Virtual Phone System: What Is It & How Does It Work?

Experience VoIP technology that makes internet-powered phone services smooth. A flexible and cost-effective system keeps communication within the office seamless.

  • Answering and calling functions are easily executed remotely or out in the field.
  • To make this communication, devices like tablets, smartphones, computers, and laptops are used to make calls over data.
  • The versatility, reliability, and advanced utility of virtual phones enable businesses to resolve daily issues
  • Users can answer and make calls irrespective of their device type and location.
  • Allows remotely operating employees to access these numbers for business calls.

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Quick Overview Of A Virtual Phone System?

A cloud-based phone system, a virtual phone system, allows businesses to make calls through the internet. This platform for communication requires a stable internet connection for handling calls.

Ever since the culture of new normal has been witnessed, the traditional phones have become incompatible with the modern practices of staying connected with colleagues, clients, or professionals within the workspace. The unnecessary access to the old-fashioned phone system has been eliminated by virtual phones.

The most important point to be reflected over here is that traditional phones remained static at one place, and the person had to move from different locations to answer the call. Nevertheless, virtual phone calls can be answered and monitored through any internet-enabled device.

  • This phone system boosts the productivity of all sized businesses and leads to the overall growth of the team of an organization by efficient workflow management.
  • In addition to VoIP communication functioning, advanced features like SMS, voicemail transcription, and business phone numbers are provided by virtual phone operators.
  • The workforce can communicate without interruption with unlimited VoIP and videoconferencing features by using an easily configured virtual phone system. If there are any technical glitches at all, they can be fixed through 24/7 customer support of virtual phones.

Benefits Of A Virtual Phone System

Often known as a business phone system, a virtual phone system offers a cutting-edge solution for communication at the workplace. It has multiple features ranging from sending voice messages, scheduling teleconferences, and improving communication to enhancing customer experience. Following are some of the top benefits of a virtual phone system:

Cost-efficient System Of Communication

Cost-efficient System Of Communication

With the help of virtual phones, the complex system of the traditional phone can be eliminated. The messy long wired phone can be kept out by making communication cost-efficient. The expenses incurred on the telephone instrument and other complicated hardware can be avoided by investing in the virtual phone system.

A Versatile Model Of Communication

The virtual phone has numerous features which make the business productive. From adding multitasking utility to simplifying tasks, this business phone system is absolutely versatile.

A Versatile Model Of Communication
Secure And Reliable Cloud Phone

Secure And Reliable Cloud Phone

Keeping business communication protected during the entire conversation is a must. Therefore, the virtual phone system acts as an encrypted source to provide authentication.

Makes Reporting Comprehensive And Simple

The decision-making becomes smarter by using a virtual phone call as this business phone system offers factual data for evaluation. In addition, reporting and powerful analytics can be accessed easily with the virtual phone. Thus, it becomes convenient to track growth and assess the performance of the team members with the various tools of the software. As a result, the data analysis obtained from this business phone system is comprehensive, allowing staff to know the areas to be improved. Therefore, better customer service can be provided when real-time coaching, call assistance, and call recording features of the virtual phone system are optimally used.

Key Features To Look For n A Virtual Phone System

There are multiple features of the virtual phone which contribute to the growth of small businesses. Let's take a glance at the components of this business phone system and how it can boost the productivity of an organization:

Desktop And Mobile Apps

The virtual phone software is compatible with desktop and mobile applications depending on the purpose of the business. Preferences of the software can be customized according to the platform, such as virtual receptionist and multi-ring feature, which are adjusted according to the organization's requirements.

Desktop And Mobile Apps
Smart Call Forwarding

Smart Call Forwarding

With the emergence of digital transformation in the telecom sector due to VoIP phone systems. The significant feature of the virtual phone system is call forwarding. This feature enables the users to divert calls to a personal mobile or any other official number. Managers can divert these calls to the numbers which can be accessible during the off hours. The call forwarding option enhances business revenue instantly.

Managing Call Blocking

Identification of spammers and unwanted callers helps the businesses add the numbers of telemarketers to the block list even before they pop up. Besides, the virtual phone system allows users to create a customized list of spammers conveniently.

Managing Call Blocking
Call Queuing

Call Queuing

Call queuing feature of the virtual phone system is preferred over voicemail by businesses to deliver great customer service. The messages to be used for callers while they wait can be personalized. Soothing or energizing music should be used for the call queuing so that customers can be engaged. Besides, this feature of the virtual phone is also effective in sharing the latest offers and services to prospective customers as they wait for the assistance of the executive.

Call Recording

Keeping training sessions, factual demands call recording of the real-time conversation with the customers. Hence, the feature of call recording within the virtual phone helps managers guide customer care representatives to improve their skills.

Call Recording

Frequently Asked Questions About Virtual Phone Number

  • Depending on the configuration opted by your business, the setup of the virtual phone system will be carried out. In case, the existing computer or any other device like a smartphone or tablet is being used, the virtual phone system needs to be downloaded and installed. On the other hand, if a previously installed IP-enabled business phone is being used, then a simple plug-in facility will be sufficient for setup. Nevertheless, it is important to note that existing office phone hardware that is being converted to IP-enabled phones will take up to 20 minutes for the entire setup of the virtual phone.

  • It is just the monthly service amount that your business needs to pay for if existing devices for a virtual phone call are used. Generally, the plan of the business phone system may start from $20/month or less, depending on the brand you invest in the advanced utility of the device and its features.

  • Let us take a look at the top qualities that make this business phone system reliable.

    • The monthly plans of CallHippo virtual phone have flexible monthly plans with good features according to the organization's business requirements. The usage limit, and the benefits with absolutely no hidden charges, this virtual phone system is worthwhile.
    • Data backup options due to average downtime and backup internet services are some of the factors worth noticing.
    • The service provider's technical support and consistent performance should be checked while finalizing the virtual phone system.

    The premium technical support of the business phone system will ensure the best possible assistance gets lined up during the glitches. The best part that will make you fall in love with the CallHippo virtual phone system is its secure and reliable platform designed according to small businesses.

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Last updated: January 5, 2022