Have you thought about starting a business on the internet with the intent to improve your financial situation? If so, you will need to prepare a plan for the best customer service that you can offer. Why? Because customer service is important if you want to reach your business goals.

Having a solid business idea plays a prominent role as well. Perhaps you are planning to become a graphic designer and offer your services as a freelancer? Or maybe you have become interested in print-on-demand and would like to try no starting cost online business with Printify’s mockup generator to create custom merchandise? 

These and other great business ideas are worth pursuing, but you will struggle to build a sustainable venture if your customers are unhappy with your services.

Retention and Revenue

One of the primary reasons why more brands are investing in excellent customer service is customer retention. 2.05 billion people made at least one purchase online in 2020. You may think that this number is enough to justify not focusing on customer retention. 

However, the reality is quite different. According to Hubspot, customer retention is cheaper than customer acquisition since repeat customers may spend up to 66 percent more on your brand if they have purchased from you before. 

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You and your employees may know what the brand is about, but the same cannot be said about customers. They do not know the intricacies of the business and assume by consuming information available to them. For example, the content they see on social media, your website, or other marketing channels. 

But do you know who can change this perception? Your customer service department. Since they interact with the customers directly, the customer support department should do their best to represent the brand and deliver exceptional service

After all, the happier your customers are about the support, the more likely they will continue supporting your business. And it is difficult to find ways to engage with the customers directly other than via customer support, so be sure to hire competent people.


You could rely on search engine optimization, social media, PPC, email campaigns, and other marketing channels to attract new customers, but that might not be enough to build a sustainable and profitable business.

A happy customer is likely to share their experience and recommend your brand to their friends and family. Imagine someone browsing your online store and struggling to decide what they should buy. Lastly, this potential customer gives in and gets in touch with customer support to receive clear explanations of what they should do. 

The delivery finally arrives at the customer’s home, and they find exactly what they were looking for after opening the package and using your product. Sharing this wonderful experience with others is the next thing they might do. And this chain reaction can snowball out of control, which will lead to acquiring even more customers for your business.

Willingness to Pay More

Besides returning to the store to buy from you more often, satisfied customers are also likely to spend more. SalesForce reports that roughly two-thirds of customers are willing to invest more money in brands that offer reliable customer support.

The number justifies the importance of customer service and why more brands should put effort into developing their customer service strategy. Failing to do so would mean losing one’s edge and falling behind the competition. And once you have other brands overtaking you, returning to where you were before could prove to be quite difficult.

Also, keep in mind that you can gain an advantage by offering multiple payment methods. Besides credit cards and direct bank transfers, adding services like PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer would mean more flexibility, and it can be the difference-maker between someone spending their money on your business and seeking an alternative. 

Insights From Customer Service

At the end of the day, what matters is how your customers view the brand. It is no secret that businesses spend money to research customer behavior they can build their strategy around. But what if there was another way to get valuable insights from your clients?

There is. Instead of bothering with questionnaires, you send via emails or polls on social media and tell your customer support employees to ask questions while interacting with the customers. 

Responses will help the brand improve its employee training, products, marketing goals, and other business aspects that have been lackluster or need a new shape.

Meeting Expectations

Unless it is a very narrow niche, customers have a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to shopping online. And after trying multiple stores, it is not that difficult to distinguish between ones that are worth their time and money and the ones that should be ignored. 

If someone was to stumble on your store and find it lacking proper customer service, the odds of this person leaving without spending their money are pretty high. And it is not just about waiting for a response from customer support.

For example, a missing FAQ page could also be one of the reasons why a website visitor abandons the store. After all, some people prefer to find information themselves instead of bothering with customer support.

A poor UI, slow loading speed, and other crucial website elements also play a prominent role. Even if some things appear to be insignificant, each little detail could lead to poor customer attraction and retention. 

Boost to Employee Morale

It is hard to imagine a successful business when the employees are unhappy. Customer support solves problems, and when they help customers quickly and effectively, customers become happy. In return, the employees become happy as well because appreciation from customers indicates that they did a good job.

Being on the receiving end and hearing a rant from a customer damages morale. Those who lack proper training in customer service are bound to encounter these moments often. A few instances of dealing with angry customers could really dampen one’s spirits, leading to unhappiness, lack of productivity, and other problems that are detrimental to business success.

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