Global Communication – it’s the golden key to business success. If you want to connect with prospective and existing customers effectively, you need to keep open two-way communication. And, if you are looking for quick lead conversion, what better than using phone calls to connect with customers! The phone is a potent marketing weapon. A recent survey revealed that 41.2% of respondents viewed phone calls as the most effective sales tool.

While phone calls are great as they provide a personal touch and help inactive customer engagement, it’s not always easy to manage calls with glitches. One huge problem that often plagues employees is what is the right time to call customers. It is a difficult decision for staff members, and they need to be sure that they choose a mutually acceptable time.

While it’s a tricky question, many innovative tools enable you to be sure that you don’t catch a sleeping customer! CallHippo- the market leader in virtual telephony has recently developed a revolutionary feature – Global Connect. With Global Connect, your organization can reduce calling costs and enhance profitability.

How Does the Global Connect Function?

There is nothing worse than calling a vital business client at a wrong or inappropriate time. Calling customers at the wrong time can make them angry or even leave them frustrated. They may also move to business rivals who seem to be more professional. As we know, it takes five times more money to attract new customers; it makes sense in retaining old ones. To achieve this, keep in mind the best time to make a business call.

To tackle the age-old dilemma of time zone differences and incompatibility, CallHippo has come up with an essential business tool GlobalConnect. As the name suggests, GlobalConnect enables businesses to connect with international clients seamlessly. It allows users to find out the exact time zone of a particular country and determine the best response time for connecting with leads.

So by now, you must surely be wondering how exactly does Global Connect work? It is a user-friendly and straightforward feature. All you have to do is hover your cursor over the client’s number you wish to call. You will get all the vital details related to the particular phone number. Global Connect will instantly inform you if the number is valid or invalid, the country it belongs to and the specific time zone of that country. The exact day, date, and time of the country are immediately displayed. It is up to you to decide if it is the best time to call leads!

Why Does Your Organization Need Global Connect?

Every organization wants to magnify lead conversion. Managers are always trying to unravel the mystery of how to increase sales calls success ratio. Well, the first step to forging a positive relationship with your clients would be to catch them at a suitable hour.

Though it may seem like a trivial issue, the time of the day when you call your clients with global connect can make a world of difference to the outcome. Global Connect automatically gives users complete information about a particular phone number. Employees do not have to waste time dialing numbers that are no longer in use. Global Connect ensures that your team members call at a suitable time or when the chances of the call being received are high.

Let’s take an example to highlight just how amazing Global Connect is and why it is a must-have asset! If your sales team makes 100 calls a day to international clients, they will take at least a minute to check the country number belongs to and the specific time to call each client. This means that 100 minutes of the working day (minimum) is spent to place the call at a time of mutual convenience that is suitable to both parties. However, it is easily possible to save this precious time if your organization uses Global Connect. It eliminates the waste of time by sales team members and reduces the frequency of failed attempts to communicate with leads.

Global Connect Technique

Here are some transformational benefits that you can receive instantly by utilizing Global Connect before getting in touch with international clients:

Global Connect will give instant information about the country that you are dialing so that managers can make an informed decision. You will be aware of the expected calling costs and can check what time of the day would it be for your customer.
Global Connect ensures that your organization calls clients at the appropriate time and does not disturb them at odd hours. This will give your business firm credibility and project a positive professional business image.
Another benefit of Global Connect is that it will tell you whether a particular phone number is still in use. Many times, figures are not updated on websites or clients change their numbers. Calling on invalid numbers leads to frustration and wastes precious time. Global Connect enhances efficiency and makes sure that you call on actual phone numbers.
Global Connect is the ideal tool for organizations that have clients scattered in different geographical locations. Having an active world clock facilitates managers to choose the best time to make prospecting calls. It enables sales teams to plan business correspondence better and manage their schedules effectively.

Companies need to follow strict business etiquette while working across time-zones. It is vital to be aware that you cannot catch a client at the wrong time. Make sure to respect their work schedule and always check before placing a call. Global Connect magnifies sensitivity to time zone differences in the workplace. It avoids any potential misunderstandings about the date or time of business meetings, negotiations, or conferences.

Ultimately picking up the best time to make a business call can boost your chances of lead conversion. Having a smart and intelligent feature such as Global Connect is a sure-shot way of retaining international customers by forging genuine connections at a mutually convenient time slot.

How To Get Global Connect?

Well, by now, you must be convinced about the power of Global Connect. If you are waiting to jump on board and leverage the power of this fantastic technology, connect with CallHippo immediately. It has a range of customizable virtual phone solutions for all kinds of organizations. Here are some prerequisites that are required to utilize Global Connect:

Your organization needs to be a CallHippo user.
CallHippo will enable your team members to leverage Global Connect and countless other features.
It is easy to integrate Global Connect with your existing CRM software for better utility.
You will require installing CallHippo’s Google Chrome Extension to benefit from Global Connect.

We live in a hyper-competitive era and is tough to gain an edge over rivals. Harness the power of Global Connect to build a long-lasting relationship with clients and call leads when they are ready to engage meaningfully. It can escalate your lead conversion rate and help to develop better relationships with global clients. So, what are you waiting for? Get Global Connect and race ahead in the quest for client satisfaction!

Updated : August 4, 2021


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