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How to Look for a Virtual Call Center Software Provider?

7 Things to Consider While Looking for a Virtual Call Center Software Provider

Many businesses may prefer to seek the services of the leading virtual call center software providers in establishing their off-site contact centers. However, the quick guide to starting working with these service providers requires the perfect partnership with the proper selection. Some of the quick steps to find an ideal virtual call system service provider include:

1. Start with understanding business needs

It is essential to be clear about your business expectations from the call center software before looking for the service providers.

2. Look for a service provider with good call quality and uptime

The call quality offered by these service providers should be exceptional, and the entire system should have an uptime of around 99%. High uptime further ensures the proper use of the features in serving customers better.

3. Look for multi-channel support

Any leading virtual call system service provider must offer multiple support channels, including emails, text messages, phone calls, etc. The customers widely like this omnichannel support as they don’t have to juggle between different platforms.

4. Invest in cloud-based calling

Cloud-based calling is the secret to the success of any virtual call center. It is ideal for monitoring the agents’ performance in real-time and getting the benefits of services on a subscription model.

5. Reviews and Opinions

The reviews and opinions of the businesses using the services of these virtual call center software providers can help in selecting the right vendor for your off-site call center.

6. Customer support

It is essential to go for the virtual call center software providers that can assist your team in solving any possible issues in using features.

7. Pricing plans

Last but not least are the pricing details of the different virtual call center software providers and find one that fits your budget needs. It is ideal to shortlist at least 2-3 vendors based on features and go for the affordable one.

What Are The Top 14 Best Virtual Call Center Software 2023?

1 ) Avaya

Avaya, a California-based company, provides you with an international solution for your virtual call center needs. It offers on-premise, public, and hybrid cloud solutions. Most of its clients belong to the healthcare, education, and insurance industries.

Avaya offers unbeatable support – 24/7 on different channels – phone, email, live chat, and video.

Avaya dashboard

a) Pricing

Avaya is way too costly than other virtual contact center software providers. Its plan starts from $109 per user, per month.

b) Features

  • Optimize Voice Strategy: Determine when callers need assistance from the agents by automating solutions for inbound and outbound speech, video, email, and chat applications.
  • Digital Channels: Enable agents to handle all communication channels through a single platform. Match the incoming caller with the best agents to enhance experience.
  • Mobility:Know when the caller are using mobile devices and offer them an online experience accordingly. Give them enriched service options just like wired callers.

c) Why use Avaya

  • You can easily personalize the HR call center apps as per your requirements
  • Create smarter and intuitive interactions with Artificial Intelligence
  • Use real-time and historical data to know the area of expertise and the improvements required by the agents.

d) Why not to use Avaya

  • There is no distinct ring to separate a line on hold and a regular incoming phone call.
  • The continually increasing price is a significant drawback of the software.
  • Calls are often disconnected while transferring.

e) User Reviews

The average user rating for Avaya is 3.9.

2 ) CallHippo

CallHippo call center solution providers cater to every small or open source virtual call center software requirement. With no upfront investments, CallHippo follows a pricing model where you require paying only for the features that you use.

Deploying a SaaS-based virtual call center is very quick in your organization. The illustrations for working of every element offered enables your customer support team to adapt it quickly

With CallHippo’s calling software, you can handle inbound and outbound calls without any geographical restrictions. It offers an array of calling features to enhance the callers experience.

CallHippo Virtual Phone Number Providers in Australia

Moreover, it helps your agents deal with client questions effectively.

a) Pricing

CallHippo offers four different plans that vary in the features included. This includes – Bronze ($14 per user, per month), Silver ($18 per user, per month), and Platinum ($30 per user, per month).

b) Features

  • Global Connect: Know the right time to call your clients. Find out the time zone (time, day, and date) of a particular country where you want to place the call within a fraction of a second.
  • Local and Toll-free Numbers: Select 50+ countries. Name the country, and CallHippo provides you with the local and toll-free number at an affordable price.
  • Voicemail: Let your callers drop a message when you are inaccessible. Ensure no calls are left unattended at your virtual call center solution with customized Voicemail services.

c) Why to use CallHippo

  • You can enhance user experience by gaining insights into user history and other data when you receive a call.
  • With a highly responsive customer support team, your agents can receive real-time solutions for any queries or questions.
  • Along with Predictive Dialer capabilities, it also offers a keypad if your customer’s support agents want to make off calls.

d) Why not to use CallHippo

  • The reporting abilities are basic and limited.
  • It lacks some features like IVRS.
  • The dashboard should have been easier to use.

e) User Reviews

The average user rating for CallHippo is 4.5.

