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Over 1000 businesses in 190+ countries use CallHippo to connect their teams, reach out to clients and deliver exceptional service.

CallHippo support and customer service is super quick to resolve all issues.
Janis (Great Stuff)
CakeHR - HR software
A very useful tool to manage our cloud telephony across the globe.
Varun B.
Great tool for small business that want to look more professional
Milthon R.
Great and always improving VoIP/DID phone system!
Jason B.
The voice is very clear and you can not complain about the network.
Sajid Baloch.
Great Customer support
Fortune O.
Once we got set up, it works perfectly
Roger M
Good product, great support
Graham L.
The life saver app
Sadia A.
Easy to use and super handy when traveling overseas.
Peter P.
Never had a problem
Michael K.
It's a great app, very good to use and comes with all the necessary functions I require.
Joi Akinyemi.
We have been using CallHippo our small business sounds much more professional.
Jakub Lerski.

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Mason Bryant

I run an ecommerce business that needs to be as well-connected and on-its-toes 24*7 as its wide consumer base. My search for the perfect VoIP provider ended with CallHippo. The bespoke pricing plan and Multi-Level IVR feature are truly unbeatable!

Madison Brown

As an entrepreneur looking to grow globally, I needed a VoIP phone system that could cater to my specific needs. The Global Connect feature offered by CallHippo ensured that I never called my clients at the wrong time. The affordable pricing came as a breather too!

Rose Byron

I was looking to set up my call center with minimum investment. That’s when I came across CallHippo. It fits my budget, and the whole set up was done in just a few minutes. The support team is professional and always available.

Charlie Brown

The call recording feature of CallHippo has helped our team tremendously. Now, I can gauge my team’s call without interference, and this helps us to improve quality, fill loopholes, and measure individual performance.

Sira Grey

I was regularly facing call quality issues with my VoIP provider, which made me switch to CallHippo. It’s just been a month, and I must say the complete team’s performance has improved by utilizing CallHippo’s features. I am pleased with my choice. Thanks to CallHippo!

Everly Hills

Satisfactory call clarity with good pricing plans, CallHippo is on the list of my recommended VoIP service providers. Continue working on improving the UI and UX.

Avery Grey

As a team leader of a dynamic outsourcing firm, all I could think of was to improve the quality of help offered by my agents. CallHippo wasn't up to the mark.

Carter Wilson

With a team that works remotely from different locations geographically, seamless team collaboration was high on the priority list for me. CallHippo’s Smart Call Forwarding feature came as a blessing in disguise. Call clarity with a 24*7 support team, they are surely worth giving a shot!

Eleanor James

Keeping customers satisfied was always my top priority, however answering every call as it comes isn’t a piece of cake. A call unanswered translates into a lost opportunity and that is exactly where we faced struggle. We want to integrate all our existing software to it. But we are not able to do, help us.

Aubrey Clayton

I was on the lookout for setting up a support centre that required minimum investment in terms of time and money. With less than $6 and within 3 minutes, I was good to go! Thanks, CallHippo.

Hailey Grey

Switching apps to manage calls is something that hampered my team’s productivity. CallHippo’s Zoho CRM Integration ensured that my team could focus on what’s important and skip the mundane, repetitive tasks with everything that needed attention under one platform.

Austin Clark

As a result and process-oriented leader, analysing detailed call reports matters to me. CallHippo’s Call Analytics feature ensured that I could track and stay in the loop regarding call durations, routing of incoming and outgoing calls, etc. Recommended for those who play to win!

Madeline Meyers

Setting up a call centre with team members working remotely, required a certain level of control over the call quality being delivered. With CallHippo’s Call Recording feature, I could record every call automatically, review them and retrieve important data. The attractive pricing is a plus point too!

Ryan Grey

I like its CRM integration capabilities and is pretty easy to use. I also really like that it logs calls and records them so that I can go back and listen to them whenever needed. CallHippo is a trusted VoIP vendor that I would recommend to the fellow VoIP solution seekers.

Ryan William

I appreciate the customer care team of CallHippo. They are quick to respond and are just a call away. For any issue I face, I turn up to them and get immediate solutions. It saves me valuable time in petty matters. Kudos to there team!

Harrison Smith

The best part I liked about CallHippo is, that it got set up in so less time. The dashboard has so many facets which allow me to use its features as per my requirement. I loved the call recording feature. Calls are recorded automatically and stored and listened later to innumerable times.

Ethan jones

CallHippo has eased out my task and improved productivity with its integration. Now, the calls got synced with the CRM, and my team can easily take calls. It helped to avoid shuffling between apps and saves from missing out essential tasks.

