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Address Communication Fragmentation

Address Communication Fragmentation

Traditional phone systems often result in fragmented communication among recruiters, candidates, and hiring managers, leading to delays and misunderstandings. With CallHippo VoIP, streamline communication channels to ensure seamless interaction between all stakeholders.

Overcome Geographical Barriers

Geographical limitations can restrict access to top talent, hindering recruitment efforts and potentially missing out on qualified candidates. CallHippo VoIP enables virtual interviews and meetings, breaking down geographical barriers and allowing recruiters to connect with worldwide candidates.

Overcome Geographical Barriers with voip
Easily Integrate With CRM and ATS

Easily Integrate With CRM and ATS

Siloed systems and manual data entry processes can lead to inefficiencies and errors in recruitment workflows, slowing down the hiring process. CallHippo VoIP seamlessly integrates with CRM and ATS platforms, automating data sync and streamlining the entire recruitment lifecycle.

Ensure Post-placement Support

After the placement of a candidate, ongoing support and communication are essential for successful onboarding and retention. CallHippo VoIP offers features like automated scheduled check-ins, facilitating ongoing communication with candidates post-placement.

Ensure Post placemen  Support

Speed Up Recruitment, Get Better Hires

Use our powerful recruitment features to accelerate the hiring cycle and find the most suitable candidates for your organization.

Video Conferencing

Easily conduct virtual interviews and meetings with CallHippo VoIP's video conferencing. Empower recruiters to connect with candidates from anywhere, expanding talent acquisition opportunities.

Call Recording

Capture and review interview conversations with call recording functionality. Ensure accurate candidate evaluations, compliance with regulations, and continuous improvement of recruitment processes.

Auto-Attendant and IVR

Simplify call management for recruiters with CallHippo VoIP's auto-attendant and IVR features. Efficiently direct calls to the right departments or individuals– enriching candidate experience.

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Times Internet, a Premier Digital Media Company, Enhanced Efficiency by 27% with CallHippo’s Business Phone Solution.

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