3 ) Five9

Five9, a leader in offering VoIP call center software services, has been creating a powerful user experience since 2001.

Apart from standard features like IVR, it provides a range of open source virtual call center software functionalities – be its inbound call center or outbound call center software, or a combination of both.

It enables call centers to incorporate CRM, workforce management, performance management, and many other solutions.

Five9 alternative-CallHippo

a) Pricing

Five9 virtual call center apps in the USA start at $100 per user, per month. However, it varies depending on the seats, usage, and features required.

b) Features

  • Predictive Dialer: It is an automated telephone dialing system that connects the customer support agents only to the calls that will be answered by people.
  • Call Center Metrics: It enables the call center to measure and monitor the performance of their agents.
  • CRM Integration: With pre-built CRM integrations like Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, Zendesk, NetSuite, and Velocify, agents can obtain the information they need to make prospects happy.

c) Why to use Five9

  • The process of starting or answering a call, and then logging a call disposition with its notes is simple.
  • You can customize the call labels or dispositions to match the ones used in your CRM.
  • Call Monitoring and Recording work well, and you can easily manage it.

d) Why not to use Five9

  • You cannot do remote monitoring. You have to do it with clients.
  • The user interface for the agent app should be more user-friendly.
  • There is no history tracking for the messaging system.

e) User Reviews

The average user rating for Five9 is 4.19.

4 ) Nextiva

If you are new to the virtual phone system and may require extra support; you must give Nextiva a shot.

It has built a platform that fits in a company of any size – from small and medium enterprises to large enterprises. When it comes to its clients, most of them are franchises, and sole proprietorships.

With real-time insights into the data of users, the agents can make every customer feel that they are your only customer.


a) Pricing

Nextiva offers four virtual call center plans – Virtual Call Center Pro at $50 per month, Virtual Call Center Enterprise at $100 per month, Contact Center Pro at $100 per month, and Contact Center Enterprise at $130 per month. There is no free trial option, but they provide a demo.

b) Features

  • Real-Time Reporting: Measure every caller interaction and share caller information in real-time and enable everyone to make better decisions.
  • Automatic Routing: Right from routing all calls to a specific list of agents to offering all incoming calls to all agents at once, it has different routing options.
  • Interactive Voice Response: Build multiple layers of IVR at one place while including the capability of connecting to other platforms and phone numbers.

c) Why to use Nextiva

  • You can customize the music or record the callers hear while waiting for their call to get answered. It results in fewer customers hanging up the call.
  • Without any changes in infrastructure, you can scale it to any activity fluctuations immediately.
  • To enhance user experience, you can route users to the exact agent they need at the right time.

d) Why not to use Nextiva

  • Nextiva might not be able to integrate with your older systems.
  • It requires rigorous training for staff to adapt to Nextiva’s work.
  • The app for the software is a bit inconvenient to use.

e) User Reviews

The average user rating for Nextiva is 4.

5 ) 8 x 8

8 x 8 cloud solutions help businesses take their user and employee experience to another level. Backed by exceptional customer support, 8 x 8 guarantees excellent reliability.

Having helped over 40,000 organizations in bridging communications, it stands out in the industry with a robust communication platform based on the cloud. If your virtual call center solution provider is seeking robust, seamless services, 8 x 8 is a dominant choice to make.