Charlie Brown

Its been a year I have been using CallHippo for my sales team. And I must say it has made our work easier. My team can connect with customers around the globe. The call conferencing option enables us to communicate with multiple departments. It gets things done quickly, which previously took much more time.

Noah Taylor

I started a small call centre and was looking for a reliable VoIP provider in my minimum budget. That is when I got CallHippo! Their customized plan did not take huge investment from me, and I got value for my money. The addon features they provide benefitted me a lot.

Archie Johnson

Its been around six months, I have been using CallHippo. My team’s efficiency, sales number and overall business have improved by utilizing its Call analytics. It gives me clear insights into business, hence also helps me to plan my marketing campaigns likewise. CallHippo really benefitted me in multiple ways.

Jaxon Martin

Being in the call centre business since long, I have used many virtual phone system. But I have to agree, CallHippo provides the best value for money along with excellent customer service. Within minutes of approaching them, they did the set up with my choice of features in such a less time. And I have got no issues to date. Thanks, CallHippo!

Hudson White

With my offices in multiple countries, I faced a regular issue with calls. There came callHippo to the rescue. WIt the Global connect features, the international calls gots consistent. Call drops were no more, and instead, it saved much of our time. I really must say, excellent service by CallHippo and its team. Keep up the good work!

Alexan Brown

My team is working from remote locations, so I have to keep connecting with them overcall. Previously I muggled up between screens and lost much of my time. Now, with CallHippo things have got streamlined. I can connect with anyone, in a click. The mobile application gives the flexibility to receive calls anywhere, anytime.

Louis Anderson

I was looking for a credible solution to improve sales calls of my team. It got possible with Callhippo. They have vast features with great voice clarity. A reliable VoIP provider with amazing tools and defined dashboard. I got all of it within my budget with CallHippo!

Henry Williams

It’s great at recognizing international dial codes. My previous VoIP tool didn’t do this. So, I had to manually select the international number to place calls. With CallHippo, it’s no longer a fuss! Support is superior and my experience with them has been amazing. I truly recommend CallHippo.

Anna Harley

It’s great at recognizing international dial codes. My previous VoIP tool didn’t do this. So, I had to manually select the international number to place calls. With CallHippo, it’s no longer a fuss! Support is superior and my experience with them has been amazing. I truly recommend CallHippo.

Nicholas Jone

In a world populated by poor quality and dropped calls, CallHippo is consistent. It ensures high-quality phone calls. Besides, its integration with CRM is seamless and works well. Its pricing is a big plus above all. Must give it a go!

Charlie Gook

CallHippo offers features that we’ve not been able to leverage from our earlier VoIP tool. Auto-Switch, After Call Work, User Working Hours, Call Reminder, just to name a few have been time-saving and productivity boosters. I’d consider it as one of the best VoIP service providers I’ve crossed paths with.

Kevin Kyle

Placing calls at a wrong time can create havoc for your business’s image. Especially, when you involve with international clients, it is crucial to make calls at the right time. CallHippo’s Global Connect has been a life-saver for my teams during these months. It ensures that every call is placed at the right time. I just loved it!

Karen Daly

I appreciate many utilities of CallHippo such as its phone app, ability to record calls, forwarding calls to team members, seamless third-party integrations, robust power dialer, and more. Additionally, the support from the team takes the user experience to just another level!

Christine Collins

CallHippo is awesome. It makes our sales and support team more efficient. I especially love that it’s so easy to get a new number from another country with CallHippo. With this, expanding business has been easier than ever.

Samuel Mark

Clear navigation, great interface, and easy to set up. CallHippo ensures setting up your call center within 3 minutes! It has been months and I’ve never encountered any issue with the telephony solutions. Plus, the support from the team is much appreciated!

Audrey Clark

As the founder of a growing startup, I needed a reliable VoIP service provider to cater to communication requirements. The best part about CallHippo is that it customizes plans that suit your budget, needs and can scale up as the business grows. Extremely satisfied with the range of features and call quality - truly a market leader!

Tim Jones

After trying many service providers for nearly two years, my organization hit the jackpot when we came across CallHippo. It is a user-friendly platform that apex voice quality. There are no issues of dropped calls or inconsistent voice quality. This makes it perfect for customer-focused organizations – do give it a shot!

Felicity Williams

CalHippo understands that businesses need to track call metrics and makes it easy to monitor key performance parameters. Users can easily check out the number of calls, duration, unanswered calls, and average call wait time. The call-barging feature is a lifesaver and helps me monitor the performance of call agents seamlessly. Totally unbeatable and above market competitors!

