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  • Guide for Setting up ‘Virtual Office’ (in USA)

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    What is ‘Virtual Office’? Virtual Office an amazing service which provides you all the benefits of an office without being tied down to a traditional office space. Virtual Office is a cyberspace work environment where business is mainly done through web-based communication and computing technologies. Basically, company owners and employees work from remote locations, use […]

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  • Using Skype for Business Communication Might Cost You Your Business

    Using Skype for Business Communication Might Cost You Your Business

    There is a revolutionary change in the way people do business today. People are switching to online mode wherever possible. More and more people today have begun to correspond online through emails, chats, internet-based calling, video conferencing and what not for their business needs. One of the most important activities in any business is effective […]

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  • How Virtual Phone System is Revolutionizing the SaaS Industry

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    Business communication has evolved over the years. Today, companies are replacing their conventional phone systems with modern communication technology known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Being a cloud-based technology, VoIP has revolutionized the communication infrastructure across all business sectors. It easily integrates chats, syncs applications, and provides real-time call data and analytics; thus enhancing […]

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  • How Virtual Phone Systems Can Help You Survive a Filibuster

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    Of late, it is being noted that there has been a spike in the adoption of virtual phone systems worldwide. These phone systems provide both enterprises and small businesses a cost-effective, secure, easy to use and reliable service. The small businesses are not averse to the idea of renting phone services, over traditional on-premise phone […]

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  • Understanding the Basics of Virtual Office Phone Systems- PBX, IP PBX and VoIP

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    Office phone systems have been a norm since the time telephones became an integral part of business communication. It’s a known fact that businesses can’t survive without communication, especially long-distance voice communication since most people prefer to talk and get the job done. But the problem comes when the inbound calls exceed the devices or […]