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How to Call the UK from the US? | Try for Free

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Jahnavi Vekaria
Senior Writer:
green tickDate: May 30, 2024

The United Kingdom’s business market identified sturdy growth in the last few years as VAT and PAYE businesses increased to 2.75 million. Today, many new companies are set up locally or virtually in the UK. As per the research briefings, 112,700 more private sectors are developed in the UK in 2020 than in 2019.

After Brexit, the UK has become the most suitable place for global business. Most businessmen are looking forward to investing in the UK market to leverage its potential and strengthen its presence.

If you are also planning to enter the European market from the US, you must consider planning an effective communication process to smoothen the process.

Opt for a communication system that is feasible, cost-saving, and robust. For example, VOIP is one of the feature-rich and cloud-based telephony systems used by 2048 billion users. Also, 61% of businesses use the VOIP phone system instead of the traditional phone system to connect people promptly.

So, if you are all set for establishing your business in the UK, don’t worry about the communication. 

How to Call the UK from the US?

Here we bring all the answers to your queries related to calling the UK from the US and getting a UK virtual number.

Let’s start now!

How To Call On UK Landlines From The US?

If you are making a direct call on UK Landlines from the US, you must follow the standard UK phone number format. This dialing format is the same for landline numbers and mobile numbers.

Follow these steps for dialing England from the USA:

Step 1: Dial the country’s exit code

The first thing you need to do to call the UK from the US or connect the UK-based people from the US is to dial the US’s exit code– 011.

This exit code informs telecommunication providers about your international call via sending signals. Also, if you are on a cellphone, add the + key and dial 011 for accessible communication.

Step 2: Dial the country code of the UK

After inserting the exit code of the US, dial the country of the UK– 44. After entering this code, you will be able to make telecom connections with anyone in the UK.

Step 3: Dial the area code

The third step in the process to call the UK from the US is to enter the area code just after the country code.

Each city in the United Kingdom has its own area code, which you must enter after dialing the country code. However, keep in mind that even though the area code includes a 0, you do not need to dial it; simply enter the rest of the digits.

For Example: If you want to connect from Austria from your Austria virtual phone number to London, then the area code is 020, but you must enter only 20, i.e., +011-44-20, right now.

Step 4: Enter the phone number

The fourth and final step in the “How to call London from the US” guide is to enter the phone number. After entering all the codes, dial the last portion of the number– the landline number. Note that the typical UK landline number consists of 10 digits.

Once you’ve entered all of these numbers, the end number will look like this:


Now, let’s learn how to call on UK cell phones from the US.

US map

How To Call On UK Cellphones From The US?

Calling a UK mobile from the USA is similar to calling a UK landline from the US. The only difference is that instead of an area code, you should enter the UK’s mobile code 7. Let’s go over the steps in detail.

Step 1: Enter the country’s exit code–11

When calling a UK mobile from the USA, you must first dial the country’s exit code, which is 11. However, keep in mind that when calling from a cellphone or CallHippo, you must prefix the exit code with “+,” in this case, +11.

Step 2: Dial the UK country code– 44

The second step in the process to call the UK from the US is to enter the UK area code just after the US exit code, i.e., dial the UK country code 44. Dialing this number will notify the phone system that you have called the United Kingdom.

Step 3: Dial the mobile code– 7

This is where the process of calling UK landlines and UK cell phones differs.

When dialing UK landlines from the US, you have to enter the area code following the country code. However, when calling a UK cell phone from the US, you enter the mobile code 7, not the area code.

Step 4: Enter the UK cell phone number

The last step in the process of calling a UK mobile from the USA is to enter the UK cell phone number. After entering the exit code, country code, and mobile code, at last, you enter the UK mobile number, which is typically 9 digits long.

For example: Once you’ve entered all of these numbers, the end number will look like this:


How To Make Business Calls In The UK From The US?

Running a business needs frequent calling everywhere, and when it comes to calling in the UK from the US to a personal number or office landline becomes expensive.

If you expand your business setup in the UK and require regular calling from the US, it’s time to find another more efficient and cost-effective option — a VOIP phone system.

One of the most economical and favorable ways to connect with UK people from the US is using VOIP, Voice Over Internet Protocol services provided by CallHippo. 

