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What Is Voice Broadcasting ?

Voice broadcasting is a mass communication / broadcasting technique which enables you to send automated voice messages via call to a large number of people at once. This service can be used to receive instant notifications and alerts. Users can easily record the customer responses by installing IVR in the call blast.

How Voice Broadcasting Service Functions

Voice broadcasting software enables users to call contacts and play a selected message when someone answers the phone. You can select a different voice message in case an answering machine picks up the call.

Build Your Business with Voice Broadcasting Software

Use voice broadcasting to amplify business results. Upload a list of contacts and call them with a voice broadcast message aimed at getting simple user inputs, that let you assess a prospect’s intent level. Schedule campaigns at times that are best suited for your contacts. Customize settings to check the number of calls per minute and other metrics.

Our text-to-speech engine can read out the text you write, over a call, just like a human would. Alternatively, you can also upload your own audio file. With CallHippo you can easily import your contacts by uploading a CSV file. You can add fields like name, company, phone & email.

You can track all the calls right from the CallHippo dashboard. CallHippo records all the calls so that you can use it later for monitoring & training purposes.

Note : $0.04 will be charged per call on calling charges for voice broadcasting

CallHippo - Voice Broadcasting Dashboard

Benefits of Voice Broadcasting Software

Increased ROI :

Bulk voice calling campaigns tend to have a better ROI because of the higher level of productivity, personalization & engagement.

CallHippo - Voice Broadcasting campaigns

Improved Productivity :

Voice broadcasting helps you to reach a large audience easily with only a few clicks. One great thing about broadcasting campaigns is that you can preschedule them according to convenience. This helps organizations streamline the campaigns in an efficient manner.

Provide A Holistic Customer Experience :

Use personalized workflows to provide an excellent customer experience and drive satisfaction. With real-time user inputs to voice broadcast, you can know when a voice broadcast is successful or needs more refinement.

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Last updated: April 16, 2021