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Get your own +44 UK Virtual Mobile Number in less than 3 minutes from anywhere in the world.

Buy a UK virtual phone number and connect with your customers and leads with perfect voice quality.

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What Is A Virtual UK Phone Number?

UK virtual phone numbers are real phone number but are hosted on the cloud. They can be used to call anywhere in the world with a mobile app or computer with decent internet access.

Unlike traditional phone numbers, which require you to have a landline or SIM card, UK virtual numbers are entirely portable. Furthermore, you can purchase a local UK number from any service provider like CallHippo.

Having a United Kingdom virtual number is a cost-effective and convenient way to ensure that customers can always reach you. The presence of it makes your business appear professional while boosting productivity and efficiency.

Why Should You Build a Local Presence In The UK with a Virtual Phone Number?

The only way to beat the heavy competition is by providing unparalleled service to your customers.  UK virtual numbers helps you meet the expectations of your customers by providing 27*7 world-class support.

CallHippo’s UK VoIP numbers empower you to build a flexible support system that can be operated from any part of the world. Your prospects won’t have to make international calls every time they want to reach you.

You can also get a European phone number for your customers using CallHippo if you want to target a larger audiance.

Add your new UK virtual phone number

What are The Benefits Of Having A UK VoIP Number?

  • Call charges of UK phone numbers are cheaper than traditional telephone carriers.
  • You get to make phone calls with any device that has an internet connection using UK VoIP Number.
  • The setup time to get virtual UK number is much faster than getting a phone number by traditional means.
  • You can choose your virtual phone number according to your liking.
  • You can choose a Toll free number in UK.

Why Is It Necessary To Buy UK Virtual Mobile Number?

While dealing with people from different countries, trust is something that needs to be developed, without which there will be no authentic business relationships. That’s exactly why getting a virtual number for your audience is non-negotiable.

Also, when your customers in the UK want to call you regarding a query or concern, you should provide a UK Virtual mobile number for your customers. Here is an article on how you can get UK virtual mobile number.

How To Buy A UK Phone Number?

  1. Sign up with CallHippo to buy UK virtual mobile number.
  2. Select the united kingdom as your country of interest.
  3. Choose the city/state for your virtual phone number of.
  4. Select your preferred UK local number or UK virtual mobile number
  5. Select a package and make the payment.
  6. Start enjoying services immediately by making calls with your virtual number UK.

How Can I Get UK Phone Number for WhatsApp?

You can use a UK virtual number for WhatsApp in the same way that you would any other mobile number. Here’s how:

Step 1: Download the WhatsApp Messenger from Google Play or Apple App Store.

Step 2: Read the Terms of Service and tap Agree to proceed. 

Step 3: Select United Kingdom from the drop-down menu, then type in your virtual phone number in international UK phone number format (011 + country code + city code + subscriber number). 

Step 4: Tap Next to get your six-digit verification code. Enter the code when prompted to complete registration.

Step 5: Complete your profile by adding business details.

What Can You Do with A Virtual Phone Number In The United Kingdom?

Make Unlimited Calls from Anywhere on a Web or Phone App using Virtual Number UK

Today, we all spend a fair amount of time off-desk, even while we are working. The best thing about CallHippo Virtual Number is that it works just with any smart device – Be it a phone, laptop, or desktop.

Moreover, if your support agents reside in the United States they can also make calls from US to the UK without any issue.

Make Unlimited Calls from Anywhere on a Web or Phone App

Get Your Virtual UK Number in Less Than 3 Minutes

Get Your UK Virtual Number with CallHippo in less than 3 minutes

Stay Connected All The Time with Virtual UK Phone Numbers

It is easy to get a UK local phone number with CallHippo to forward calls to different numbers in case you are not available. You can even make calls from your mobile phone, but for the customer, your UK number will be displayed.

Getting a virtual UK phone number would be a good start if you are setting up a virtual office in the country. It is much easier than setting up physical infrastructure in the UK.

This is where a question arises- “How to service customer requests without a physical telephone number in the United Kingdom?” The solution – get a business phone number UK from CallHippo. Leverage the power of these for your business. When you have these numbers for your business, you will be available for your customers no matter which part of the world you are in.

CallHippo is a pioneer in this area and it offers virtual numbers for enterprises in 50+ other countries. CallHippo offers virtual numbers for small businesses with a wide range of services including UK VoIP numbers as per their business requirements.

The UK virtual phone numbers are easily available and you can enjoy it from any type of device including, but not limited to, web browsers, smartphones, tablets, and landlines. Connect with your customers with ease, thereby increasing the trust that they have in you.

