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Communication with customers is the most crucial aspect for any Sales or Service driven businesses. Any dropped calls, delay in replies, poor communication quality, expensive hardware, etc. can definitely result in loss of leads and existing customers. The best virtual office  phone systems were created to be a solution for all the above issues.

It shouldn’t be surprising to know that the Virtual Business Telephone Systems is not much of a new concept. It has indeed existed for years now. But with the improved internet speeds and more sophisticated communication technology available now, there have been an enormous increase in the number of businesses adopting Virtual phone systems also known as  (internet based phone systems) and as a result, a significant increase in the companies that provide virtual phone systems service across the globe.

Regardless of the status of a business, be it a small business or even a billion-dollar Corporate Giant, the cost of adding a Virtual phone system for your business is hardly a fraction of the benefits it provides.

Virtual Phone Number

Internet based Virtual phone systems is simply a web-based service that’s tailored to handle calls, voice mails, and messages for your business efficiently with the help of the internet and modern technology.

The major difference between the traditional phone systems and cloud based virtual phone system is that it doesn’t require any extra hardware device or complex cables running all around your office and it can be used by any business, whether is a startup or a small business or an enterprise.

Currently, there are two general types of Virtual phone systems employed:

  • First is the Virtual PBX system. It’s simply an upgrade over the existing hard-line and mobile communication with the help of electronic systems. It utilizes PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network. Though there are companies that still rely on these due to a large number of telephones and devices relying on hard-line, it is not a very smart choice any longer.
  • The second and the most widely used is the commercial virtual telephone systems. The term VoIP might seem familiar if you have used applications such as Skype. VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. As the name suggests, it uses the Internet and Cloud Technology for the Internet based virtual phone systems service. It can integrate easily with the existing communication network you have got and incorporate the Hard-line Telephones, Smartphones and other communication devices as well. It can easily integrate and work along with a virtual IP PBX system and in comparison, the VoIP based virtual phone systems are most affordable. All you would need to spend for is the Broadband charges and the virtual business phone service provider’s subscription fee. Everything else is now your virtual office phone system provider’s job. Sit back and relax!


Features of virtual phone systems

With the advent of the internet and all the intelligent devices connected to it, the possibilities are literally endless. The features are therefore more than a handful and quite beneficial!

  • Get Local and Toll Free Virtual Phone Numbers
    Your virtual business phone system provider can provide you virtual local & toll-free numbers instantly. You can catalog them and make your business look big and impress your potential customers.
  • Get Calls Forwarded Anytime and Anywhere.
    You can specify the personal or business phone number(s) you would like the calls to be forwarded to. Your virtual phone system will forward the calls to your smartphone whenever you’re not on the desk.
  • Professional Greetings To Your Valued Customers
    There can be times when a potential customer calls you and you can’t pick up the call, or in a different scenario when most of the time is wasted in greeting every customer who calls. Your Virtual phone systems provider has the solution. Greet every customer with a professional welcome message and IVR to direct them to specific departments. It can also be a lifesaver when you’re already on another call and needs some time.
  • Re-route Calls Automatically
    The beauty of cloud based virtual business phone systems is, it’s INTELLIGENT. Your virtual phone system service provider can jump the calls through several numbers either in sequence or to multiple lines at once till it is picked up by someone. It also has a feature of ring all devices when a call is received. It will ring all the user's devices at the same time and will get disconnected when one of the user will answer the call and rest of the users will get a notification of who has answered the call, this way you will never miss a business call again.
  • Integrate Interactive Extension Menu
    Definitely, you’ve called some big firm’s customer care and have dialed according to the instructions to get where you exactly wanted without any human interaction from the other side. Wondered how they do that? The answer - virtual phone systems. Let’s say you run a small telecommunication firm. To keep it simple, assume you have two departments, one handling Postpaid Connections and another handling Prepaid Connections. Now, for every customer that calls for some assistance, you would normally have to pass through a receptionist to know whether they’re a prepaid customer or a postpaid customer and then the call will be switched manually by the receptionist to the respective department. This method can be too much time consuming as well as wreak havoc if there are many customers waiting on-line right? Your Virtual phone systems service provider can help you set up IVR that allow your customer to reach exactly where they need - all by themselves. This feature in virtual phone systems is undoubtedly extremely helpful.
  • International Calling
    If your business requires consistent international calls, the cost of international calling through traditional phones can put a significant dent on your revenue. With the best cloud based virtual phone system, you can make and receive calls at much affordable costs to anywhere in the world without any extra cost.
  • Call Conferencing
    Call conferencing can be quite a bit of a headache with the conventional communication media such as telephones and cell phones. And even if they’re possible, it is quite limited. But with Cloud based virtual phone systems, you can easily have more than 50 callers on the conference. And since you’re the Boss and this is cloud based technology, you can decide who can talk and who are limited to listening!
  • Sophisticated Voicemail, Text and Fax Management
    Your virtual business phone system provider can handle your voicemail for you. They can deliver the call recording and notify you when a voicemail is received to your email address. Most virtual phone system companies also offer SMS service that allows you to send messages to your customers. They can also handle the incoming text messages as per your requirements. Faxes are almost obsolete these days but every standard business still maintains a fax line. Most of the reputed virtual phone systems providers take care of Faxes as well.
  • Hire Virtual Receptionists
    If you are running out on the human resources to handle the incoming calls, most Virtual phone systems providers got you covered on this one too. They can provide you with dedicated virtual receptionists to attend to your customers 24x7. Keep your customers happy without spending even an extra penny!


Benefits of Using Cloud based Virtual Phone Systems for Business

The virtual phone systems for small business and enterprise can be highly beneficial and crucial to drive customer interaction especially when securing every lead and keeping your customers happy is an absolute necessity.

Let’s have a look at some of the positive impacts a commercial virtual phone system can have on your business:

  • Chances are your business already has a broadband connection. To make use of virtual business phone systems, you need no further investments other than choosing a virtual phone systems provider.
  • Make or receive calls from all around the world at really affordable cost. This can save huge expenses especially if you need to make international calls often.
  • Clients are always pleased to work with huge brands since they assume they’re reliable. Make your business look large with numerous local and toll free virtual phone numbers.
  • Never lose a potential customer. Get your calls handled professionally and delivered wherever you need anytime, anywhere. This allows you the freedom to be off the desk without any worry.
  • Provide your customers with IVR selections so that they could get exactly where they need to without any trouble. Keep your customers happy while saving you time and trouble.
  • Log all your calls and even record them for performance evaluation. This can be crucial for productivity and elimination of flaws.
  • You can make sure every call gets attended to with the help of re-routing it through all the phones till someone picks it up while keeping the customer engaged in greeting messages.
  • You can even set custom working hours for users and numbers. This will drastically increase your chances to secure a lead.
  • Downtimes are no longer an issue. The cloud-based technology ensures easy backup and switching in case of downtime, and that too instantly. This isn’t possible with the conventional communication media.

Having a VoIP based virtual phone system has gone from being an option to an absolute necessity for small business these days due to the increasing competition and smart consumers. The cloud based virtual phone systems for entrepreneur evidently has a huge impact on productivity and growth of the business while being affordable at the same time!

Just like everything else, the VoIP based Virtual phone systems also come with variations. There are packages to suit every business. Depending on your requirements, choose what suits your business the best and take your business to new levels!

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