Want to know the greatest customer service leaders of Australia? Here is the list of top ten greatest customer service revolutionaries who have influenced their team members, business methods, and even the industry itself. Check out their behaviors, principles, and norms through which they have helped their companies climb to the top.

1) Richard Forrest, MD, Forrest Marketing Group (FMG)

FMG began its journey in 2006 with hardly two clients and three telemarketers. From the back room of a friend’s office to a full-fledged office in Condamine St., the staff has grown to more than 70 employees today. 

It was all possible because of Richard Forrest, who believed in being exceptional at the service of qualifying prospects. Since Richard is passionate about talking, he created an environment in his company where it was okay to have a noisy floor, which contributes to having a fun and professional culture at the same time. Richard had trained his people not to be typical “pushy sales agents,” which has been an actual game changer for them to lead in the industry.

2) David Ellerton, CEO, i3r Outsourcing

i3r Outsourcing began its journey to deliver tailored call center solutions under the leadership of David Ellerton, who is not only a team manager but a fantastic and inspiring change agent. In almost six years, David, with his “big picture” focus and analytical talents, has made i3r a leading industry service in Melbourne and all across Australia.

Still, wondering why he is one of the top service leaders in the call center industry? David is very participative, result-oriented, and entrepreneurial. He believes in developing his agents into outstanding leaders to surpass any financial and service objectives.

3) Alex Del Brocco, CEO, TMC – The Message Center

Although TMC has been flaming its fans in the call center industry for over 40 years, it was when Alex Del Brocco was appointed as CEO in 2008 did the company actually pick up a pace with technology. Alex is a highly motivated individual who has more than 20 years of experience in workplace management.

With a strong commercial focus, he has been applying a common-sense approach to doing business. Because of this, TMC has been able to provide advanced and customized solutions while Alex motivated all types of individuals working with him in the company.

4) Cory Pinegar, CEO, Callforce

CallForce was started by a highly entrepreneurial person in 2014, who then appointed Cory Pinegar as the CEO in 2016 to make the business more efficient – and more valuable it became ever since then. Cory strongly believes in letting the company’s clientele know that they have the best telemarketing talents in the team.

Also, since Cory has a developed history of working in the telecommunications industry, CallForce has been able to deliver the lowest attrition rate in the whole call center sector of Australia. He strictly emphasizes on staff training to give the best customer calling services as if they are an in-house team.

5) Maryann Farrugia, MD, Offshore Business Process (OBP)

Maryann Farrugia has been managing the OBP company since 2013 as an MD, which caters to a wide range of industries such as Logistics, IT, Accounting, Legal, and Freight Forwarding. Through Maryann’s vision of helping companies worldwide to lower their costs, she has helped increase the productivity of all the clients by growing OBP in two locations.

Under the mission of improving the lives of the customers, clients, and her employees, Maryann has been able to evolve her staff from a mere handful to over 500 people since the conception of the company. She shows authentic leadership by directing the company into the digital age, with cutting edge, innovative technologies, global reach, and global capabilities.

6) Jonathon Meredith-Smith, CFO, Smart Group

Jonathan Meredith has been the CFO of Smart Group ever since the company got incepted in 2005. Being one of the leading marketing and sales providers, Jonathan has helped formulate plans to acquire more than 1.8 million customers for the company’s clients and succeeded in it as well with the help of his growing team.

Jonathan firmly believes in employees being the most significant asset for which he ventured for the best working environment for his team members. He actively involves himself in recruiting, training, and delivering quality services with all the company’s departments to achieve collaborative successes.

7) Greg Fettes, Founder/CEO, 24-7 Intouch

As an experienced entrepreneur, Greg Fettes has experience in all the areas of the contact industry, which makes him listed in this top 10 call center service leaders of Australia. As a CEO/ Founder, he has been single-handedly responsible for providing strategic vision and directs the employees with a clear focus for the current and future course of action.

Ever since the conception of 24-7 Intouch in 2000, Greg has aimed to grow clients organically and strengthen their position as a high-quality provider of onshore outsourcing solutions. His excellence in facilitating continued growth, strategic planning, and motivating a positive culture at the office helped many acquisitions and mergers to be successful with the company.

8) Sandhya Le Grand, COO, CDM Direct

Although Sandhya was raised in the UK, she went on to graduate there as an industrial chemist before deciding to move to Australia. She then went on to accumulate experience in several sectors into roles of market research, fieldwork, and recruitment. While she mostly took up these roles within the financial services sector, she ended up amassing expertise in managing the most challenging call centers.

Over 20 years of call center solutions knowledge, she became a priceless gem for CDM Direct, where she currently is the COO overlooking all the operations. Her roles in CDM Direct, which involve data management, coordinating data processing, and programming resources, have connected more people through technology than any call center company has ever seen.

9) Paul McMahon, Director, Imperatif

As one of the founders and director of Imperatif, Paul McMahon has been advising the company for over a decade now with his specialties in various fields of telemarketing services. He manages levels of customer services, improvises existing processes, and preaches the art of customer relationship management to the employees of the company like reading a bible.

Paul, with his extensive experience of 15 years in the automotive customer management sector, has brought on board some of the top clients of Australia, spanning various industries. He encourages the company to utilize the latest Australian contact center trends, which is one of the reasons for being very influential amongst his employees.

10) Kali Gayle, COO, Oracle CMS

OracleCMS is one of the superstars in outsourcing providers that service more than a hundred companies under the COO, Kali Gayle. Ever since the establishment of the company in 2005, Kali knew that the only way to be competitive and on top was supplying top-class services to the client’s customers. Keeping this in mind, Kali has always addressed “Change is the Only Constant Variable” to his team members to be the cutting edge calling agents in this competing industry.

Kali has been frivolous enough to let OracleCMS experience servicing a diverse client base due to which today they can create innovative solutions and tailored technology for its prospective clients. Being a COO for more than 14 years, Kali has mastered his knowledge in the evolution of technology, social media, and trend analysis, which makes him very impactful to anyone that comes across him.


These are the people we find the most influential as call service leaders in Australia. They might be known for what they have contributed to their companies, but it’s their personal commitment towards themselves to strive better is what outshines them from all. Who is a better service leader in the call center industry according to you? Comment below in the comment section.

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