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What Is A Toll Free 855 Number?

855 numbers are just like any other toll-free number which sets the caller free from call incurring charges. The only difference is that it targets a specific geographical location. The 855 area code is associated with North America. You can get 855 toll-free numbers for North America business and enables callers from the US, Canada, USVI, and various other North America countries to make free-of-cost calls.

Why choosing the 855 number is a wise decision?

There is no second opinion that toll-free number is the easiest way to retain customers and deliver par excellence customer service. While the world has a strong affinity towards 800 numbers, here is why you should switch to 855 Area Code now.

They are relatively new. So, you have a larger selection available with 855 area codes. If you are looking for vanity number then odds are high that 800 prefixes must have run out of options. However, 855 area code USA has ample of options to offer.

800 prefixes were the first one to come into the public eye as a toll-free number and are here since the 60s. Since then one number has been recycled by an ample number of times. This increases the possibility of getting a number which must have been a part of another business house in the past. If this happens then you may end up getting calls from old dissatisfied customers, business associates, and telemarketing. In all ways, it's a headache, with 855 area code USA, all of this has near to zero possibility, as this prefix is relatively new and hasn't reached the recycling stage.

There are some markets where customers prefer a business with a national presence. The 855 area code USA is a national number that specifically targets customers in North America. This further increases your business reliability in the consumer market.

Is 855 a toll-free number?

Though there are various toll-free number codes, one of the most popular toll-free number code is 1-800. Whenever the customers see this number on any business card, they know that calling over this number will be free of cost. However, 855 is one of the less popular toll-free number codes otherwise.

Here, we would like to clear the confusion and tell you that 855 area code numbers are free. All callers from North America and Canada can make free calls to 855 area code numbers. The thing to note down here is that if you are a caller calling outside North America then 855 is not toll-free for you. Only North America residents can avail of this facility.

However, the 855 area code phone number is not free for businesses. The business who owns the toll-free 855 numbers in the USA has to pay a certain monthly amount for the services. The business use of the 855 area code number can put restrictions on incoming calls.

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Decide the need of 855 number for your business

Do your company needs a toll free number? Think about the current position of your company and the current position of your competitors as well. Do you think that an 855 numbers will help you to improve your sales and marketing efforts, or better customer service after sales?

Determine how you are going to use this toll free number

You have to think about how a toll free number would work within the daily operations of your business. Are you going to use it as a primary number for your customer service, as a marketing tool, or simply as the main way for your clients to contact you?

Register the number for your Business

Once you have chosen CallHippo, create an account by signing up. You have to just fill up the form & a confirmation email will be sent to the email address which you have provided. By verifying from that email, your sign-up process is complete and your account has activated.

Choose a country for which you want toll free numbers

First step will be to select the country for which you are looking to buy a toll free number from CallHippo. Once you have selected the country, you will be able to select the toll free numbers from variety of prefixes like 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844.

Set up a call forwarding number

You do not need to add an extra phone line or change your current telephone provider. Once the toll free number is activated, when someone calls your toll free number, the call will be forwarded to your business phone, cell phone, or landline.

Think about the utilization of the number

Think about how you can use this 855 number with your current marketing practices. Add it to your website, your business card, ads, and promote your small business or enterprise toll free number easily.

Frequently Asked Questions About Toll Free Number

  • A 855 Toll-free number is a number starts with 855 digit code.

  • You should have one if:

    • You sell services or products online
    • Your phone number plays a crucial role in your marketing campaigns
    • You want to grow your business internationally
  • The cost depends on the toll free provider. The cost is generally a combination of the toll-free service provider, the plan you choose and the amount of minutes you use per month.

  • No. 855 is not an area code. It is a toll-free number prefixed used widely in the USA and Canada.

  • Yes, 855 is one of the less popular toll-free number codes.

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Last updated: October 19, 2021