8 x 8 dashboard

a) Pricing

8 x 8 Call Center pricing is available by quote. You can request a quote based on your needs.

b) Features

  • Omni-channel Routing: Match every caller with the best agent, over any channel, at any time. Route the calls based on Skills, IVR, Inbound Chats, and more.
  • Expert Connect: Bring agents and experts together to increase first contact resolution by 30% or higher.
  • Quality Management: Identify and monitor agents, highlight high-performing agents, and enable collaboration built into the application.

c) Why to use 8×8

  • Leverage the system’s flexibility by adding new users
  • You can avail a complete set of communication tools to engage in virtual meetings, virtual phone services, and contact center solutions.
  • It offers a user-friendly and management-ready application.

d) Why not to use 8×8

  • The desktop app is pretty weak, slow to open and use.
  • If you have a lot of numbers to port over, their per number port fees are higher.
  • The software rings the phone and the computer simultaneously. It can be a problem for many.

e) User Reviews

The average user rating for 8 x 8 is 3.92.

6 ) RingCentral

With RingCentral, you can transform your userengagement. It offers inbound as well as outbound routing that enables call center agents to meet their users’ communication preferences.

Its integrated suite provides Automatic Call Distribution, IVR, CTI, Auto Dialer, and PBX facilities.

RingCentral is available via a web-based subscription. You can utilize a range of features along with its optimization capabilities for scheduling, training, and monitoring agents.

8 x 8

a) Pricing

RingCentral offers three different plans – Basic, Advanced, and Ultimate, priced between $20 and $50 per user, per month. which is less expensive compared to Nextiva

b) Features

  • Intelligent Routing: A multitude of routing options, including, ACD, IVR, Skills-based, Virtual Hold, Voicemail, Omni-channel, Outbound, Social Media, Chats, and Co-browse.
  • Whisper Coaching, Silent Monitoring, Barge-in: Supervisor tools help agents and ensure that they deliver the best possible user experience.
  • Call Recording: Gain insights into every call to monitor agent performance and improve agent coaching.

c) Why to use RingCentral

  • It lets you integrate with a multitude of CRM solutions – Salesforce, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle Sales Cloud.
  • Your managers can provide feedback to the agents on how they must navigate across the systems to optimize performance via Screen Recording.
  • With Speech and Text Analytics, you can review user conversations with key topics and phrases, and determine the trends.

d) Why not to use RingCentral

  • It is only as stable as your internet connection. If your Wi-Fi signal goes down, so does the phone.
  • You can access the recorded calls only for the past three months. Sometimes, you might need to obtain calls in further than three months. RingCentral fails here.
  • The prices are comparatively high compared to the services provided.

e) User Reviews

The average user rating for RingCentral is 3.75.

7 ) Freshdesk

If you are looking for a cloud-based customer support platform that provides all the tools for a contact center to function correctly, Freshdesk is the one for you. With a multitude of CRM tools, your support team can automate several functions.

Available at one of the lowest prices in the industry, Freshdesk is the best choice for small businesses. However, it can grow with your increasing needs and demands.

With over 500 apps in the Freshdesk marketplace, it dramatically extends your support capabilities. You can even build custom apps on Freshdesk.


a) Pricing

There are different pricing plans with various features from Freshdesk. These are Sprout – Free for Unlimited agents, Blossom – $15 per user, per month, Garden – $29 per user, per month, Estate – $49 per user, per month, and Forest – $109 per user, per month.

b) Features

  • Social Media Support: Deliver solutions to your clients’ issues at a blazing speed. Prioritize urgent requests, tag conversations, and track the progress.
  • Analytics & Reporting: Have real-time data on your dashboard. Measure the volume of incoming requests, agent’s output, resolution time, and more.
  • Self-service Portal: Enable your users to solve the issues on their own. With a well-structured knowledge base, let your users navigate and find the solutions.

c) Why to use Freshdesk

  • You and your team members can come together on a single platform to resolve one or more tickets from the ticket interface.
  • Integrate your phone and chat channels seamlessly with Freshdesk and empower your support team to carry out day-to-day activities efficiently.
  • Track and measure the progress of your agents with real-time metrics to prevent any bottlenecks.

d) Why not to use Freshdesk

  • You cannot customize the features as per your needs.
  • If you want to have advanced functionalities, it may be cost-prohibitive.
  • It lacks some calling features as compared to other providers.

e) User Reviews

The average user rating for Freshdesk is 3.5.

Call center softwares

8 ) Talkdesk

Talkdesk is best suitable for organisations that require handling a light to medium volume of calls. With advanced call routing features, it enables you to connect the users to the right agent, team, or department based on the criteria. It helps you boost your team’s with tools like local caller ID, email/desktop notifications, and custom permissions.