VOIP phone service is a modern technology that works over the internet protocol networks to share voice communication and other multimedia formats. It uses PSTN and virtual numbers to establish communication between two persons.

Virtual number is capable of making or receiving calls from any time, anywhere. Also, it is operable from any phone or device connected to the internet. Whether it is a VOIP desk phone, cell phone, or landline, not only from the US to the UK, you can also make calls from anywhere, including Germany from the US or any other countries you prefer.

Getting a UK virtual number enables you to connect your employees working in and out of the office efficiently and inexpensively. Let’s uncover how you can get this with CallHippo.

How Can You Get a UK Virtual Phone Number?

When you are dealing from the US to the UK, a trust may be the essential factor that generates a sense of reliability and authenticity of any business. This is the reason why you need a UK virtual number for empowering your business without any flaw.

Get a UK phone number in less than 3 minutes by taking a few steps with CallHippo.

  • Firstly, free signup with CallHippo.
  • Pick the country in which you are interested- the UK
  • Select the city/state for your UK mobile number
  • Pick one of between your business phone number and UK toll-free number
  • Choose your plan and proceed with payment
  • Enjoy making the unlimited call to facilitate communication with anyone from the UK.
  • You can also use Whatsapp on UK virtual number.

Getting a virtual UK number is always an intelligent move to facilitate flawless communication with your customers and employees in a cost-effective and user-friendly way. Not only this, but virtual numbers bring numerous benefits for its users. Now, understand it in detail.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A UK Virtual Phone Number?

Every hour is precious to grow your business for business owners, and every dollar is reinvested, so don’t waste them anymore! Get a business phone number for any country like the UK, and don’t leave any room to waste time or resources.

No matter the size of your upcoming business enterprise, whether it is a small, medium, or large enterprise. Virtual numbers work efficiently to run your business from anywhere. 

Let’s understand how:

1 ) No Expensive Hardware Required

Virtual phone systems don’t require you to buy any expensive hardware such as PBX, cable, or other technical devices. Instead, it needs only internet connectivity to establish a connection anywhere in the UK.

2 ) Cost and Resources Effective

Thus, it doesn’t require any extensive tools then it reduces your operational costs, including expensive international calls, roaming, etc. Virtual phone systems put everything online and on the cloud, which is easily operable; however, you can save your time, money, resources and drive your potential towards business growth.

3 ) Generate Productivity From Anywhere

Whether your employees are working in the office or from home, virtual numbers facilitate communication from anywhere. One doesn’t need to wait on the desk for a call; your call will automatically be routed to your mobile phones for easy working.

4 ) Facilitates Communication with Customers

Maintaining relationships with customers is quite complex, but the virtual phone system makes it easy for you. Now, your customers will never hear you are busy; you can always be attentive with quick and unlimited call handlings with virtual numbers.

In Final Words

Maximize your business profit by spreading your business to other countries like the UK, and stop worrying about communication! CallHippo is always ready to serve its top-notch and robust VOIP phone system services that allow you to connect with your customers and employees from the US to the UK or any other preferred countries. 

Pick the plan that suits your budget and enjoy unlimited virtual phone services with CallHippo.


1. What is the cheapest way to call the UK from the USA?

Dialing the UK from the US is cheapest, often through VoIP phone systems like CallHippo. CallHippo offers cost-effective international calling rates, making it an affordable option for staying connected with UK users while providing reliable call quality.

2. Does the UK number work in the US?

Although UK phone numbers might not work directly in the US, CallHippo provides virtual phone numbers for many different countries, making international contact easy. With the help of this cloud-based solution, companies can go global without requiring any physical infrastructure.

3. Do I need to include the country code when calling the UK from the US?

Yes, +44 typically needs to be entered before the UK phone number when making a call from the US to the UK. It guarantees that your call will be connected to the UK correctly. CallHippo is a useful tool for handling international calls. It offers virtual numbers with country codes along with additional features to make communication easier. 

4. What is the time difference between UK and US?

Depending on the individual time zones, there are differences in the time difference between the US and the UK.  Generally, the time difference ranges from approximately 5 to 8 hours, with the US being behind the UK. CallHippo is a top supplier of virtual phone systems, providing organizations with scalable and reasonably priced communication options.

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