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Understanding the Key Differences Between VoIP and VoLTE Technology

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Hiba Ali

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: February 8, 2024

There have been tons of changes in the telecommunications field in the last few decades. Technological advancements have paved the way for a seamless, efficient, and uninterrupted calling experience.

Traditional phone lines are almost obsolete nowadays; nearly everyone has jumped onboard the Internet telephony revolution. Organizations have realized that they can save big money by making calls through the Internet, plus they get the added advantage of a host of innovative features and HD audio voice quality.

If you ask about one invention that has revolutionized the field of corporate communication, most people will gladly agree that it is VoIP (voice-over-internet-protocol). VoIP phone systems are extremely popular in the current business scenario as they increase the accessibility levels and facilitate holistic communication with partners, vendors, clients, suppliers, and organizational stakeholders.

However, it is not only VoIP phone solutions that are the buzz of the town but rather there is also VoLTE technology that is gaining prominence. While VoIP is widely recognized, VoLTE is still not that well known, as it is still to receive widespread attention. So, what is VoLTE technology, and what is the difference between VoIP and VoLTE? Let’s understand these concepts in detail to have a better idea about both these different, yet radical telecommunication technologies.

VoLTE Vs VoIP: The Key Differences

Both VoIP and VoLTE phone solutions have transformed the face of business communication. They are widely used across the entire globe by personal users and corporate consumers alike. Let us learn more about both these terms, and start with VoLTE technology.



The acronym VoLTE stands for Voice over Long Term Evolution. It takes the support of the latest LTE and 4G network technologies. Though VoLTE technology is not as advanced and widespread as VoIP phone platforms, it does offer added advantages of higher speeds and better bandwidths.
Let’s understand how VoLTE phone technology works to get a clear picture. In VoLTE, call data packets are given top priority in order to enhance the quality of voice calls. It is an advanced technology that offers three times more data and voice capabilities than 3g networks. It also frees up bandwidth space for users, as the data packets that are used for calls are much smaller than those used by VoIP phone systems.

VoLTE calls are reported to have crystal clear quality – much higher than existing 3g or 4g calls, and even rank better than high definition Skype calls. VoLTE calls can be initiated in a speedy manner, and connect much faster than normal 3g calls. VoLTE technology is efficient and uses scarce resources on both handsets and the network. This translates into longer battery life for users and leads to a much more productive communication network for telecom service providers.


There is no doubt that VoIP technology is more popular than VoLTE and is more widely recognized across the globe. VoIP phone systems function on Internet-based transfer of voice and data. The latest smartphone designs support VoIP technology, which means that it can be used easily without any entry barriers. There are various VoIP solution providers that utilize Packet Switched Network, and transmit data effectively through the Internet from one party to another. The data packets are managed on a first-come-first-serve basis, which is a major impacting factor on the quality of calls, especially when the network is busy with high call traffic.

VoIP technology has taken the business world by storm for sure, however now times are changing and it may be time for newer technologies to enter the arena. VoLTE is slowly catching up and there are a few major carriers that are implementing the technology. Let us go through the difference between VoIP and VoLTE to gain more clarity on these emerging innovative technologies.

VoLTE Vs VoIP – The Major Differences:

Meaning and Emergence: As we know, VoIP stands for voice-over-internet-protocol, whereas the term VoLTE stands for voice over LTE network. VoIP works by sending sound packets of actual voice digitized to data over the Internet, from the initiator to the receiver. In VoLTE technology also the voice packets are sent over the Internet, however, the major difference is that these sound packets are given priority. This leads to much superior call quality and seamless business communication.

Another major difference between VoIP and VoLTE technology is the time of emergence. Voice-over-internet-protocol was invented in the 1990s whereas VoLTE technology is more recent in its origin. Voice over LTE network emerged in the 2000s. hence it is at a nascent stage and set to grow at a faster pace.

Service Quality Level: Undoubtedly, this is the most fundamental difference between VoIP and VoLTE technology. VoLTE maintains a very high service quality as it requires that a separate radio frequency is maintained to transmit the voice packets on priority. The quality of service component ensures that there are no line disturbances, jitters, and provides dedicated bandwidth to users. While VoIP technology may give problems at times, VoLTE ensures that there are no latency issues, time lags, and reduces any uptime errors. The quality factor is the prime reason that organizations are transitioning towards VoLTE phone systems from the previously widely used VoIP phone systems.

High-Definition Voice Quality: One of the biggest advantages of VoLTE phone service over VoIP technology is that it can support high definition audio quality. It works on a simple principle where LTE networks encode the wideband audio – this is necessary to carry forward the HD voice. It utilizes novel IMS technology to enable users to make apex quality HD voice calls. However, HD voice calls can only be facilitated when users at both ends use HD-enabled devices. Hence, if the receiver is not using an HD-supported device, the audio quality may not be high definition.

Network Technology: This is another major differentiating factor between VoIP and VoLTE technology. VoLTE is a highly advanced telecommunication technology that is designed to utilize 4g LTE networks. On the other hand, VoIP uses slightly primitive technology as it supports 3g or 4g phone networks. This gives VoLTE technology a definite edge over VoIP phone systems. Most smartphones are nowadays supporting VoLTE technology, so users can avail of its various benefits for both personal and business communication.

Target Audience: This is another area that service providers use to differentiate VoIP and VoLTE technology. Voice-over-internet-protocol was initially targeted at corporate users and used through web or VoIP phones number. VoLTE technology is broader in its scope; hence it has a much wider and generic audience. Most of the newer models of smartphones support VoLTE technology, hence we can expect the target audience base to grow leaps and bounds in the coming few years.

Reliability: Reliability is an important criterion that is super important when it comes to choosing phone systems. VoIP phone networks provide good quality of voice communication, however, if there is any kind of stress, it drops sound data packets. This leads to disturbances and poor audio call quality. This is not the case with VoLTE technology as it has higher bandwidth. VoLTE enabled phone systems are much more reliable as a channel of communication, as there is only a minimal chance of any kind of call disturbance or latency.

The telecommunication field is constantly evolving with tons of new technologies coming out frequently. Any business has to leverage the power of these novel new tools to keep up in the competitive corporate ecosystem and leverage the power of speed, flexibility, and agility in business communication.

Do not remain in a shell – try out new phone platforms and adopt emerging technologies to enhance your efficiency. VoLTE is the future of corporate communication so do not miss out on this tremendous opportunity. Explore all possible options and invest in a world-class communication system for your organization. It is the best way to get ahead in the rat race and satisfy your customers by providing superior quality two-way communication.


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