Make sure that your virtual call center solution provider meets the core goals with Talkdesk’s monitoring and reporting functionalities like Call Barging, Call Monitoring, Prebuilt Reports, and more.

The Talkdesk desktop app is available on Windows and macOS. If you require any support, they offer it through an online knowledge base and live customer service email.


a) Pricing

Talkdesk provides two pricing plans. One starts at $29 per user, per month when billed annually whereas its Pro plan costs $39 per user, per month plus the cost of additional minutes.

b) Features

  • Inbound Call Blocking: With this feature, call centers can maintain a blacklist of phone numbers to stop bots and spammers in their tracks.
  • Call Control: Provide professional user experience with call controlling features like hold, mute, blind, and warm transfers, and call conferencing.
  • Ring Groups: To ensure that the calls are distributed in a manner that is beneficial to your call center, you can ring multiple agents simultaneously with this feature.

c) Why to use Talkdesk

  • You can add summary nodes and disposition codes to your call log and integrate the same with your CRM to maintain user information.
  • Collaborate with your team members to resolve issues with one-click dialing.
  • When a customer calls after a dropped call from your agent, you can automatically reconnect them to the same agent who fielded the call.

d) Why not to use Talkdesk

  • You cannot edit a scheduled report once it gets created.
  • It has limited integration capabilities.
  • It supports only one browser – Chrome.

e) User Reviews

The average user rating for Talkdesk is 3.9.

9 ) Aircall

Aircall provides cloud-based call management software solutions that can integrate with your existing CRM systems or helpdesk software. It is designed to provide comprehensive caller information to your customer support team.

With features like call analytics and real-time reporting, agents can monitor the call activity effectively and thus make informed decisions. Setting up phone systems is a matter of minutes with an aircall. It requires no hardware – just a computer, a headset, and an active internet connection are all that you need. Furthermore, it offers 24/7 phone and email support.

Aircall Alternative-CallHippo

a) Pricing

Aircall has two pricing plans – Essentials worth $30 per user, per month and Professional worth $50 per user, per month.

b) Features

  • After-Call Work: Gives time to your team members to tag, assign, and prepare for the next conversation.
  • Office Hours: Set customized schedules to confirm when each of your numbers will be available to receive calls.
  • Blacklist Numbers: Focus on your important conversations by eliminating spam callers and bots.

c) Why to use

  • You can set up virtual call center management software in just a few minutes.
  • It lets you forward calls to your personal mobiles so that you can answer a prospects wherever you are.
  • It offers dedicated apps for different platforms – iOS, Mac, Windows, and more.

d) Why not to use

  • There are a lot of updates available now and then which at times irritates the users.
  • It is as stable as your internet connection. Any issue with your Wi-Fi connection will cause the system to degrade.
  • UI/UX isn’t appealing, and the app is not so impressive.

e) User Reviews

The average user rating for Aircall is 4.

10) Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is a popular virtual call center app whose all essential tools and features are free for up to 12 users. To add on, its iOS and Android apps are also free. Its cloud version allows you to start making and receiving calls within minutes of registering your account. As this virtual call center management software comes with a CRM, it can also be used as a telemarketing or customer service and support solution. Bitrix24 offers more than 35 virtual office tools like file sharing, Helpdesk, email server, video conferencing, project groups, workflow, and so on and so forth. You can also go for an on-premise version if you want greater control over data and source code.


a) Pricing

The software is free for up to 12 users with 1 admin and 5 GB storage. It costs $39/month for 24 users, 2 admins, and 24 GB of online storage. The charges are $99/month for 50 users, 5 admins, and 100 GB of online storage. The professional package is for $199/month with Unlimited users, Unlimited admins, and Unlimited online storage.

b) Features

  • Inbound and outbound phone calls with detailed call history
  • Automatic dialer, IVR
  • Mobile and Desktop App that works on any smartphone, PC or tablet
  • On-premise solution
  • Intranet and extranet
  • CRM integration

c) Why to use

  • Free up to 12 users and one can start using the software within minutes
  • Saves investment in multiple platforms and software as it has over 35 software in one interface.
  • Supports real-time communication

d) Why not to use

  • User interface complex to understand and adjust
  • Poor service and technical support
  • Lots of tools, options, and software are bundled together to make the navigation slow and annoying.

