Communication is the key to expanding business operations in any corner of the world! You need to set up a seamless medium of two-way communication so that your organization can establish a dialogue with local clients, vendors, and suppliers.

So, what’s the best way to ensure the flow of communication in an overseas market? The answer is simple – setting up a call center is a holistic solution that can solve all your issues. If there is one buzzing commercial business destination that you can target with this plan, it has to be the Philippines.

The Philippine economy is experiencing an all-time high. It is a ripe market with plenty of opportunities for business forms from all industries. Cities such as Manila, Cebu, Quezon, and Davao are very lucrative regions as they have an ever-growing customer base and easy entry laws for foreign companies.

The Government of the Philippine actively seeks and promotes investment from overseas firms. In fact, they have set up free trade zones such as the Philippine Economic Zone Authority to make it easier for organizations to enter their markets with new products and services.

Whether you are a start-up or a customer-centric business planning to operate out of the Philippines, the one useful thing that you can do for long-term prosperity is to invest in a Philippines virtual phone number. Invest in a credible VoIP phone service provider to get a hosted phone system for your company, and set up your own call center from scratch.

All That You Need To Know To Setup Your Philippines Call Center:

If you are inspired to set up your call center in the Philippines, think no more and take the plunge. Call centers dominate the industry landscape in the Philippines and are projected to continue to do, even beyond 2020.

Now, it may seem like a challenging task, but once you get started, setting up a call center in the Philippines is quite straightforward. Focus on your business objectives, and conduct an initial feasibility survey about the call center setup.

Remain abreast of the latest technological happenings so that you can leverage maximum benefits by using the best tools. Investing in virtual phone numbers, and setting up a dedicated call center will definitely help your company seize a huge local customer base. Just follow these simple tips to ensure that you have a smooth ride, and do not encounter any unexpected difficulties while starting your Philippines contact center:


Start With Your Long –Term Goals: Start with your strategic objectives in mind. Ask the following questions – ‘Why do I need to set up a call center in the Philippines?’. This will provide clarity, and help you break down your primary goals into secondary objectives. You can start off by deciding whether your call center will mainly focus on generating sales, or will the main aim is to provide customer support for speedy resolution. Once you know the main purpose of your call center, you will be able to draw up a blueprint. This will also help you in further planning for the location, equipment, and infrastructure of the contact center.

Check Up Philippines Regulatory Restrictions: If you are planning to expand operations into the Philippines, it is essential to have complete knowledge about the legal regulations. Foreign investors should be aware of all the labor laws so that they do not run into any legal difficulties at a later stage. Registering a business in the Philippines may involve quite a few tedious steps, and it is important to collaborate with local agencies for smooth transactional processes. Your company will have to follow all the Philippine guidelines with respect to employment, wages, and tax payment. Since the regulations change frequently, it is important to consult the required authorities so that you do not run into compliance issues.

Decide On Physical Or Virtual Call Center: One of the most imperative decisions, when you decide to open a call center in the Philippines, will be whether you want a physical office site or a virtual call center. This will mostly depend on the scale of your business operations. If you run a multinational gigantic company and have a large customer base, you may decide to set up a physical office space. However, if you are starting on a smaller scale, you may choose to get Philippines virtual phone numbers and conduct remote operations. Deciding on a physical or virtual call center can make or break your success in the Philippines – remember to weigh all factors carefully before implementing the right choice for your organization.

Be Prepared For Operational Limitations: You should expect to face physical and operational limitations when you open your call center. It is important to discuss with service providers what challenges you may face so that you are well prepared. Make sure that integrations are not an issue so that your organization can integrate CRM and other existing systems with your virtual phone platform. Scalability is another aspect that you should cater to – after all, you may choose to add more VoIP phone lines as the size and scale of your business expands. Most modern service providers give scalable solutions; hence companies can purchase additional modules or phone lines whenever required. Remain proactive, and tackle limitations with foresight so that there is no delay in setting up your call center in the Philippines.

Fix A Budget: Before you start planning for your call center, you must decide on the budget. Make sure to put aside maximum money for your new call center, as it will serve as a must-have asset that will give a heavy return on investment. Map out your initial lump sum investment, and keep aside some money as recurring operating expenses. Once you have decided on your financial budget, it will be easy for your organization to decide on the physical location, amount of infrastructure, and team size.

Hire The Best Team: Your human resource will be your strongest asset. They will be the direct contact points with your local clientele and help your brand gain a credible reputation in an overseas market. Your call center can offer many job opportunities for the Philippine local people. Your organization will have to attract the best talent available in the market to ensure that you have a collaborative team that works exceptionally well. Special priority also must be given to the onboarding process and training new employees so that they can perform to the best of their ability.

Prepare A Future Plan: While you may be setting up a call center for the current time in the Philippines, you have to make plans for the future. Since the business environment is very dynamic and constantly changing, it is imperative for companies that are operating in a foreign land to have a well-established back-up plan. Also, make sure that your VoIP service provider has made provisions for scalability as your business size may grow dramatically according to the demand of products or services. Having a rock-solid future plan will ensure that your organization does not encounter any unexpected shocks, and will help you ride through any unexpected business circumstances.

Opening up a call center in the Philippines may seem to be a daunting task, but once you start the ball rolling, everything will seamlessly fall in place. There is tremendous potential for business opportunities in the lucrative Philippine market, make sure to put in place a streamlined communication structure so that you can easily capture your target audience.

Once you are operational, keep evaluating your key performance parameters so that you are aware of any red flags. A contact center is a multi-dimensional platform that can help you keep in touch with customers through various communication channels. It is the best way to create a positive brand identity in the Philippine market and compete with local competition.

Make sure to forge a lasting relationship with your valued customers in the Philippines to enjoy successful business innings in one of the most upcoming economies of the world.

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