedule according to the time zone they are in. 
  • Build a Local Presence
    Virtual PBX system providers will more often than not provide phone numbers with local area codes. These phone numbers will enable your team to build a better rapport with the local customers. This is one of the important reasons why companies have international teams at all. It is their job to target potential customers in a different country.
    For example, your sales rep is making a cold call to Wyoming, USA while sitting in India. The customer will not be hesitant to pick up the phone if he/she sees a local area code. It would have been the opposite scenario if he were to see a foreign number.
    Using a phone number with a local area code engenders in the customers of that region a feeling of trust due to familiarity. It will also help your company to bypass the extra fees normally associated with long-distance calls.
  • Boost Team Productivity
    As surprising as it may sound, remote employees, are likelier to be much more productive than their counterparts in an office. With the help of a virtual phone system, team members can expect to have seamless remote working experience from any point on the globe.
    The study mentioned in the above article found that instead of making remote teams feel disconnected technology (such as a virtual phone number) helped them to communicate and collaborate more effectively with other remote team members as well as with in-office members.
    So a virtual PBX system helps your organization to not only cut the enormous costs associated with international calling but also strengthen your team members’ productivity.

Final Words

Virtual telephony is becoming more popular by the day, and for good reason! For most organizations, expanding operations to other countries is a common goal. However, doing the same and handling the dynamics of the international teams that are born as a result of such an expansion, can be quite tricky, and sometimes challenging. Virtual phone numbers allow these team members to perform their jobs more efficiently from anywhere in the world, while the company does not incur any extra costs. This technology is changing the way businesses operate in the constantly evolving global scenario by allowing them to adapt to the changes in a manner that is productive, cost-effective, and easy to implement!

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