e) User Reviews

The average user rating for Bitrix24 is 7.7/10

11 ) ZenDesk

Zendesk is basically a customer service software company headquartered in San Francisco and ZenDesk Talk is open source virtual contact center software that has been built into the Zendesk Support ticketing system. This software enables customer service agents to provide customer support via calls from the same platform that is used for other channels.

a) Pricing

The price ranges from $19 per agent per month to $89 per agent per month depending on the features and plans you opt for.

b) Features

  • Call Features: You get an array of call features like call forwarding, call blocking, muting and unmuting calls through a call console, automatic ticket creation, conference calling and so on.
  • Routing and Queuing calls: Zendesk provides a smooth call routing experience with IVR, round-robin routing, group routing, overflow and after-hours routing.
  • Telephony Integrations: You can integrate your own telephony system with Zendesk support and can access more than 70 telephony apps that plug directly into the Zendesk ticketing system.

c) Why to use

  • It has an easy-to-use and nice interface that can also be customized.
  • It allows you to manage the platform from mobiles, tablets, and iPads as it has iOS and Android applications.
  • The tickets can be assigned to multiple teams at the same time which allows them to work on a single query simultaneously.

d) Why not to use

  • Prices can be a pinch to your pocket.
  • The software does not provide user history within their ticket profile. Also, there are duplicate messages when the ticket system is open and not assigned.

e) User Reviews

The average user rating for Zendesk is 9.6/10

12 ) Cloudtalk

Cloudtalk is a New York based company that offers cloud-based virtual phone systems for sales and support teams by leveraging cloud hosting on a SaaS model. Apart from the usual unlimited inbound and internal calls, click-to-call function, and automated call distribution, it also offers features like speech to text, integration with Salesforce and other systems, smart queueing, and custom reporting.


a) Pricing

The base price starts at 15$ per month. The prices go on increasing as you opt for more features.

b) Features

  • Voice features: You can port your existing phone numbers to Cloudtalk or get short 5 digit phone numbers. There is also a fax to email feature. You can tag your internal phone numbers and also schedule and manage conference calls.
  • Intelligent Call routing: Cloudtalk offers you IVR, caller-based routings, and VIP queues. You can also set a preferred agent for every caller.
  • Integrations: Cloudtalk can easily be integrated with your CRM tools, e-commerce, and helpdesk solutions. You can import all your contacts from several sources.

c) Why to use

  • Easy to set up and good technical support
  • Since the app can be used on desktop, mobile, and browser, it gives you the flexibility to operate from anywhere.
  • The software is easy to scale and features can be added as per changing requirements.
  • CloudTalk can easily integrate with Salesforce which allows hassle-free sync of CRM, sales, and support.

d) Why not to use

  • The guiding manual is complex making it difficult for first-time users of cloud-based phone systems.
  • Cloudtalk does not have a mobile app for android users.

e) User Reviews

The average user rating for Cloudtalk is 4.6/5

13 ) LiveAgent

For a monthly fee, LiveAgent offers call management software services within its multi-channel help desk solution that offers a host of features like file sharing, contact forms, gamification, statuses, POP3 accounts, and more. With LiveAgent, not only can you bring together all your phone calls into a single place, but can also connect unlimited SIP trunks and local numbers, route and even record calls.


a) Pricing

LiveAgent can be purchased for $39 per agent per month with all the features.

b) Features

  • It is compatible with both physical and virtual call devices.
  • It can prioritize and route calls and also transfer calls to appropriate agents.
  • With LiveAgent, you can connect or use software telephones and make VoIP calls over your computing devices.
  • LiveAgent offers browser-based video calls. You can video chat with your callers and agents alike and your conversations and chats are kept in one ticket.

c) Why to use

  • You can call and chat with your callers at the same time thus avoiding spelling issues.
  • Since all the emails, chats, calls, social media mentions and other channels end up in one universal inbox, it is easy to analyze and convert queries into leads.
  • A smart ticketing system eases the process of receiving, processing, and responding to user requests thus providing better customer service and satisfaction.

