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How To Call Taiwan From US: A Comprehensive Guide

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Akarsh Jain
Senior Writer:
green tickDate: February 26, 2024

Navigating international calls can be complex, but connecting with Taiwan from the US is made easier with this comprehensive guide. Statistics show that nearly 80 percent of individuals from Taiwan reported engaging in free online calls over the Internet at least once a week in 2019. This signifies the potential of the Taiwan industry and the need for knowledge of the dialing process to Taiwan from the US or any other part of the world.

Steps For Calling Taiwan From The USA

It is important to have knowledge about the process of calling Taiwan from the United States. Calling Taiwan from the United States involves a few simple steps:

Step 1: Dial the United States exit code, “011.”

Step 2: Input Taiwan’s country code, which is “886.”

Step 3: Enter the area code.

Step 4: Dial the local phone number you wish to reach.

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How To Call Taiwan Cell Phone From The US

To call a Taiwan cell phone from the US, follow the same steps mentioned above, ensuring you have the correct country code (886) and area code. The local phone number is crucial for connecting to the specific mobile device.

Note: For all regions, the combination of the area code and phone number should comprise 8 digits, except for Taipei and specific surrounding areas, where the total digits extend to 9.

Popular Taiwan area codes:

Taiwan has several area codes, and some of the popular ones include:

City / RegionArea Code
Chunan (Tchou-Nan)36
Tung-Sha Island827

Make sure to check the specific area code for the city or region you intend to call.


Establishing a connection with Taiwan from the US is a hassle-free endeavor. Ensure a smooth communication experience by accurately employing the exit code, country code, and specific area code. Establishing communication with friends, family, or business associates in Taiwan is made effortlessly accessible when keeping these essential details in mind.

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1. How to call Taiwan from the US for free?

Unfortunately, most international calls incur charges. However, you can explore internet-based calling apps or services that offer free or low-cost international calls.

2. How do I call Taipei from the US?

When calling Taipei from the US, include the exit code (011), Taiwan’s country code (886), the specific area code for Taipei, and the local phone number.

3. What is the caller code for Taiwan?

Taiwan’s caller code is +886.

4. How do I make an international call from Taiwan?

To make an international call from Taiwan, dial the international access code (usually 002 or 009), followed by the country code, area code, and local landline or mobile phone number.

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