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What Is A Toll Free 844 Number?

When it comes to toll-free numbers, people usually think of 800 numbers. But, there are many options available that function the same way as area code 800 does.

The area code 844 is a toll-free number that is used in the United States, Canada, and all other countries that are covered by the North American Numbering Plan. It represents that the recipient and not the callers pay for the calls placed.

If you have ever watched a TV advertisement keenly, you would have heard some variant of the phrase below:

“Call us on toll-free number - 1-844-ZZZZ.

Well, 844 toll-free numbers have gained popularity across the globe. Almost every business has got one. You may be wondering why? That's because they have a national presence and incur no calling costs to the caller.

Why should you get an area code 844?

Being a start-up, anything that can give your business an edge without spending a copious amount is excellent. Thus, using a toll-free number - be it a 844 area code, 800 toll-free number, or otherwise, provides your business with a national presence. Moreover, it also grows as your business does. For instance, whether you move to a new location, expand your business & team, or even change your business phone system, you can take your 844 toll-free number with you.

When you get a 844 area code from service providers like CallHippo, you can also leverage a multitude of advanced calling features. With these features, you can track calls, record, transfer, and forward calls. Furthermore, you can use voicemail-to-email functionality to transcribe your caller's messages into an email. The benefits and features are endless. Besides, you can easily set up a 844 toll-free number and avail the highest call quality at an affordable price.

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Buy An Toll Free 844 Number For Your Business

Determine the use of an area code 844 for your business

Whether your company requires a toll-free number? Do you think getting a 844 toll-free number will help your business improve its sales and marketing efforts? If yes, you should buy a 844 area code.

Decide how you will use this toll-free number

You need to decide how you will be using the 844 area code. Is it for the sole marketing purpose, or will it be the prime point of contact for your customer service?

Avail a 844 area code for your business

Getting an area code 844 can yield fruitful outcomes for your business. Besides, buying it from top service providers like CallHippo can do wonders to your business. All that you require doing is create an account and sign up with CallHippo. Once you submit the form with required details, CallHippo sends you a verification email. On verifying it, your CallHippo account gets activated, and you can buy a 844 area code.

Select the country for which you need a 844 area code

Let’s say you want a 844 area code USA for your business. What you require doing is go to your CallHippo account, select the USA as the country, and pick up a number with an area code 844.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toll Free Number

  • An area code 844 is a type of toll-free number just as 800. It is used by businesses to build a national presence. When you place a call on a 844 number, the recipient gets charged for the call and not the caller.

  • If your business sells online products or services, needs a toll-free number as the point of contact in marketing campaigns, or wants to expand it globally, buying a 844 area code will be immensely helpful.

  • Depending on the service provider you choose, the cost varies. It again differs based on your plan and the number of minutes you use every month.

  • When you get a 844 area code from CallHippo, you get all the features and functionalities as in a business phone system. As it is hosted in the cloud, it eliminates extra hardware and infrastructure costs.

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Published by Nishita

Last updated: September 15, 2021