d) Why not to use

  • The mobile app’s interface still has scope for improvement.
  • LiveAgent has limited integration with other softwares.

e) User Reviews

The average user rating for LiveAgent is 4.7/5

14 ) Dixa

This Denmark-based company offers customer relationship platforms. The software provides a better user experience via support across phone, email, chat, and messaging apps from one screen, intelligent ACD, skill-based routing, IVR menus, real-time performance stats, automation, integrations, and much more.


a) Pricing

Dixa starts with the base price of $99.00 per month, per user offering basic features like phone, email, chats, messenger, and so on. They do not have a free version nor do they offer a free trial.

b) Features

  • Among Telephony, Dixa offers IVR, VoIP, call monitoring, call and contact center management.
  • Dixa provides ticket and SLA management, a self-service portal, real-time chat, and multi-channel communication.

c) Why to use

  • The interface is functional and user-friendly.
  • The company offers a demo service for starters and excellent technical support.
  • You can keep your original number and port it to the system easily.
  • The software is very flexible, scalable, and allows a lot of easy customization.

d) Why not to use

  • Dixa does not offer video chat and web conferencing.
  • They do not have predictive or progressive dialers.

e) User Reviews

The average user rating for Dixa is 4.7/5.

Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Virtual Call Center Software

Signs That You Need To Upgrade Your Call Center Software

Like anything that is starting to go under, the VoIP call center software also starts to show signs. They start subtly with minor faults, shortcomings, and failures. And then, all of a sudden, all hell breaks loose where your clients are angry, you are frazzled, and nothing seems to be working. So what are these signs? The following are the most common ones:

1. Key Data is Not Available Readily

Key Data is Not Available Readily

If you are running a call center, there is a lot of data that goes in daily such as the number of calls made, the number of successful calls, and more.

And as the owner or senior manager, all of this data should be available in just a few clicks. However, with older or limited capability systems, this kind of functionality is seldom found. It results in wasted efforts and unnecessary delays in determining insights. Abandoned calls in a call center are thus a matter of prime concern.

2. Additional Software Integration is Tricky

The modern-day virtual call centers function similar to any other IT firm that uses various channels for going about their tasks. And with that, they add the capability to interface and integrate with other third-party apps for increased functionality.

However, with conventional old-school software, this is a task as big as climbing Mt. Everest itself. Furthermore, they are fixed in the functions they offer and do not work well with other software. So, you are left working on ten different software for ten various tasks.

3. Digital Channel Support is Limited or Non-Existent

Nowadays, people want to talk to call center executives and want other ways to communicate. Hence, the 21st-century call management software goes to new lengths like chat and social media to reach their prospects.

However, most virtual call centers find it hard to blend various communication channels into a single software. It causes delays, unreported tasks, and even reduced employees’ productivity due to multiple software to use. So, overall, the system efficiency drops.

4. Compliance Issues Start Arising Due to Outdated Definitions

Call centers need to adhere to various guidelines regarding the caller data and the scope of usage of the recording of each call, and the outbound call center software plays a huge part in that.

Older software has compliances built into them and adheres to those, but the newer ones or the amended ones are seldom updated. And compliance issues can often arise due to outdated compliance definitions. This can lead to hefty fines.

5. Improper Workforce Management

Improper Workforce Management

Workforce management is a critical factor in determining how many resources you will need financially or infrastructurally. Having extra staff means higher expenditures, and lesser staff means unhappy customers. And in a call center, workforce management is as imperative as salt in your food.

Any errors in judgment can result in catastrophic outcomes, which can be detrimental to the company’s growth. In addition, top virtual call center solution offers workforce management capability.

Use Virtual Call Center Management Software to Supercharge Your Sales and Support Team

The modern customer expects great support on all channels, including live chat, email, and phone. But this can overwhelm your support team especially if these channels are on different software systems that don’t communicate with each other. With top virtual contact center software, your team can unify their omnichannel service efforts into one tool, resulting in a better experience for both the callers and your frontline representatives.


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What Is Virtual Call Center Software?

A virtual call center software also called virtual call center platform is a customer service call center that does not have a fixed, geographically centralized location. Instead, agents have the flexibility to perform their work from their homes or other remote locations instead of their respective offices.

