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CallHippo + Custom CRM

Manage Your Sales & Support With Easiest CRM Integration

Enhance your Sales and Support processes effortlessly by integrating CallHippo with any CRM. Enjoy smooth communication with clients directly from your CRM, as all call activities, texts, call recordings, and voicemails will be automatically logged under “Contacts and Deals.” Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

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Benefits of CRM integration

Personalize Every Interaction
Deliver Personalized Interactions with Ease

With CallHippo's custom embedded dialer, customer contact history and information are instantly displayed when a call is connected. Empower your agents with this valuable data to personalize interactions and deliver optimal service, making every customer interaction a seamless and personalized experience.

Boost Agent Productivity
Enhance Agent Productivity

Empower your agents by eliminating the need to switch between applications. With our customized integration, they can seamlessly perform CallHippo actions right within their crm. Agents can create activities and update notes without ever leaving the crm platform, streamlining their workflow and boosting overall productivity.

Streamline Agent Workflow
Enhance Agent Workflow Efficiency

With customized automated workflows, you can say goodbye to the hassle of manual data entry in multiple systems. Save valuable time for your agents by setting up specific CallHippo events to automatically trigger actions in your crm.

Data Synchronization
Seamless Data Synchronization

Experience automatic real-time synchronization of contacts and activities between your crm and CallHippo with the efficient system. By ensuring agents have the latest information, they can provide top-notch customer service and meet your customers' needs effectively.

Considering your CRM integration with CallHippo?

Initiate Calls from Any CRM Effortlessly

Leverage Click-to-Dial functionality within your crm to reach your contacts faster. Keep track of assignment changes made through CallHippo, and seamlessly log them directly into your crm for streamlined communication management.

Initiate Calls from Any CRM Effortlessly
Effortless Call Activity Tracking in your CRM

Seamless Call Activity Tracking in your CRM

By integrating CallHippo with your crm, stay on top of all your call activities, whether from crm or the CallHippo dashboard. Every call log, message, and other activities are automatically recorded in the activity section of the respective contact, streamlining your communication management. Say goodbye to window-switching and manage everything seamlessly in one place!

Access Call Recordings and Voicemails

Say goodbye to the hassle of searching for specific recordings or voicemails. With the custom crm integration, you can access all your call recordings and voicemails directly from the crm, making your work easier and more efficient.

Effortless Access to Call Recordings and Voicemails

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