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What Is A Business Phone Number?

These are the numbers that differentiate hobbyists from professionals. You can use any type of number as your business number including personal phone numbers, toll-free, landline numbers, local numbers.

Cloud communication platform gives you access to features like call recording, call tracking, power dialer, voicemail, call queuing and more. These features enable you to manage your customer communication effectively and map call flows according to your customer and business requirements.

It helps your company appear professional rather than listing your mobile number as your point of contact. Using your personal number for business also does nothing to safeguard your privacy, and it certainly doesn’t help you put up a barrier to business calls outside your work hours.

CallHippo provides various business number services and offers a wide range of cloud-based, affordable and secure phone plans.

 Business Phone Number

Boost Your Business with Business Phone Number

Phone Number for Business

Why Do You Need A Business Phone Number?

Having a virtual business phone is necessary if you want to maintain consistency within your business while never missing a beat. It is very easy to get and use. It will not only tremendously increase the efficiency of your daily operations but will also help you improve the quality of your customer service.

Link your new business number to your current phone number. Start calling and receiving business calls using your current mobile carrier while keeping your personal number private.

Business telephone numbers are a great way to build up a customer base in the international market as a business numbers search can facilitate clients’ access to your organization with ease. It allows for a strong rapport with customers and provides a more holistic customer experience. Customers do not need to wait for long periods as they receive speedy assistance with an auto-attendant and all their queries are resolved.

Benefits Of Having A Virtual Business Phone Number

1. Increase Retention

With a virtual business number, customers can easily reach you at no cost to them. By making it easier for customers to reach you, you make it more likely for them to stay with you.

2. Increase Efficiency

With a cloud telephony system connected to your phone number, you can streamline communication and increase the efficiency of your sales & support agents.

3. Call Forwarding

Easily forward incoming customer calls to your mobile number. With a dedicated virtual number for your business, you don’t have to share your mobile number with your business contacts and customers.

4. Reduced Call Costs

VoIP-enabled phone number offers cheaper local and international calls as your small business telephony number calls are charged according to the local rate in the country.

How To Get A Business Phone Number?

CallHippo is a trusted virtual phone number provider to several companies in over 50 countries across the world. With CallHippo, getting a business telephone number is extremely easy. All you need to do is sign up with us and follow the steps given below:

1. Choosing The Right Phone System

The first step to getting a small business phone number is choosing the right phone system for your business. Startups cannot afford to pay huge telephone bills that are racked up by traditional phone systems. They need a virtual phone system that can squeeze into their tight budget.

Business Phone Number

2. Pick Your Business Phone Number

By using CallHippo as your service provider, you can get any type of business number at an affordable rate. You can opt for a bronze, silver, platinum, or enterprise plan according to your requirements with a monthly or annual subscription.

3. Select The Device On Which You Want To Host Your Virtual Phone System

After choosing a phone number, you need to decide on the device on which you want to access your business telephone system. The advantage is that you need not purchase any additional hardware. You can use any internet-enabled device such as a mobile app, laptop, PC, or tablet.

You can get in touch with us to know more about purchasing or to lease these customized hardware sets!

4. Add Extensions For All Your Employees

You can set up multiple extensions for your virtual business number. This means that along with a central phone number, each agent or department can have a different extension for that number.

You can create virtual menus where callers can route themselves to the correct agent or department. The system will automatically dial the extension on behalf of the caller.

5. Go Through The Features And Pick What You Need

A business number comes with a lot of perks. It offers a wide collection of features that you can integrate with your business mobile number.

Why Businesses Love CallHippo?

1. Customized Greeting Messages

This feature enables you to pre-record a message. Thus, whenever someone calls your phone number, they will be greeted with this message. No need for additional voiceovers anymore!

2. Call Forwarding

Working on the go? No problem! CallHippo’s call forwarding feature allows you to re-route all incoming calls of your virtual phone number to your personal cell number. This feature enables you to be available for your customers 24*7, even when you are not in the office.

Phone Number for Business

3. Call Queuing

During the peak hours of a business, the volume of incoming calls is quite large and as a result, all calls cannot be attended at once. In such situations, a call queue feature on the business telephone number systematically transfers calls as and when operators become available. It also takes into account priority customers.

4. Call Recording

Call recording enables you to monitor calls and check how productive they’re toward achieving the set targets.

And many more.

Simple enough, isn’t it?

The right phone system can work wonders for your business. It will not only help you improve your customer service but will also ease the day-to-day operations of your business.

Still not sure which phone system is the right fit for your business?

Don’t shy away, our experts are available round the clock to help you select the right tools to grow your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Business Phone Number

How to get a business phone number?

To get your desired number for your business from CallHippo, follow below step.

  • Signup & Create your business account
  • Select your country and choose your number
  • Checkout and Done
Can I get free business phone number?
Yes, you can get a free standard business phone number with our Silver and Platinum plan. With these plans you will also get free* incoming calls, SMS*, call transfer and call queuing feature.
Why should I buy business phone number?

Buying CallHippo’s Business Phone Number comes with a lot of perks. These are :

  • Scalability
  • Save time and money
  • Stay connected anytime, anywhere
  • Keep your private information private
  • Better Customer Service
How do I get an 0800 number for my business?

0800 numbers are used by most companies as a primary point of telephonic contact. These numbers are identified as commercial and are free to call on. You can get an 0800 number for your business in two ways:

  • You can buy an 0800 phone number from best business phone line providers. This might include purchase fee as well as monthly fees. You may also require changing your phone systems to answer to this number.
  • You can leverage the benefits of virtual business number providers like CallHippo. Such providers offer a 0800 number in the plan along with advanced calling features. Fees and plans may vary depending on the provider you choose.
Can I find out who the number belongs to?
You can determine who the number belongs to in several ways, such as reverse business telephone number lookups, searching the number on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, and searching on social media sites. However, there are many paid services that can assist you in finding to whom the number belongs to.
How do I get a google phone number for my business?

Google Voice provides you a free phone number for making calls, sending texts, and voicemails. You can use the apps on your computers and smartphones, and link your number with either your mobile number or landline.

To get a Google phone number, follow the below steps:

For computers:

  • Go to voice.google.com & sign in to your Google Account.
  • View the terms of service and privacy policy, and tap on ‘Continue’.
  • Search for a number by city or area code. If there are no numbers in your area, look for a nearby area.
  • Select the number you want & follow the instructions.

You can download the voice app on your Android and iPhone devices from Play Store and App Store, respectively. Then, follow the steps as given above.

How do I get an 1800 number personalized for my business?
Customizing your 1800 phone number makes it easily memorable for your customers. You can use a word or catchy number that reflects your business. For instance, it can be 1-800-FLOWER. You can get a personalized 1800 number or vanity number for your business from VoIP or network service providers.

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