Virtual call center system is a cloud-based system that enables you to meet the challenges of managing a remote team and connect with your customers across different time zones.

Instead of a typical setup where agents have to stick to their desks, virtual call center platform allows your representatives to handle remote calls from anywhere, anytime. Besides, virtual contact center software eliminates the need for setting up expensive equipment like EPABX systems.

Virtual call center software dashboard

How Does a Virtual Call Center Work?

Virtual call centers are operated through a cloud that lets your agents stay connected with each other. Moreover, these call centers work from remote locations and provide exceptional customer service solutions to clients.

A virtual call center allows agents from different geographical locations to log in and collaborate remotely through cloud software. Agents do not require any specialized hardware to connect with customers. Using just their smartphones, agents can dial and communicate with customers while on the move.

CallHippos’s call center phone system comes with features like skills-based routing, call recording, call distribution, call monitoring, and other tools to maximize call efficiency.

Watch Video on How to Buy A Virtual Contact Center Software

What Are The Benefits of Using Virtual Call Center Solution


1. High Call Quality

The farther the caller and the agent are (geographically), the more likely voice quality will become an issue. Fortunately, CallHippo has a solution for it. CallHippo’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature connects your customer to their nearest agent, thereby ensuring high call quality all the time.

2. No Geographical Limitations

With CallHippo cloud call center software, you get the flexibility of hiring agents from all over the world. This allows you to pick highly talented individuals. Also, it is extremely helpful when you have customers all over the globe in different timezones. Besides, you don’t need to send them additional hardware to do the work effectively.

3. Business Continuity

COVID-19 taught us that we have to prepare for the worst and ensure business continuity even when local offices and business settings face interruptions. CallHippo ensures your call center runs smoothly no matter the conditions (even during natural disasters). Since CallHippo’s virtual call center is based on the cloud, you will never experience any interruptions.

4. Centrally Manage Your Call Center

CallHippo inbound call center software allows you to centrally manage your dispersed remote team. You can check when they logged in and logged out, how many calls they handle each day, average call duration, and more. You can also filter calls and agents based on their location. Furthermore, you can add/remove users from the software within minutes.

5. Eliminate the Drawbacks of a VPN

Contact centers powered by a VPN or WebRTC often experience call drops and inconsistent voice quality. CallHippo hosts the call over the PSTN network, meaning the voice quality is independent of call drops or disruptions due to low bandwidth.

Call Center Software for Remote Teams

6. Improved Data Security and Privacy

Contact centers need to comply with several rules and regulations to run their business efficiently. For instance, some countries require you to store call data (including recordings) to be held in the caller’s region of origin. To ensure compliance and data security, CallHippo implements advanced encryption and maintains local points of presence to store calls. Besides, we continually update our services to comply with the calling rules of every country we serve in.

Improve Productivity

7. Real-Time Call Management

Listen to all your calls in real-time. You can even whisper to the agent to help him/her better handle the customer. The best part is that the caller won’t be able to hear you, thereby improving the customer experience.

8. Improve Productivity

CallHippo virtual contact center software allows your agents to work from anywhere. And when they have the flexibility to work from their preferred locations, they will automatically manage customer interactions effortlessly. Your agents can even use CallHippo mobile app to handle calls using their smartphones.

9. Connect with Other Software

CallHippo integrates with hundreds of business systems to improve productivity and create efficient workflows. It includes Salesforce, HubSpot, PipeDrive, Zapier, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Shopify, Zoho, Slack, and more.

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How To Set Up a Virtual Call Center?

A virtual call center allows agents from different geographical locations to log in and collaborate remotely through cloud software. Agents do not require any specialized hardware to connect with customers. Using just their smartphones, agents can dial and communicate with customers while on the move.

Step 1. Define The Type Of Call Center You Need

  • Inbound call center setup
  • Outbound call center setup
  • Blended call center setup

Step 2. Set up your Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Determine whether your callers get connected to the agent directly or via an IVR. Add a welcome message and offer a menu of choices.

