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CallHippo + ActiveCampaign Integration

Empower your sales and support team with CallHippo-ActiveCampaign Integration

Carry out all your calling requirements directly on ActiveCampaign without continually switching between CRM and calling platforms. Automate your calling processes and focus on areas that need your team’s attention. The CallHippo ActiveCampaign integration offers smooth data synchronization between both platforms, enabling automatic logging of call activities, call recordings, and voicemails under contacts.

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ActiveCampaign Integration Feature

Personalize Every Interaction
Conduct Personalize Interaction

When a call gets connected, CallHippo displays the customer’s contact history and information on ActiveCampaign. This efficient feature allows the agent to conduct a more personalized conversation resulting in enhanced customer experience.

Boost Agent Productivity
Optimize Agent Productivity

Upon completing the successful integration of ActiveCampaign with CallHippo, all the ActiveCampaign contact cards get automatically synced with your CallHippo ones within few minutes. Agents experience the benefits of making and receiving calls from a single platform.

Streamline Agent Workflow
Streamline Agent Workflow

You can expect more streamlined and synchronized workflows with the all-new CallHippo-ActiveCampaign integration. Configure certain CallHippo events to trigger ActiveCampaign actions automatically.

Data Synchronization
Data Synchronization

The integration allows real-time synchronization of calls and activities between CallHippo and ActiveCampaign. Enable your agents to plan, synchronize, and execute seamlessly like a pro!

Want to Integrate ActiveCampaign with CallHippo?

Place calls from ActiveCampaign

Ensure that you never miss any of your customer’s valuable calls in the process of switching platforms. Simply click on the Click-to-Call button on your ActiveCampaign platform to receive and make calls.


Track all your call activities on ActiveCampaign

Implementing the CallHippo ActiveCampaign interaction enables you to keep track of all your calling activities directly from the ActiveCampaign platform without having to switch between platforms.

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