Search By Area Code Or City & State

With CallHippo you can also set up your UK toll free number within minutes. From London ( 0208, 0207, and 0203 area code) to Manchester (0161), CallHippo’s inventory of business phone numbers has got everything covered virtually across the country. Once you’ve chosen a virtual number, all the incoming calls to it will be redirected to a landline or mobile phone of your choice. This means that you will be able to operate a UK business number virtually from anywhere in the world and you will be highly prepared to grab any opportunities that you get.

Local Phone Numbers

If you thought that you would need to have a physical location registered to buy a local phone number in the UK, then you’re wrong. CallHippo provides you with local virtual numbers that you can use to operate a business and offers a hassle-free communication channel for your customers.

These UK local virtual numbers have some amazing features like smart call forwarding which will route the call from the UK to your office, home, mobile, or PBX systems. Let’s face the reality, your overseas customers are not going to call an international number to buy your product or services. But they will pay a small cost for a local call since it’s easy and convenient. So don’t waste another day thinking about how to afford a new office and get the UK local phone number today from CallHippo.

Port Your Existing Phone Number

You have used the same phone number for years; in fact, many people recognize you and your business through it. Understandably, you don’t want to abandon it when you switch to a different service provider. At CallHippo, we understand this and we promise that you can port your number to the best virtual UK number provider and also make sure you don’t lose any business traffic due to the number change.

UK virtual phone number

How Virtual UK Phone Number Works

Get Your UK Virtual Number

Drive your business on a global level with virtual numbers.

Set Up Users

Add multiple users as per the requirement.

Start Making Calls

Set up your phone system in less than 3 minutes and start calling.

Get Your UK Virtual Number

Select The Country (UK)

Choose the city/state for the required number.

Select Virtual Landline of UK Or UK Virtual Mobile Number

Give your business a unique identity by the best Virtual Mobile Number UK and Landline number.

Get Your Very Own Virtual Phone Number

Get your virtual phone number for the UK starting at the best price.

Select UK Virtual Phone Number

How Much Does UK Virtual Phone Number Cost?

Ideal for Bulk Calling for Sales, Support and Call Center Teams


Per user/Month
10 Days Free Trial

Ideal For Small Team

  • Free Number1
  • Voicemail
  • Shared Inbox
  • Skill Based Call Routing
  • Webhook
  • Paid Call Recording
  • Target Vs Achievement
  • Campaign Management


Per user/Month
10 Days Free Trial

For Fast Growing Team

  • Everything in Bronze +
  • Role based access control
  • Free Call Recording
  • IVR
  • Live Call
  • Call Queuing
  • User Working Hours
  • Call Reminder
  • After Call Work
  • Call Cascading
  • Holiday Routing
  • Feedback for Calls
  • Gamification
  • Call Tagging
  • Call Disposition
  • Pause-Resume Recording


Per user/Month
10 Days Free Trial

For Larger Team

  • Everything in Silver +
  • Power Dialer
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Speed to Dial
  • Voice Broadcasting
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Multiple Level Call Transfer
  • Conference Calling
  • Call Barging
  • Route to External Number
  • Single Sign On
  • DID Group
  • Call Whisper
  • Intelligent Reports/Analytics
  • Reports via Email
  • Automatic Machine Detection
  • Compliance Call Recording
  • Google Drive, AWS S3 Integration
  • Embedded Dialer Integration
  • Smart DID Routing
  • Auto Rotate

Ideal for Businesses to Support Their Customers and Not For Bulk Calling


Per user/Month
  • 1000 calling minutes within US/CAD
  • 1 Standard Number Free
  • Free SMS/ Text messages
  • Multi Lingual IVR
  • 2FA
  • User Working Hours
  • Business Hours
  • Ring All Devices
  • 1-year Call Records
  • Basic Report Analytics
  • Forward-to-device
  • Shared Inbox
  • Feedback for Calls


Per user/Month
  • Everything in Starter +
  • Unlimited calling minutes within US/CAD
  • Call Recordings
  • Intelligent Reports/Analytics
  • Country Blocking
  • Call Tagging
  • Email notification for Voicemail
  • Reports Via Email
  • Call Notes & Ratings
  • Lifetime Call Records
  • Advance Report Analytics
  • Role based access control
  • IVR
  • Live Call
  • Call Reminder
  • After Call Work
  • Holiday Routing
  • Gamification
  • Pause-Resume Recording


