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How to Call China from US?

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Supriya Bajaj
Senior Writer:
green tickDate: June 27, 2024

Housing more than 1.4 billion people,  China has become the second-largest economy in the world after the USA. Whether you have a customer base in China or expanding your markets, you must know how to call China from USA.

In this blog, we have curated ways to call China from the USA using local, toll-free, and mobile numbers. If you are exploring ways to make an international call to China from the USA, this blog has all the details you may need.

How To Call China From US?

With deeper internet penetration and digital technologies, international calling has become easier and more affordable than ever. There are several ways to call China from the USA, and using a VoIP phone system is the most economical and reliable.

guide to call China from USA

The best thing about the VoIP phone system is to approach your customer through a virtual number, like a local, toll-free, or mobile number. In this section, we have covered each of them in detail.

1. How to call China’s local number from the US?

You should follow the steps to call a China local number from the US.

Step 1: Dial the US exit code, “011”.

Step 2: Dial China country code, “86”

Step 3: Dial the specific area code in China you want to reach

Step 4: Enter the local number

The last step is to enter the local number of China, which is 8 digits. So, the entire format is

  1. US exit code – 011
  2. China country code – 86
  3. Area code
  4. Phone number

If you are dialing Beijing from the US, the dialing format is

011- 86 – 10- XXXX- XXXX

(US exit code- China country code – Beijing area code – Phone number)

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Popular China Area Codes:

We have listed the area code of major Chinese cities in the following table.

City/ AreaCode

2. How to call China toll-free number from US?

When calling a Chinese toll-free number from the US, the first two steps are the same as dialing a local number.

Step 1: Enter the US exit code

The first step is dialing the US exit code, 011.

Step 2: Dial China country code

Following the US exit code, you must enter the China country code, 086.

Step 3: Enter the toll-free number

After entering the US exit code and China country code, you must enter the toll-free number. Chinese toll-free numbers have a toll-free code, and it is usually 800, followed by an 8-digit phone number.

So, the dialing format to call a China toll-free number from the US is 011- 86 – 800- XXXX- XXXX.

(US exit code- China country code – Toll-free code – 8-digit number)

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Expert Advice

"VoIP phones are the best choice if you call Chinese contacts from the US because they offer virtual phone numbers, so you can make calls using a local or toll-free number. As calls are routed over the internet, they are economical, and also, cloud-based phone systems have advanced call management features that help streamline professional connections."

3. How to call a China mobile number From US?

If you are trying to call a China mobile number from the US, the first two steps are the same as dialing a local or toll-free number. The difference is that you do not have to enter the area codes but directly enter the Chinese mobile number. We have summarized the steps below.

How to dial China mobile number from the US

Step 1: Dial 011

The first step in calling Chinese cell phone numbers from the US is entering the US exit code 011.

Step 2: Enter 086

After the US exit code, you must enter 86, the country code for China.

Step 3: Enter the mobile number

China mobile numbers carry 11 digits, and they always begin with 1. After the country code, you should enter the mobile number without the area code.

So, if you dial a China mobile number from the USA, it would look like 011-86-1XX-XXXX-XXXX

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How to Get a China Phone Number?

When you are located outside China and have a professional network or customer base, the best way to reach them is to use a local or toll-free phone. With VoIP phone systems, you can get a China virtual phone number from anywhere.

Benefits of using a virtual phone number

CallHippo is a leading virtual phone system that provides Chinese phone numbers for free. You can get a local, toll-free, vanity, or international phone number based on your requirement. Beyond that, the platform offers extensive call management features for businesses to manage their incoming and outbound international calls.

You must follow the steps to get a China phone number using CallHippo.

How to get a virtual phone number using CallHippo

Step 1: Signup to CallHippo

The first step in getting a China phone number using CallHippo is downloading the CallHippo app and completing the signup steps. It is relatively straightforward and requires basic details like email id. CallHippo setup is easy, and it only takes three minutes of your time.

Step 2: Log in to CallHippo

Once you have entered the basic details, you should log in to CallHippo using your username and password.

Step 3: Enter the country

On the left side of your screen, choose ‘Numbers’ and then click ‘Add number.’ You must select ‘China’ from the list of countries and then enter the area code of the city of your preference.

Step 4: Select the type of virtual number

CallHippo provides different virtual numbers, including local, toll-free, vanity phone numbers, etc. After choosing the area code, select the type of virtual number.

Step 5: Choose the number

Once you choose the country, area code, and type of virtual number, CallHippo will display a pool of available phone numbers that match your preference. Select the number.

Step 6: Configure your system

Once you have finalized the phone number, you should look for call management features. CallHippo offers call recording, power dialer, call queuing, voicemail transcription, intelligent routing, ring groups, etc. Choose a plan based on your required features and configure the system.

If you are exploring how to call China from USA and expand your professional network in China, the easiest way is to use the CallHippo phone system. The best thing about CallHippo is that it offers a free plan and a free trial in all its premium plans.

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What Is the Best Time for Calling China?

China follows a single time zone, CST (China Standard Time), and this is 8 hours ahead of the Universal Time (UTC + 8). On the other hand, the US follows 6 different time zones, including,

  • Eastern Time (GMT-4),
  • Central Standard Time (GMT-5),
  • Mountain Time (GMT-6),
  • Pacific Time (GMT-7).
  • Alaska Time (GMT-8),
  • Hawaii-Aleutian time (GMT-10),

US time zones

The Central Standard Time zone in the USA is 13 hours behind China Standard Time, i.e., 9 AM in China will be 8 PM in your place. Chinese standard working hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, and this is 8 PM to 4 PM in your place.

So, if you are trying to call someone for professional purposes or reach your customers, the best time to call China from the US would be between 7 PM and 11 PM your time, which will be 8 AM and 12 PM for the Chinese. Or you can also try between 5 AM and 9 AM in your place, which falls between 6 PM and 10 PM in China. Overall, your late evenings or early mornings may work best to call China from US.


With VoIP and other cloud-based phone systems, making international calls has become easier. You must first enter the exit and country codes to call China from US. You must enter the area code to call a local or landline number. On the other hand, if you are dialing a mobile or toll-free number in China, you can enter the number right after the country code.


1. How much does it cost to dial to China?

The cost of dialing China from outside the country depends on your country and the carrier you use. The best way to make international calls to China is to use a VoIP system. You can get free virtual phone numbers, and as it routes the call over the internet, it is very economical compared to other carriers.

2. What is the Chinese phone number format?

Chinese phone number format depends on whether it is a landline or mobile number. Landline numbers in China usually have 6-8 digits, whereas cell phone numbers have 11 digits. The first digit in a China mobile number is always 1.

3. How to call Shanghai from the USA?

To call Shanghai from the USA, follow the steps given below.

  • Dial 011, the US exit code,
  • Enter 86, China’s country code,
  • Enter 21, the Shanghai area code,
  • Dial the phone number.

4. How to call Beijing from the US?

To call a phone number in Beijing, China, from the United States, 

  • First, dial 011, which is the US exit code. 
  • Next, dial 86, which is China’s country code. 
  • Then dial 10, which is the area code for Beijing. 
  • Lastly, dial the local phone number. 

For example, to call the number 123-456-7890 in Beijing, you would dial 011-86-10-123-456-7890.

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