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What Is Virtual Call Center Software?

A virtual call center refers to running a support or sales team in which the agents are dispersed geographically instead of being located in a single location (e.g., your office).

Virtual call center system is a cloud-based system that enables you to meet the challenges of managing a remote team and connect with your customers across different time zones.

Instead of a typical setup where agents have to stick to their desks, virtual call center software allows your representatives to handle business calls from anywhere, anytime. Besides, virtual call center software eliminates the need for setting up expensive equipment like EPABX systems.

Best Virtual Call Center Software

How Does a Virtual Call Center Work?

Virtual call centers are operated through a cloud that lets your agents stay connected with each other. Moreover, these call centers work from remote locations and provide exceptional customer service solutions to clients.

CallHippos’s call center phone system comes with features like skills-based routing, call recording, call distribution, call monitoring, and other tools to maximize call efficiency.

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Benefits of CallHippo’s Virtual Call Center Software

1. High Call Quality

The farther the caller and the agent are (geographically), the more likely voice quality will become an issue. Fortunately, CallHippo has a solution for it. CallHippo’s Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature connects your customer to their nearest agent, thereby ensuring high call quality all the time.

2. No Geographical Limitations

With CallHippo cloud call center software, you get the flexibility of hiring agents from all over the world. This allows you to pick highly talented individuals. Also, it is extremely helpful when you have customers all over the globe, calling your team in different timezones. Besides, you don’t need to send them additional hardware to do the work effectively.

3. Business Continuity

COVID-19 taught us that we have to prepare for the worst and ensure business continuity even when local offices and business settings face interruptions. CallHippo ensures your call center runs smoothly no matter the conditions (even during natural disasters). Since CallHippo’s virtual call center is based on the cloud, you will never experience any interruptions.

4. Centrally Manage Your Call Center

CallHippo inbound call center software allows you to centrally manage your dispersed remote team. You can check when they logged in and logged out, how many calls they handle each day, average call duration, and more. You can also filter calls and agents based on their location. Furthermore, you can add/remove users from the software within minutes.

5. Eliminate the Drawbacks of a VPN

Contact centers powered by a VPN or WebRTC often experience call drops and inconsistent voice quality. CallHippo hosts the call over the PSTN network, meaning the voice quality is independent of call drops or disruptions due to low bandwidth.

Call Center Software for Remote Teams

6. Improved Data Security and Privacy

Contact centers need to comply with several rules and regulations to run their business efficiently. For instance, some countries require you to store call data (including recordings) to be held in the caller’s region of origin. To ensure compliance and data security, CallHippo implements advanced encryption and maintains local points of presence to store calls. Besides, we continually update our services to comply with the calling rules of every country we serve in.

Improve Productivity

7. Real-Time Call Management

Listen to all your calls in real-time. You can even whisper to the agent to help him/her better handle the customer. The best part is that the caller won’t be able to hear you, thereby improving the customer experience.

8. Improve Productivity

CallHippo virtual call center software allows your agents to work from anywhere. And when they have the flexibility to work from their preferred locations, they will automatically manage customer interactions effortlessly. Your agents can even use CallHippo mobile app to handle calls using their smartphones.

9. Powerful Integrations

CallHippo integrates with hundreds of business systems to improve productivity and create efficient workflows. CallHippo’s integration environment includes Salesforce, HubSpot, PipeDrive, Zapier, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Shopify, Zoho, Slack, and more.

How To Set Up a Virtual Call Center ?

Here is how you can set up a call center in minutes.

1. Define The Type Of Call Center You Need

  • Inbound call center setup
  • Outbound call center setup
  • Blended call center setup

2. Set up your Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Determine whether your callers get connected to the agent directly or via an IVR. Add a welcome message and offer a menu of choices.

3. Create a Team of Agents

Create different skilled groups by identifying agent expertise

4. Distribute Calls

Divide the number of calls in a round-robin manner and handle high call volumes

Features of Virtual Call Center Software

Power Dialer
Power Dialer

The call center dialer feature of CallHippo is an automatic dialling technology that automates the process of initiating calls, saving agents time and allowing them to focus on the ongoing call.

Smart Switch
Smart Switch

The smart switch feature enables agents to move between several telephony providers and choose the one that works best for them. This will result in improved call connectivity.

Call Conference
Call Conference

Our easy-to-use Call Conference function allows you to organize virtual meetings all around the world and interact with your clients, offering a pleasant communication experience.

Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics

CallHippo's advanced analytics will significantly assist call centres in navigating their strategy or making required changes as needed, ensuring maximum results.

Automatic Call Distribution
Automatic Call Distribution

The Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) feature routes all incoming calls to certain departments or agents within your organization based on pre-defined distribution rules, ultimately improving performance.

Call Monitoring
Call Monitoring

CallHippo's call monitoring feature allows you to keep track of every call handled by the call center's workers. This will assist you in evaluating agent performance and increasing productivity.

Call Recording
Call Recording

The call recording tool enables you to record each and every call for quality purposes. Analyzing these calls will give you an idea of what you are good at and what you are not.

On Hold Music
On Hold Music

CallHippo's On Hold Music feature will make the customer wait a little longer than usual. You can even use this feature to promote your products or services.

Call Barging
Call Barging

Call barging features will allow the senior-level agents or supervisors to drop in between customer and agent calls and guide them on a specific issue they are stuck on.

Why CallHippo?

Trusted by over 5000+ brands, CallHippo is one of the leading virtual call center software providers in the market. With CallHippo, you can set up your virtual call center software in 3 minutes.

Another reason to choose CallHippo is that it is the most cost-effective solution in the market. CallHippo plans start from as low as $14. And you get access to all the necessary features.

CallHippo also allows you to buy local phone numbers of 50+ countries to establish a strong local presence. This is extremely helpful if you have countries from across the globe. You can even give different local numbers to your agents who are from different regions.

CallHippo's vast integration environment allows you to build smooth workflows for your sales and support teams and enhance the overall customer experience.

CallHippo Dialer

Last but not least, CallHippo’s 24/7 support program ensures you get all the help as and when required. Irrespective of where your agents are located, they can reach out to CallHippo’s support team and get instant solutions.

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Award Wining Virtual Call Center Software

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Why Is Remote Calling The Future ?

Here is why remote calling is the future.

1. Higher Call Quality

Say goodbye to compromising on call quality even when internet bandwidth is low

2. Call Queuing

Let customers schedule a call when their call is queued

3. Real-time Resource Management

Shuffle and assign agents in real-time to different campaigns during peak traffic

4. Monitor All Calls

Monitor live calls with features like call barging, call whispering, call recording and call analytics.

Get Local Phone Numbers For Your Virtual Call Center

To run a call center, you need the right equipment and infrastructure. But you need more than that You need the right service provider to create a local presence and tap the untapped market from the comfort of your hometown.

To be successful in today’s marketplace, you need to have a professional presence. That’s true no matter what kind of business you run. However, when it comes to local prospects, it can be even more critical.

Local prospects tend to buy from local businesses, and they prefer to do business with local companies. That’s one reason local virtual call center software is essential.

Get Local Phone Numbers For Your Virtual Call Center

With a virtual call center, your business can have a local phone number and be ready to answer calls from local customers. In addition, a virtual call center software allows you to be anywhere in the country and still answer calls from local prospects.

Your customer is more likely to pick up a phone from a more familiar number. Thus, a local number increases your overall rate of phone answers.

All customers like to deal with people they know, and customers who know and trust their service providers are more likely to return. A local virtual phone number helps you build that relationship.

Why Is A Remote Call Center Software The Essential For A Sound Future?

The fluidity, demand, and agility are forcing businesses to be flexible themselves. However, even if they adopted the agile approach, companies would still be unable to keep pace with the rapidly changing global business environment.

This is where the concept of remote call center software comes into the picture. Remote call center software is redefining the way businesses function. It allows companies to connect in different parts of the world at any place and at any time.

With products, Business processes, and HR policies changing at lightning speed, this solution empowers your business to stay put.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • To set up a virtual call center, you will need reliable cloud-based call center software. You need to configure the software as per your calling needs, add agents, phone numbers, and your call strategy to create a fully functional virtual call center.

  • A virtual call center allows agents from different geographical locations to log in and collaborate remotely through cloud software. Agents do not require any specialized hardware to connect with customers. Using just their smartphones, agents can dial and communicate with customers while on the move.

  • CallHippo is widely regarded as one of the most advanced virtual call center software with features like call analytics, call recording, voicemail, on-hold music, and many others. It is suitable for businesses of all sizes and offers flexible plans to get your business started in no time.

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