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How To Call China From Canada – 3 Easy Steps

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Akarsh Jain
Senior Writer:
green tickDate: September 14, 2023

The business opportunities in China are booming, resulting in more customer interactions and engagement. In 2022, China’s total mobile call duration reached 2.3 trillion minutes, marking a 1.5 percent increase compared to the preceding year.

If you have a business in Canada and want to expand it to China, here’s your complete guide. This blog provides information on how to dial China from Canada, the best time to call, and the list of popular China area codes.

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"Making calls to any country with a time difference requires more attention to detail. From the call timing to the calling script, you need to add personalization to each step. This can help you build better client relationships and foster them to improve retention."

How to Call China From Canada? 3-Step Guide

When calling China from Canada, follow these simple steps:

Steps for calling china from canada

Step 1: Begin by dialing Canada’s exit code, which is 011.

Step 2: Next, enter China’s country code, which is +86, followed by the area code of the city (if any).

Step 3: Lastly, dial the local number, which consists of 8 digits.

For example, if you’re calling a landline in Beijing, you would dial 011 + 86 + XX (Beijing area code) + XXXX XXXX (local number).

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Best Time to Call China from Canada

China and Canada have significant time differences. China Standard Time (CST) is typically 12 to 13 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time (EST) in Canada, depending on daylight saving time.

Typically, the most suitable time to place a call from Canada to China aligns with China’s daytime hours. This means that late evenings and nighttime in Canada align with daytime in China, offering the best chance of reaching someone during their business hours.

Hence, the optimal window for making calls from Canada to China falls between 10:00 PM and 1:00 AM, corresponding to China’s daytime hours from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.

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Popular China Area Codes

China is a vast country with multiple area codes corresponding to various cities and regions. There are total 346 area codes in China. Below we have shared some most common and popular China area codes –

City / Region

Area Code














Remember to include the appropriate area code after the country code (+86) to ensure your call reaches the correct destination when making calls to specific regions in China.

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It’s advisable to be aware of the time difference when making international calls, and we recommend using internet-based applications for either free or cost-effective communication. Considering these practical tips, you can effortlessly establish connections between Canada and China. These guidelines have made bridging the gap between these two locations remarkably straightforward, ensuring your communication is hassle-free and efficient.


1) How to Call China from Canada for Free?

Achieving cost-free international calls from Canada to China is feasible by utilizing internet-based communication apps such as Skype, WhatsApp, or Zoom. For a successful call, it’s necessary for both parties to have the application installed and access to the internet.

2) Do I Need to Dial 011 to Call China?

Yes, to make an international call from Canada, you must dial the exit code 011, followed by China’s country code +86.

3) How Do I Make an International Call to China?

To dial an international call to China, simply initiate the call with the exit code of your originating country, followed by 86, and then enter the local phone number.

4) How Do I Call Beijing, China from Canada?

To call Beijing from Canada, use the following format: 011 + 86 + 10 (Beijing area code) + XXXX XXXX (local number).

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