Whether you are operating a massive customer service operation with a multitude of call centers or you are running a business with customer service workforce as one of its parts, having best call center software will benefit you. Let’s dig out what it is, how it works, and how it can help you leverage maximum advantages.

What is Call Center Software?

Though there are multiple business communication channels like live chats, emails, social media platforms, and more, the phone system remains a vital part of the business. About 74% of the prospects contact the business support center via phone. Thus, harnessing call center software helps you convert a cold opportunity into a customer with an excellent after sales support. It is a product that lets you handle your business phone conversations at ease. Your team can use it to make outgoing calls, manage incoming calls, track the essential calls, analyze team performance, and even load automated scripts.

Recent advancements in VoIP and hosted software have made virtual phone system a reality. It requires essential components – a PC, browser, and a phone. With a cloud-based phone number, you can set up a virtual call center hub anywhere across the globe and present a professional image of your brand to your customers. Additionally, you can save as much as 70% of the total running costs.

How does it work?

Organizations use call center software to administer incoming calls and communication related to product support or other queries. Similarly, companies can use it to make outbound calls for product marketing and sales.
Here’s how it benefits you!

On-Premise Call Center vs. Cloud-based Call Center

An inbound call center has real-estate costs, higher turnover rates, and more significant overheads. Whereas, a virtual or cloud-based call center offer more flexibility, lower turnover rates, and reduces overheads. The process associated with the on-premise call center is time-consuming and expensive. On the contrary, running a virtual phone system is far more cost-effective and economical.
Businesses with outbound calls end up paying about $60 per agent as call costs. But, with a VoIP-based call center solution, you can save potentially every month! This is why businesses choose to make their call center virtual.

Expand your Team without Downsizing

As a virtual phone system is not tied to physical space in an office, it allows you to expand your team effortlessly. You no longer need to spend on buying expensive equipment for every new hire, nor do you require laying down new landlines.

Set up New Call Centers at Minimal Costs

Real estate prices vary from one place to another. Getting a property office-ready, renovating it, and deploying technology costs even more. But, by taking advantage of cloud-based contact software, you can utilize your existing workspace and expand new teams across different locations.

This is precisely how CallHippo helps its clients. With CallHippo’s cloud phone number and VoIP solutions, you can set up multiple offices across the globe without burning your cash.

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Making the most of Virtual Phone System

Along with cutting costs, virtual call center immensely helps you in enhancing customer service and employee satisfaction.

Increased Flexibility

With an inbound call center, people have to remain glued to their desks all the time as companies can’t afford to miss even a single call. But, when we talk about virtual call center, it adds a lot more flexibility. It is potent enough to enable employees to work from wherever they are.

As per a survey, people with flexible work-life likely love their job 58% more. 

With CallHippo, you need not install a separate technology for your employees working from home. They can work effectively even via CallHippo App on their phone. It also enables to have different call settings like forwarding the calls, joining a call conference, and collaborating with other team members irrespective of where they are.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Most of the call centers let you forward or route calls based on the department, function, or availability. CallHippo’s smart call forwarding routes the calls to the right person. This leads to increased customer satisfaction.

With features like call recording, managers can keep track of the performance of their team members. They can see to it if the team members can solve customer queries efficiently or require training.

Efficient Call Handling

Customers get frustrated when they are unable to reach a customer care representative. This might lead to losing valuable customers. CallHippo, a leading Virtual phone service provider, helps you handle calls on the go. With a cloud-based phone number, your customers can reach any of your team members whether they are in the office, at home, or the way to a meeting.

In case your team members can’t attend an incoming call, they can transfer it to other representatives directly. Thus, a customer never returns unanswered.

Improved Call Queuing

Waiting in queues irritates – be it in a supermarket or on a call. CallHippo simplifies the call queuing with First In, First Out approach. This means the first customers to call will be answered first. Moreover, to free up customers from listening to annoying waiting beeps, CallHippo facilitates you to have a piece of customized on-hold music or message that refrains the customers from hanging up.

Omnichannel Capability

For good customer experience, it is crucial to have call center software that allows integrating with your existing systems. CallHippo gives you the flexibility to integrate it with various CRM and other channels so that you can get your work done from a single place.

How can you get the best call center software?

We find many people who decline answering calls from an unknown international number. Besides, customers are reluctant to call if they need to pay international charges for calling you. Here, a virtual phone number can do wonders. An essential characteristic of a cloud-based phone number is that it helps businesses create a local presence. Right from Call Transferring to Voicemail, CallHippo is a one-stop solution to all your business communication needs.

With CallHippo, you can have your virtual call center set up in less than 3 minutes. You need to follow the below-mentioned steps, and you are good to go.

  • Sign up with CallHippo
  • Log in using the Username and Password
  • Go to the Dashboard and select a virtual phone number for the country you want
  • Select any of the pricing plans as per your needs
  • Make the payment, and you are all set to use your virtual number

Virtual call center software is the building block of your company’s support center’s future. It undoubtedly cut down the company’s investments and offers the best support to customers. 

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