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What Is The Best Time to Call China? [From Different Countries]

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Akarsh Jain

Senior Writer:

green tickDate: January 9, 2024

Communication across time zones can be a logistical challenge, especially when trying to connect with a country as vast and influential as China.

It is essential to comprehend China’s time zone and identify optimal windows for communication for better business opportunities. So read on to know more.

Best Time to Call China From Different Countries 

Determining the optimal time to call China largely depends on the time difference between China and your location. Considering the GMT+8 time zone of China, here are some general guidelines –

1. Calling from America

Best time to call china from different locations

  • Eastern Time Zone (ET): China is 13 hours ahead of ET. Morning hours in ET (evening in China) may be suitable for business calls.
  • Central Time Zone (CT): China is 14 hours ahead of CT. Similar to ET, early mornings in CT can be preferable.
  • Pacific Time Zone (PT): China is 15 hours ahead of PT. Late evenings or very early mornings in PT might align with business hours in China.

2. Calling from Europe

  • Greenwich Mean Time (GMT): There’s an 8-hour difference between GMT and China. Afternoons or evenings in GMT may coincide with business hours in China.

3. Calling from Asia/Australia

  • Australian Eastern Time Zone: China is 2 hours behind AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). Mornings or early afternoons in AEST can be suitable for contacting China.

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Time Zones Maintained In China

China spans five geographical time zones, but the entire country operates on a single standard time known as China Standard Time (CST) throughout the year. This means that regardless of the actual solar time across different regions, the country maintains a uniform time.

CST (China Standard Time) is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+8). It’s important to note that China does not observe daylight saving time adjustments, resulting in consistent timekeeping throughout the year.

China Standard Time (CST) is the standard time used across the entire country. (GMT+8)

Final thoughts 

Understanding the time zone differences and identifying the best times to call China can significantly enhance communication and collaboration. Considering the 8-hour difference between China Standard Time (CST) from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+8), individuals and businesses worldwide can plan their communications effectively to connect with counterparts in China.

By being mindful of time zone disparities and aligning schedules accordingly, seamless interactions and productive conversations can take place, fostering stronger international relationships and successful business ventures across borders.


1) Is China 12 hours ahead?

No, China is not exactly 12 hours ahead of most time zones. China Standard Time (CST) is 8 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+8).

2) Does China have 2 time zones?

Despite its vast geographical expanse, China operates on a single time zone called China Standard Time (CST) throughout the entire country. So, officially, there is only one time zone.

3) Does China have 24-hour time?

Yes, the 24-hour clock system is commonly used and understood in China, alongside the AM and PM notation.

4) Does China change time?

China does not observe daylight saving time adjustments. As a result, the country maintains a consistent time throughout the year without changing the clocks forward or backward.

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