Thomas Rivers

Since I have a remote team that works from various geographical locations, I need to invest in a credible VoIP service provider. CallHippo did not disappoint – their support team works tirelessly round the clock and is available to resolve any kind of issue at any time of the day. The 24*7 support team is a real blessing as it ensures that employees do not need to wait for endless hours to receive technical help. Recommended strongly!

Dean Cooke

CallHippo is an excellent and robust VoIP service provider. It makes our organization function better as it integrates seamlessly with the existing CRM system. This means no long hours transferring contacts manually, just super quick business. Additionally, it’s highly navigable and easy to operate, making it a must-have product for all business firms!

Samantha Mayor

Simple set-up in around three minutes made me a fan of the CallHippo team. It’s a hassle-free VoIP solution, and my team had no problems getting used to the platform. An intuitive interface, budget-friendly pricing plans and advanced features make it stand apart from all rivals in the market!

Jonathan King

CallHippo has been a real lifesaver for my organization. We were facing lots of communication issues due to poor voice quality and dropped calls. With CallHippo, we transformed our business communication outlook. No more unanswered calls or technical glitches, just world-class features and functionality. Must give it a go!

Noah Smith

CallHippo offers a diverse range of features that we had not come across with our previous VoIP solutions. Call recording is seamless and has helped our sales team improve performance exponentially. Forwarding and voicemail ensure that not even a single call is unanswered; hence our clients are super happy. Truly recommend this awesome product!

Larry Gim

I love the fact that CallHippo completely dissolves the need of a physical phone line. As it is web-based, we can take/make calls and work virtually anywhere. Moreover, its mobile app doesn’t need me to be around my desk every time I receive calls. Great job, CallHippo!

Benjamin Johnson

Our team was facing considerable problems in placing calls to global clients. With CallHippo’s Global Connect features, we have been able to streamline business communication with international clients. It’s a smart tool that ensures that you schedule calls at the best possible time and has worked great for our company!

Darell Row

There’s no doubt that CallHippo stands apart from market competitors amongst VoIP service providers. The customer support is par excellence, the system has smart features, and it is highly intuitive. Keep up the good work, CallHippo team!

Arnie Brown

My favorite thing about CallHippo is the dashboard. It gives complete information at a glance and allows me to make real-time changes. Even troubleshooting and managing workloads are easier as I can track everything. It's highly recommended!

Brian Johnson

It's been six months now, and I am delighted that I chose CallHippo. The intuitive design makes work easier for my team. Moreover, the call forwarding is worthwhile! It has helped us maintain a high service level, with the same number of team members!

Sian Clayton

I was looking to set up a call center and wanted my call quality to be top-notch. That's when I got CallHippo! The fantastic Call Recording feature helped me to gauge the quality and make improvements. My clients are glad about our service. All thanks to CallHippo.

Lara Grey

Our team was struggling by shifting to different pages while taking calls. It affected their productivity and efficiency. But after choosing CallHippo as our cloud phone system, the scenario changed. It got integrated with our current CRM. Now, we can take calls seamlessly without shuffling between pages.

Austin Meyers

I wanted to scale my sales team. Using a regular phone system for all international calls was beyond our budget. CallHippo became my first choice as a cloud telephony system. They made the set up in just a few minutes, and the work started. Thanks to CallHippo, my sales team is doing great since then.

Anna Jonas

I got amazing features from CallHippo that was not given by my previous VoIP provider. After Call Work, call reminder, On Hold music are some of them. It has increased productivity and improved call quality. The full credit goes to CallHippo!

Nick row

We were facing many issues with calls to international clients. With CallHippo's Global Connect features, we instantly get to know the time zone of every number before dialing. It made us look professional and saved a lot of our time. We are pleased with Callhippo.

Ryan Taylor

I got amazing features from CallHippo that was not given by my previous VoIP provider. After Call Work, call reminder, On Hold music are some of them. It has increased productivity and improved call quality. The full credit goes to CallHippo!

Charlie Martin

It's been a year; I am using CallHippo for my team. It is an entirely reliable VoIP provider and worth every penny. The best part is the customer care team. For any issue I face, they are available to solve it instantly. This saves time and enhances our workflow.

Anne Brown

I just loved how CallHippo can be set up in so less time! This made me switch from my previous provider instantly without hampering my work. Even the dashboard has so many features that help me gains insights about the calls. My team has tremendously improved after I chose callHippo!

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