WhatsApp Shared Inbox

Manage team and customer conversations seamlessly with a shared WhatsApp inbox. Respond quickly and collaborate for enhanced CX.

WhatsApp Shared Inbox
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Why CallHippo?

Join thousands of businesses leveraging CallHippo to meet their communication needs. Here’s what makes CallHippo the leading virtual phone system services provider for those seeking WhatsApp Shared Inbox feature.

Secure, Reliable Communication

Rest assured with our robust security measures, safeguarding sensitive customer data and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Enjoy a 99.99% uptime guarantee and experience almost nil downtime.

Expert Support

Access dedicated, round-the-clock customer support from our team of professionals, ensuring seamless integration and continuous assistance to meet your evolving business requirements.

Global Connectivity

Expand your reach with our global communication capabilities, enabling smooth interactions with customers worldwide, regardless of geographical boundaries or time zones. We’re available in 100+ countries.

Unified WhatsApp Customer Engagement

CallHippo’s WhatsApp Shared Inbox enables your entire team to engage customers from a single unified business account and boost customer satisfaction and sales. Here are the key benefits.

Centralized Conversations

All agents have full visibility into the messaging history and context for each customer interaction in the WhatsApp inbox, facilitating personalized and seamless experiences. This empowers you to upsell or cross-sell your products.

24/7 Availability

Customers can message your shared WhatsApp inbox anytime and quickly get a response from the next available agent. Support does not stop when individuals go offline. Enhance customer satisfaction and promote loyalty.

Seamless Hand-offs

Smoothly transfer conversations between agents in real-time while maintaining all context. Customers feel supported without having to repeat themselves. Ensure consistency with predefined response templates and your brand voice guide for WhatsApp inbox.

Streamline WhatsApp Communication
With Ease

Manage all your business-to-consumer conversations seamlessly with a shared WhatsApp inbox. Respond fast and consistently at scale.

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Benefits of WhatsApp Shared Inbox

A shared WhatsApp inbox supercharges your customer engagement to take CX to new heights.

Rapid Response

Designate multiple agents to respond fast and collaboratively to high volumes of WhatsApp messages. Ensure personalization and never lose a lead or customer due to response lag again.

Proactive Engagement

Reach out to customers proactively with promotional content, updates, and offers on WhatsApp. Increase sales and customer service touchpoints without invading their space.

Valuable Insights

Gain data into customer response times, engagement patterns, and sentiment for targeted outreach. Understand your audience like never before and enhance your messaging for better engagement.

The Complete Contact Center Platform

Equip your agents with everything they need to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Measure productivity and track CSAT levels with a unified dashboard.

  • International Phone numbers

  • Bulk SMS/MMS

  • Call Center Analytics

  • Forward to Voicemail

  • Toll-free numbers

  • Appointment Scheduler

  • Call Monitoring

  • Office Hours

  • Record Calls

  • Auto Dialer

  • Call Whispering

  • Caller Id

  • Virtual Call Center

  • Predictive Dialer

  • Share Phone Number

  • Call Queues

  • Forward to your phone

  • SMS Bot

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