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Optimize Your Contact Center Operations with
Generative Conversational Ai

Leverage CallHippo Ai Voicebot to automate your business conversations and improve engagement. Utilize the Generative Ai solution to
make more calls and close more deals.


Pre Qualify Leads

Use CallHippo Ai Voicebot for automating initial conversations and generate quality leads for your enterprise business.


Check Leads Validity

Optimize B2B databases with CallHippo Gen Ai automation. With just one click, test leads, contacts, and designations 1000 times faster.


Increase Agent Capacity

Grow revenue with Ai-assured leads delivered in real-time by using CallHippo Voice Ai agents to automate lead qualification.


Ai Bot + Human Agents = Magic

Seamlessly transfer your calls from CallHippo Ai voice virtual agents to human agents for quick query resolution with IVR systems.

Ai Voicebot for Support & Sales Teams

Ai VAs for Quick Assistance

With CallHippo’s Gen Ai-powered voice virtual assistants answering routine inquiries, organizations can configure their customer support without increasing operational costs.

  • Ai-Enabled Voice Assistants
    CallHippo Ai voice-controlled assistants are effective at responding promptly to customer requests, offering 24/7 service, and quickly addressing common issues.
  • Flexibility
    This integral flexibility & configurability ensures that your customer service remains consistent when your business grows.
AI Voice VAs
Multilingual Proficiency

Eliminate Language Barriers with Ai LLMs

CallHippo’s Generative Ai voice technologies allow enterprises to overcome language barriers and promote successful communication globally.

  • Impact of GenAi LLMs
    Use enterprise-grade multimodal Ai automatic voice recognition and response technology to interact in more than 135 languages and dialects.
  • Multi-channel Assistance
    Deliver exceptional customer experiences across all communication platforms, directly influencing revenue growth by increasing customer engagement, conversion rates, and overall sales team productivity.

Handle Every Scenario with Pre-Trained Models

Rapid deployment optimizes the use of resources, improves performance through user interaction. This leads to more precise and relevant responses for different situations over time.

  • Faster Execution
    CallHippo Ai Voicebot has a successful track record of 48-72 hours of POC (Proof of Concept) and an initial launch within a week, reducing delivery time by 90%.
  • Multilingual Voice
    Improve customer service by offering quick, effective engagements in multiple languages using your brand’s unique and natural voice.
Pre Trained Models
Enterprise Grade Compliances

Secured Conversations

With our Gen Ai-powered automation platform, streamline procedures to reach the “Industry” standards of excellence.

  • Enterprise-Grade Protection
    Industry-standard security ensures that your business can confidently use generative Ai for innovation and operational processes.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Increase productivity while maintaining data security and compliance. Automation solutions assist businesses in meeting HIPAA, PCI, FERPA, GDPR, DPDPA, and other regulatory requirements.

Maintain Data Authenticity

Using CallHippo Gen Ai's strength, you can modify contact information, email addresses, designations, and more in real time.

  • Accelerated Pipeline
    Generative Ai automation streamlines the sales cycle, allowing the sales team to have more profitable and meaningful conversations.
  • Improve Customer Experience
    Improved customer experiences, faster marketing or sales cycles, and increased conversion rates.
Real Time Verification
Integrated Unit

Optimize Operations with Integrations

Promotes innovation and optimal performance with the integration of specified industry-trained models. Leverage full potential with GenAi automation for enhanced productivity.

  • Automate Tasks
    CallHippo’s Generative Ai automation simplifies procedures and handles repetitive tasks, allowing SDRs to concentrate on more strategic and creative elements of their work.
  • Speed Up Growth
    Deliver consistent results that align with the company’s unique goals and objectives for an efficient workforce with CallHippo Ai Voicebot.
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