Per user/Month
  • Everything in Professional +
  • Unlimited calling minutes within US/CAD
  • Call Blocking
  • Call Cascading
  • Custom Greetings
  • Audit Logs
  • Webhook
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Personalized Onboarding
  • Phone Support
  • 24*7 Support
  • Advanced Integrations
  • Custom Integrations
  • Annual Business Review
  • Auto Rotate
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Multiple Level Call Transfer
  • Conference Calling
  • Call Barging
  • Single Sign On
  • Call Tagging
  • Call Disposition
  • DID Group
  • Call Whisper
  • Compliance Call Recording
  • Embedded Dialer Integration
  • Smart DID Routing

Features Of UK Virtual Phone Number

CallHippo Feature - Power Dialer
Power Dialer

Get your calling list dialed automatically from your chosen list without any manual errors or interventions.

CallHippo Feature - Call Monitoring
Call Monitoring

Listening to a representative’s calls with the objective of improving the quality of communication.

Call Monitoring features
Global Connect

Discover the ideal time and way to engage with your global clients as soon as you select their number.

CallHippo Feature - Smart Call Forwarding
Smart Call Forwarding

Stay always available for clients by selecting which phones to forward your call to when

CallHippo Feature - Call Transfer
Call Transfer

The Call Transfer feature allows you to redirect a connected call from your phone number to a team member.

CallHippo Feature - Call Conference
Call Conference

Add people to live calls on the go with call conferencing to get better clarity and provide faster resolutions.

CallHippo Feature - Call Queuing
Call Queuing Software

Manage high volumes of calls easily and direct customers to the correct call queue through CallHippo.

CallHippo Feature - Call Barging
Call Barging

Listen to live calls and intervene when necessary with CallHippo's Call Barging feature.

CallHippo Feature - Call Recording
Call Recording

Record each call for each of your numbers to analyze team performance and suggest improvements to agents.

CallHippo Feature - Voice Mail
Voice Mail

Directly receive all your voicemail messages in your inbox and play them instantly from your mailing list.

CallHippo Feature - Call Analytics
Call Analytics

Know how your agents are performing through various vital statistics and improve your team's performance and productivity.

CallHippo Feature - On Hold Music
On Hold Music

Keep your callers engaged, inform them about your services and show them you care with on-hold music.

List of Various Cities For Which You Can Buy UK Virtual Number


Frequently Asked Question of UK Virtual Phone Number

Why should you get a UK VoIP number?

UK numbers can really do wonders for your business. They use IP telephony meaning you don’t at all have to worry about setting up traditional telephone lines. They come with great voice quality and are affordable to use.

Do I need to integrate UK mobile numbers with CRM?
Yes, you need to integrate UK mobile numbers with CRM. The process is very simple. By integrating our calling system, you can make and receive calls from the CRM itself.
Why should you use CallHippo to get a virtual phone number in the UK?
The UK Virtual Phone number comes with a lot of extra features besides just making and receiving calls. The voice clarity is extremely good and the support team is available 24/7 to help you in case of any troubles.
Are 0800 and 0808 numbers toll-free in the UK?
Yes, the numbers starting with 0800 and 0808 are both UK toll-free numbers and are free to call from mobile phones and landlines. However, if the UK phone number begins with 0844, 0845, 0870, or 0871, you’ll be charged.
Do I Need to be in the UK to Use a UK Toll-Free Number?
No, you can use a virtual UK toll-free number even if you are not in the UK. Since virtual toll-free numbers don’t require your physical presence in the country and can be accessed via your smartphone, you can be anywhere in the world and give your callers the best possible experience.
Can I get a free demo of the UK toll-free number?
Yes, you can sign up for free with CallHippo to start your free trial of the UK toll-free number. All you need is your business email ID, and you can choose the virtual phone number with CallHippo.
Which are the best virtual landline UK provider?

CallHippo, RingCentral, Aircall, JustCall are some of the best UK toll free number providers.

How can you get a virtual phone number UK free?

You can get a Free UK Number in CallHippo’ Start up Program. You will get 1 free virtual number for a year and 50 minutes of incoming calls every month.

How can I get virtual UK mobile number to receive sms?
You can get virtual UK mobile number to receive sms via CallHippo. CallHippo provides both UK VOIP number and virtual landline UK numbers.
How can I get a virtual UK mobile number for Whatsapp?

You can use CallHippo virtual UK mobile number for whatsapp and other social media like Telegram, Google Meet, Hinge, etc. Note that such a virtual number might not work every time.

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