Step 3. Create a Group of Agents

Create different skilled groups by identifying agent expertise

Step 4. Distribute Calls

Divide the number of calls in a round-robin manner and handle high call volumes

Steps To Buy Virtual Call Center From Callhippo

  • 1. Open CallHippo Website
  • 2. Select your country
  • 3. Select your number type Example:- Local or Toll-free number
  • 4. Add your desired numbers
  • 5. Start making calls

What Features to look for in Virtual Call Center Platform

Power Dialer
Power Dialer

The call center dialer feature of CallHippo is an automatic dialling technology that automates the process of initiating calls, saving agents time and allowing them to focus on the ongoing call.

Smart Switch
Smart Switch

The smart switch feature enables agents to move between several telephony providers and choose the one that works best for them. This will result in improved call connectivity.

Call Conference
Call Conference

Our easy-to-use Call Conference function allows you to organize virtual meetings all around the world and interact with your clients, offering a pleasant communication experience.

Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics

CallHippo's advanced analytics will significantly assist call centres in navigating their strategy or making required changes as needed, ensuring maximum results.

Automatic Call Distribution
Automatic Call Distribution

The Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature routes all incoming calls to certain departments or agents within your organization based on pre-defined distribution rules, ultimately improving performance.

Call Monitoring
Call Monitoring

CallHippo's call monitoring feature allows you to keep track of every call handled by the call center's workers. This will assist you in evaluating agent performance and increasing productivity.

Call Recording
Call Recording

The call recording tool enables you to record each and every call for quality purposes. Analyzing these calls will give you an idea of what you are good at and what you are not.

On Hold Music
On Hold Music

CallHippo's On Hold Music feature will make the customer wait a little longer than usual. You can even use this feature to promote your products or services.

Call Barging
Call Barging

Call barging features will allow the senior-level agents or supervisors to drop in between customer and agent calls and guide them on a specific issue they are stuck on.

Why Use CallHippo To Set Up Virtual Call Center Solution?

Trusted by over 5000+ brands, CallHippo is one of the leading virtual call center solutions providers in the market. With CallHippo, you can set up your virtual contact center solution in 3 minutes.

Another reason to choose CallHippo is that it is the most cost-effective solution in the market. CallHippo plans start from as low as $14. And you get access to all the necessary features.

CallHippo also allows you to buy local phone numbers of 50+ countries to establish a strong local presence. This is extremely helpful if you have countries from across the globe. You can even give different local numbers to your agents who are from different regions.

CallHippo Dialer

Last but not least, CallHippo’s 24/7 support program ensures you get all the help as and when required. Irrespective of where your agents are located, they can reach out to CallHippo’s support team and get instant solutions. It is also very handy when it comes to outbound calling.

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Why Is Remote Calling The Future?

Here is why remote calling is the future.

1. Higher Call Quality

Say goodbye to compromising on call quality even when internet bandwidth is low

2. Call Queuing

Let customers schedule a call when their call is queued

3. Real-time Resource Management

Shuffle and assign agents in real-time to different campaigns during peak traffic

4. Monitor All Calls

Monitor live calls with features like call barging, call whispering, call recording and call analytics.

Get Local Phone Numbers For Your Virtual Call Center

To run a call center, you need the right equipment and infrastructure. But you need more than that You need the right service provider to create a local presence and tap the untapped market from the comfort of your hometown.

To be successful in today’s marketplace, you need to have a professional presence. That’s true no matter what kind of business you run. However, when it comes to local prospects, it can be even more critical.

Get Local Phone Numbers For Your Virtual Call Center

Local prospects tend to buy from local businesses, and they prefer to do business with local companies. That’s one reason local virtual call center software is essential.

With a virtual call center, your business can have a local phone number and be ready to answer calls from local customers. In addition, a virtual call center platform allows you to be anywhere in the country and still answer calls from local prospects.

Your customer is more likely to pick up a phone from a more familiar number. Thus, a local number increases your overall rate of phone answers.

All customers like to deal with people they know, and customers who know and trust their service providers are more likely to return. A local virtual phone number helps you build that relationship.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Virtual Call Center Software

What is work from home call center software?

Work from home call center software is software that you can use remotely. This software doesn’t have any hardware & hosted on the cloud. You can access it through the internet at your home.

This software became very popular during corona because people were staying home and could not go to offices. Work from home call center software ensured call center operations didn’t get disrupted, and agents could work even during the pandemic.

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